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By Bernadette Pajer | Comments: ( 591 ) | Date: ( Mar 30, 2020 )

Seattle, 1901 The race to win an electrical competition incites Professor of Electrical Engineering Benjamin Bradshaw s obsession for invention in the second entry this exciting historical series The contest winner s telephonic system will deliver music from the Seattle Grand Theater to homes throughout the city, and Bradshaw is confident he can win The contest is in f Seattle, 1901 The race to win an electrical competition incites Professor of Electrical Engineering Benjamin Bradshaw s obsession for invention in the second entry this exciting historical series The contest winner s telephonic system will deliver music from the Seattle Grand Theater to homes throughout the city, and Bradshaw is confident he can win The contest is in full swing when President McKinley is assassinated, casting Bradshaw and the entire nation into shock Then Bradshaw uncovers a crime closer to home a gypsy peddler s cart is suddenly abandoned behind his house What happened to the father and child who lived in this cart When Bradshaw discovers the peddler s child may have witnessed a murder, he follows the girl s trail, plunging into a seedy underworld of bars and brothels Frustrated by the police department s apathy and caught between power struggles, he doesn t know whom to trust Each step of his investigation entangles him deeper in crime and corruption until he realizes that to save the child, he must transform his contest entry into a trap to catch a killer and to protect his own household Bradshaw s electrical forensic and investigative skills, combined with a keen understanding of human nature, bring the Seattle police and murder to his doorstep during the social and scientific turmoil of the early twentieth century.

  • Title: Fatal Induction: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery
  • Author: Bernadette Pajer
  • ISBN: 9781590586143
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bernadette Pajer

Bernadette Pajer spent her childhood in Seattle, surrounded by the beautiful Cascade and Olympic mountains and Puget Sound She holds a degree from the University of Washington, Bothell, where she studied CLA Cultural, Literature, and the Arts in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program Research is her favorite activity, and she happily delves into Seattle s past and the early days of electrical invention as she plots Professor Bradshaw s investigations She s a proud member of MWA, SinC, NW Science Writers, PNWA, and the Seattle7Writers.

Comments Fatal Induction: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery

  • Aisling

    I had bought this second in the series before I started the first. Turns out I was not such a fan of book one but I believe writers improve and there were some things I liked about the first in the series. So I plowed ahead. Well, same rating because I just can't whip up the enthusiasm for 4 stars. I like the setting enough, I like the main charactersenough, clearly the author has done her research and I applaud that and it's also the only thing that approaches 4-5 stars. The plot of this one is [...]

  • Tracey

    This was fun. It was a Netgalley selection, so to them I give thanks. As I've said before I never know quite what I'm getting with Netgalley books, so it's a happy thing to find something this good. This is the second book in its series, but was fine to read on its own; enough information was skillfully provided about what went before that I'm only slightly spoiled for the first book, and I definitely want to read it. Score one. The hero of the series, Professor Ben Bradshaw, is - almost - a typ [...]

  • Chanticleer EditorialBook Reviews

    Set against the backdrop of a national tragedy—the assassination of President McKinley—Fatal Induction by Bernadette Pajer follows Professor Benjamin Bradshaw as he scrambles to catch a killer. The year is 1901 and Seattle is a vibrant and up-and-coming city. Bradshaw, a professor of electrical engineering and a passionate inventor, has entered a new invention competition for a device that will carry the sounds of a musical theater production through telephone wires to listeners in the comfo [...]

  • Patricia

    Mystery, science, gypsies, and the assassination of President McKinley all play major roles in this novel. Benjamin Bradshaw is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and is currently involved in an electrical competition. The contest winner's telephonic system will deliver music from the Seattle Grand theatre to homes throughout the city. The reader can only imagine what this would mean to people sitting at home and able to hear music from the theater.Bradshaw is sidetracked a bit when he finds [...]

  • Ellen Dark

    Historical mystery set in 1901 Seattle. Benjamin Bradshaw is a electrical engineering professor who investigates the death of a peddlar of a tonic that may have caused one young woman to go blind. To make the situation worse, the peddlar's young daughter is missing. It took a while to get through the book, but I will continue reading the series.

  • Allison

    4.5 stars

  • Victoria Peters

    The mix of murder mystery and science kept my interest and curiosity.

  • Jeanette

    I enjoyed reading this book. The story was good and I like the characters. Hope there is another in the series.

  • Cathy Cole

    First Line: The first indication that Professor Benjamin Bradshaw's life was about to plunge again into chaos appeared in the form of a flatulent horse eating Mrs. Prouty's broad beans over the garden fence, its huge teeth tugging greedily at the vines.It's 1901, and another school year is about to begin at the University of Washington in Seattle. The obsessively organized Professor of Electrical Engineering, Benjamin Bradshaw, has everything ready for his classes which allows him time to partic [...]

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

    Originally posted at: lasrmystery/2012/Will Bradshaw’s obsession kill him before he solves the mystery?I knew I was in for a real treat when I read the first sentence of Fatal Induction. “The first indication that Professor Benjamin Bradshaw’s life was about to plunge again into chaos appeared in the form of a flatulent horse eating Mrs. Prouty’s broad beans over the garden fence, its huge teeth tugging greedily at the vines.” Ms. Pajer’s excellent word choice allowed me to picture t [...]

  • Bev

    Bernadette Pajer has done it again. In Fatal Induction, she has once more swept us back in time to the Seattle of 1901. And she does it with such deft simplicity that we don't even feel the whoosh of the years as we travel back in time. Her details are perfect and there is no trouble at all in believing that we are walking the streets of turn-of-the-century Seattle with Professor Benjamin Bradshaw. The believability doesn't stop with the time and the setting. Her characters are becoming more and [...]

  • Deborah

    I simply want you to know how extraordinary I have found the Professor Bradshaw books to be. It's always fun to me to find a series of books with a great mystery and a protagonist to enjoy coming back to every year, but it's even more fun when the book holds several dear characters. Especially in an adult book format.In addition to the obvious you've read above I found the underbelly of the book gripping; forensics--early investigation in that area of death and discovery; electronic means of cri [...]

  • JeanBookNerd

    The follow-up to Bernadette Pajer’s highly intriguing mystery debut novel, A Spark of Death, continues the story of Professor of Electrical Engineering Benjamin Bradshaw in Fatal Induction. When the assassination of President McKinley occurs, it abruptly interrupts everything nationally, including an electrical competition Bradshaw is a part of. When a young girl goes missing after witnessing her father’s murder, their gypsy peddler cart is abandoned near Bradshaw’s home. He finds a doll i [...]

  • Anna Bergmark

    Even if you might not understand all of the details, it's the heavy accent on science that gives the series a distinct personality. So that's a good thing for sure.Trying to bring an older version of Seattle to life is also commendable, though real events and characters seem to have a hard time fitting in with the main story. They often feel forced and out of place. Take Harry for instance, the lady in men's clothing. You know she has really existed because you can't figure out why she keeps pop [...]

  • Jakalak

    If you haven't read A Spark of Death, I'd recommend starting there since the continuation of the narrative arc necessitates revealing major spoilers for the first book. This second installment of the Professor Bradshaw mystery series focuses on Bradshaw as inventor rather than Bradshaw as professor, which exposes some more facets to this rather compelling character. You also get a stronger sense of Bradshaw's limited social skills. The science, historical detail, and prose are all as lovely here [...]

  • Jennifer

    The second Professor Bradshaw mystery begins with a quick series of events that throws the good professor into another puzzle he cannot put down. The first half of the book seems disjointed, but everything falls seemlessly into place in the last half. Bradshaw is never more engaging than when he is sharing a scene with series regulars like his small son Justin, housekeeper Mrs. Prouty, or Missouri, the lovely niece of his friend Henry. Pajer presents a slice of the life and innovations of Seattl [...]

  • Ann Littlewood

    This is the second in a series that charms me. Professor Bradshaw is a troubled soul, but a smart, well-meaning fellow who uses his engineering expertise to figure out whodunnit. His son, disastrous first marriage, and assorted friends are all well developed, and I love the turn-of-the-century setting in Seattle. I expected to learn a little about electricity, but was surprised to find a painless history lesson as well. Somehow I managed to never learn that Theodore Roosevelt became president as [...]

  • Mary

    Another fine entry in Bernadette Pajer's Professor Bradshaw mystery series. Once again I found myself enjoying the intricacies of Ms. Pajer's well crafted mystery. The characters were interesting and the surprises well thought out and timed. I admit I had a sense of whodunit fairly early in the book but the story of how and why kept me second guessing myself. My only complaint was the somewhat disappointing final confrontation between Bradshaw and the murderer. Nevertheless, I am very much looki [...]

  • Anne

    The second instalment in the Professor Bradshaw series continues the tales of the Professor in 1901 in Seattle. The McKinley shooting, the abandonment of a gypsy carriage & the disappearance of a tonic maker form the basis of the tale that has Bradshaw participating and inventing at an electrical contest at the Grand Theatre. Eventually Bradshaw becomes embroiled in a murder investigation where no one can be trusted. An interesting & enjoyable read!

  • Jesikah Sundin

    The first paragraph did it for me. After a couple of sentences I was hooked. The humor, imagery, wit and storytelling was the perfect foundation for a great adventure. Not only did we get to see the dark side of early 1900's Seattle, but we got to experience the dark side of Professor Bradshaw as the latest mystery sucks him into an obsession that nearly destroys him, but also unlocks the creative solution and invention that brings the case to a rest.

  • David Marshall

    This is a good historical mystery with a nice touch in dealing with the technology of 1901 as seen through the eyes of the series detective, Professor Bradshaw. The initial set-up is somewhat contrived but it builds to a pleasing mystery although the ending is a little melodramatic. If I could give this an extra half, I would.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

  • Susan

    Once again, professor Bradshaw finds himself entangled with crime, when an abandoned wagon is found in the alley behind his Seattle home. He should be concentrating on the upcoming school year, and the contest he's entering to find a way of bringing entertainment into people's homes in these pre-radio days, but like everyone else in the country he's transfixed by McKinley's assassination. This is the second of an unusual series.

  • Stephanie

    I really enjoy this series. Benjamin Bradshaw is a very likeable protagonist and I look forward to reading more about him. I also like the history lesson that I get with each story (and appreciate that the author includes facts about the time period and ideas relating to the plot in her notes). Fun!

  • Genie McFate

    Okay. I admit it. I have read a draft of Bernadette's Second Professor Bradshaw mystery, but not the final, published draft. So I'm eagerly awaiting its release in May.In the meantime, you can enter a contest to win a copy of this book via Bernadette's website at bernadettepajer.Happy reading!

  • Joy

    I liked the link to Bradshaw's inventive nature. I enjoyed his characters and the period set in USA. Many favorite authors use the early 1900's, usually set in England. Only drawback, it was so short. Left me curious what would happen next.

  • Mary G.

    A very nice follow-up to Ms. Pajer's debut novel. Professor Bradshaw is a wonderful insightful detective and his merry band is fun to follow.

  • Lois

    I couldn't find the first book. But it was easy to get up to speed with everything. Enjoyable.

  • Caroline

    Another excellent read!

  • Clare

    Another well written, well researched book from Bernadette Pajer. Hooked on Professor Bradshaw's series!

  • Carma Spence

    Well written murder mystery. The only thing was that I kept getting the characters mixed up probably just me, though.

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