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By Charlie Cochet | Comments: ( 701 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Bruce Shannon is a Private Investigator dealing with case after case of missing persons and infidelity None of which inspire warm, fuzzy feelings during the week of Valentine s Day Then again, Bruce isn t exactly a fuzzy feelings kind of guy, which suits him just fine He doesn t need anyone anyhow, only his cat, Mittens That is, until the handsome Jace Scarret wandersBruce Shannon is a Private Investigator dealing with case after case of missing persons and infidelity None of which inspire warm, fuzzy feelings during the week of Valentine s Day Then again, Bruce isn t exactly a fuzzy feelings kind of guy, which suits him just fine He doesn t need anyone anyhow, only his cat, Mittens That is, until the handsome Jace Scarret wanders off the streets and into Bruce s life Will Jace end up showing Bruce that maybe Valentine s Day isn t so lousy after all

  • Title: When Love Walked In
  • Author: Charlie Cochet
  • ISBN: 9876543210450
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination When she isn t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.Website charliecochetTHIRDS HQ thirdshqFacebook facebook charliecochetFacebook Author Page twitter charliecochetPinterest pinterest charliecochet tumblr charliecochet.tumblr Email charlie charliecochetVisit The Purple Rose Tea House hosted by Charlie Cochet For M M Romance guest authors, giveaways, and

Comments When Love Walked In

  • Ami

    Awwwww - this is just a PERFECT and CUTE short story, that hits me in all the right places. I'm not a fan of historical, but I always make an exception when the backdrop is related to the 30s or 40s, especially in detective stories. Bruce Shannon is grumpy but witty, and OMG he loves cats!! He is so determined to look tough, but actually such a sap, proven by the Valentine card he ends up giving to Jace. Jace might first appears in the story as homeless, but he gets spine, and definitely a perfe [...]

  • Cole Riann

    4.5 starsI'm not a big fan of historicals -- I usually have to force myself to start them before I get into the time period and settle into the prose. Knowing that this was short story and hearing so many wonderful things about this author's writing, I decided to give it a try and quickly fell in love with these characters. Though short, the characters (Bruce in particular) were larger than life and I felt like I got much more story from this than typical for this word length. Bruce is such a gr [...]

  • Heller

    Set in the 1930's just after the stock market crash. A charming story about a private detective, his adorable cat Mittens and the down on his luck bank clerk who falls into their lives. Short and very sweet.

  • Vio

    Happy smile! Lovely feel good historical romance Bruce and Jace were adorable and mittens was so cute. I look forward to every book from this author perfect era for me she makes the characters and background interesting and uniquely different. A wonderful, sweet story!

  • B

    Ackkkkkk!!! This was too cute and just wonderful.I love this writer, I feel I'm transported to that time periodWhen I'm reading her books.Is just wonderful , I feel so good after reading This one .Love , kindness , fun , and a cute kitty cat make this short read A wonderful experience. Highly recommend it.!! Thank you Charlie .

  • Serena Yates

    This is such a great little gem of a story! Set sometime in the Great Depression (as far as I can determine from the clues given but I am NOT a historian), it describes the life of a grumpy, rough PI who runs into a homeless hobo on the stairs to his apartment. What follows is a very romantic (but never sappy) love story as these two men slowly understand that their attraction is mutual.Bruce is a typical gruff PI with an untypical soft spot for out-of-luck men with amazing blue eyes. In a sense [...]

  • Deeze

    3.5Historicals are not my main choice of reading, but every now and then I give one a try and so far I’ve not been disappointed. This time was a gamble as no one had recommended this one, but the gamble paid off. This was a sweet little story, a romantic delight for Valentines. As a short there was no real background details, but the story itself was a full and complete one. The cat was the extra sparkle and if I’m honest part of the draw for me lol.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*

    I'm not usually a fan of historicals, but this one was nice.This story is set in the 1930's and I would definitly read more about private eye Bruce Shannon and his new secretary/ valentine Jace! Just had to add I loved Mittens!

  • V

    I'm not a fan of historical at all, and honestly I picked this story not knowing that it was.Super cute, lovely. What do you know? I loved it.

  • Tam

    I really enjoyed this story set in the 1930's depression. Bruce is a typical grumpy detective who finds a young homeless man sleeping outside his door. On a whim he invites him in and even offers him the job of secretary since his own has abandoned him for marriage. The atmosphere was great, with lots of language from the 30's and the feel of the hard-boiled detective. Once the two start flirting it was cute and sweet and Bruce wasn't quite such a hard-ass as he'd lead you to believe. A fun litt [...]

  • ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

    This was:A light and sweet pick-me-up like sugary coffeeWay too cute to be legalIt's the 1930s and Bruce Shannon is a grumpy private investigator with a heart made of marshmallows. He's got a kitty he loves named Mittens who rides around on his shoulder. This is the story of how Mittens and Bruce find a down-his-luck homeless man named Jace and invite him into their lives.This was a really adorable little story. By the end of it I wanted more of Bruce, Jace and Mittens. Usually I'm not one for h [...]

  • Chris

    Very good short historical m/m romance set in 1934 about a private detective who helps out a homeless man he finds sleeping in the stairwell.

  • Erastes

    I love Noir. The films, the books. Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Raymond Chandler and all that. I love the morally ambigious characters, the twisted plots, the fashions, the cars, the settings.While “When Love Walked In” is almost a vignette from what my mind fills in as a much larger story, it screams through every blue-nosed automatic pore that the author loves the era, loves Noir every bit as much as I do.We meet our protagonist, who is a cagey, irascible, caffiene driven private dick–Bruc [...]

  • Jayhjay

    This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully Jay.Bruce Shannon is a Depression-era private detective. He is gruff and grumbly, but a guy with a good heart underneath. One night when returning home, he finds a homeless man sleeping on his apartment landing. Although his landlord told Bruce to send the man back onto the streets, Bruce is drawn to the young man and he instead invites him in for food and shelter for the night. Jace Scarret can't believe his luck when Bruce shows him such [...]

  • Sadonna

    Nice historical about a PI and a younger guy down on his luck in NYC in 1933. I liked both characters and the writing style. As I've said before, historicals are not my favorite - mostly because there are so many that aren't that good! It's hard to get historicals right because of the additional challenge of the period details. I really enjoyed this one. This is a new author and I look forward to reading more.

  • Charlie Cochet

    Hello all! The rights to pretty much all my Torquere Press stories have reverted to me, so with the exception of the Masks Off! Anthology, these stories are currently unavailable.Since they were my first stories published, they hold a special place in my heart. I plan to re-edit, extend, and re-publish the stories starting in 2015. The first one will be The Amethyst Cat Caper. So stay tuned for more info! <3

  • Arch Bala

    I dunno why I keep on passing this up on my reader but when I started reading this a few months ago, I just can’t seem to stop and I blinked and it’s done. A great read from Charlie Cochet. Very new for me, if I were to compare it from the books that I’ve previously read from her. I’m not exactly sure about the period but I really did enjoy this little novella!Thank you Charlie!

  • Staceyr

    A total gem of a short story with characters full of heart and brass. This cranky PI had me laughing on page one and nearly every page after. You can't help but love Bruce. Would love to see more of Bruce, Jace and the deviously adorable Miss Mittens.Looking for a pick-me-up fun read, this is the ticket.

  • Heather C

    Sweet Valentines short. Would love to read more about these two.

  • Karl

    3.75 rounded up. The post-Depression era setting was new for me in m/m romance and I liked this cute sweet story. Suffers a bit from it's short length and was a bit expensive for 23 pages.

  • Simsala

    3,5 stars

  • Claudia

    My only problem is I wish it was longer. Loved it!

  • bazinga ~Lisa

    very sweet short story that was just enough to leave me feeling complete.

  • Donna

    They don't write them like this anymore thank goodness, half the time I couldn't understand a thing they were sayin'! ;pNah it was all good! Ran across some interesting phrases and words and the story was cut too!Going now to read the "short" follow-up to this!

  • Catherine

    A Depression Era Valentine's Day romance - gotta love it!

  • Abra

    Very cool little short story about a Depression-era private investigator and a down-on-his-luck visitor. As always with Cochet, loved the characters and the atmosphere. There wasn't really any plot to speak of. Just a cute short story. I'd love to see it expanded into a novel!

  • Lady*M

    3.5 stars

  • Marlobo

    A charming Aww story.

  • Anna


  • Myway


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