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By Boris Starling | Comments: ( 242 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

Uma travessia do Mar do Norte assolado por uma tempestade que provoca o acidente catastr fico de um ferry com centenas de mortos A inspectora Kate Beauchamp uma das sobreviventes, mas a luta feroz que trava para se salvar tem custos elevados o fardo da culpa de continuar viva enquanto alguns dos amigos morreram o terror da gua o gelo que parece nunca derreter no maiUma travessia do Mar do Norte assolado por uma tempestade que provoca o acidente catastr fico de um ferry com centenas de mortos A inspectora Kate Beauchamp uma das sobreviventes, mas a luta feroz que trava para se salvar tem custos elevados o fardo da culpa de continuar viva enquanto alguns dos amigos morreram o terror da gua o gelo que parece nunca derreter no mais fundo de si mesma.Na expectativa de exorcizar os seus dem nios, Kate insiste em chefiar a ca a a um assassino que deixou um nico cart o de visita na vitima desmembrada uma serpente venenosa.

  • Title: Tempestade
  • Author: Boris Starling
  • ISBN: 9789722511926
  • Page: 107
  • Format: None

About Author:

Boris Starling

Boris Starling s writing career began at the age of eight, when his English teacher spotted that his short story was a unusually good for a child his age b copied verbatim from Tintin s Prisoners Of The Sun That was also the first time he learnt the word verbatim , not to mention the term copyright violation All his work since then has been strictly his own He has written eight novels, including Sunday Times and New York Times bestsellers Five appear under his own name Messiah, Storm, Vodka, Visibility and, in a daring breakout from one word titles, The Stay Behind Cave and three as Daniel Blake Soul Murder UK Thou Shalt Kill US , City Of Sins UK City Of The Dead US and White Death Every one of these books features someone dying horribly somewhere along the way Sometimes they even deserve it.Boris also created the Messiah franchise which ran for seven years on BBC1, and has written screenplays for productions in the UK and US.He has inherited his grandfather s male pattern baldness, but sadly not his prodigious height He is a keen sportsman, though he has now reached the age where enthusiasm and experience are beginning to trump sheer skill He lives in Dorset, England, with his wife, children, greyhounds, and however many chickens manage to keep clear of marauding foxes.

Comments Tempestade

  • Andreia Reis

    Gostei do livro!! ^_^O inicio foi, pronto ok mas assim que as coisas começaram a mexer fui gostando mais.Gostei ainda mais quando o Red apareceu com o seu obscuro dom, ai conseguiu prender-me.E que belas reviravoltas no final. :)Mas apesar disto tudo, não chega para alcançar o fenómeno que é o "Messias", porque esse livro UAUUUU!!!!

  • Zézinha Rosado

    Boris Starling é um grande escritor e pouco mais há a dizer Embora tenha achado este livro um pouco enfadonho nas primeiras 60 páginas, pois centra-se demasiado no naufrágio e no stress pós-traumático dos seus ssobreviventes, com o desenrolar da história percebemos que tudo o que ficou para trás faz todo o sentido para que nos consigamos embrenhar profundamente no desenrolar dos acontecimentos.Um livro envolvente, com um final deveras surpreendente, com momentos arrepiantes e com pistas [...]

  • Asghar Abbas

    well paced Brit thriller.

  • 78thStitch

    Grizzly, gruesome, fantastic!

  • RickyB

    Not the worst serial killer suspense story I've read but far from the best.***SPOILER***Firstly, know that this is the second book and there is an ongoing storyline from the first novel that would make some sense if I'd read that first book (Messiah). However, the blurb read like this was an independent story so I didn't think reading the author's other book was important. Not that it's vital to the story, it's just that the characters seem so shallow and predictable in Storm and I guess one of [...]

  • Ian Coates

    Although the first chapter is uncomfortably long (61 pages), it is so good you barely care. You are right there, alongside Kate as she escapes a sinking ferry, tasting the sea water and engine oil as you battle for survival together.Kate is a police officer, and upon return to work, she is assigned to catch a serial killer. We follow her investigation, which she conducts while still trying to recover from the trauma caused by the disaster. The account of her hunt for the killer is interspersed w [...]

  • Jan

    Read Messiah first. And then pick up Storm. You won't be disappointed. (You might also want the background of Messiah that is referred to repeatedly in Storm.) He deals with a deranged serial killer who is quite elusive. This time around, Kate Beauchamp is our detective and Starling gets into her mind smartly. Here, Starling weaves a story with two tragedies, the sinking of a ferry Kate was on, and the serial murders. At first it seems crazy to follow the two so closely, but the many ties, begin [...]

  • Amelia

    Storm is just it saysA Storm. Right from page one, you're sucked into the vortex of a storm (literal one!) and from there, you just whiz past experiences, deductions, clues and bodies. But what comes to the fore are the emotions. Thrillers usually lay low when it comes to emotions. But Storm transcends that and allows you peeks into Kate's mindset and the battle she faces. The ending is somewhat jaded, but alright. I kinda figured it out before I got to it. But maybe that's 'coz my mind is bomba [...]

  • Deanna

    I got through 68 pages of this book when I decided I just couldn't take any more. I feel bad, but I had absolutely no interest in what was going on. I thought this was a book about a serial killer, so when I suffered through about 50 pages of a ferry ship sinking I kinda wondered what the hell is the point of all this? By the time I got to an actual murder victim, I just didn't care anymore, and moved on to another book. :S

  • Susan

    This second thriller by Boris Starling is as good as his first. DCI Kate Beauchamp is on a ferry when it sinks. This would be traumatic enough but now her estranged father is now investigating the disaster. She plunges herself into work in hopes of fighting off survivor's guilt and comes up against a horrific serial killer. There are actually more credibility leaps in this story than in his first, but Starling's story telling is compelling enough so that I forgive him totally.

  • Mary Monks

    What an exciting read this book was!!!!I was wondering how the 2 seemingly unrelated incidents (the sinking of a large vehicular/passenger ferry and the brutal murders of 2 women) could possibly be linked.The author has woven them together very cleverly.The discovery of the murderer's identity is quiet a shock and not at all what I expected!I highly recommend this fast-paced story!

  • Roxann

    I wish I could give it 3 1/2 stars. It took me a long time to get through the first 60 or 70 pages. It was all about a sinking ferry. I couldn't figure out how that related to murders. In the end it was a good book. The ferry boat sinking was more of a second plot, but it is related to the killer.

  • Doreene

    Was rather confused the first few chapters until I realized the main character had just missed dying in the sinking of a Ferry. She is a police decective and has a murder or two to solve. She has parent issues because of a divorce and he father returns as a investigator of the Ferry sinking. Interesting read.

  • Azuree

    I thought his first novel was brilliant so I was very excited when he wrote a second only to be disappointed. The story was good, but it wasn't as good as the first even though some of the characters were reoccurring.

  • Soul Hudson

    There is a cop, deranged serial killer, plenty of is he, isn't he moments.Basically it was ok no Mesiah although Redfern does show up. His legend is not enforced or cemented by this book. It was good but I could have quiet easily read something else and not bothered.Ach well.

  • Carmen

    Elemental rage, bloody Greek myth, man's capacity for cruelty, the insane imaginings of a killer, all intermingle in Storm to create a novel of stunning ferocity.

  • Gwenn

    Interesting mystery. A real thriller.

  • Tom Britton

    boring as hell read a 100 pages talks in the 3rd zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mike

    It was a mediocre story, never really got into it.

  • Julie

    Storm by Boris Starling (2000)

  • Luv

    Superbly written. Messiah still rates the best for me. Cant wait to read all of Boris's books.

  • Maurean

    This was actually pretty good. A bit long, but engaging enough to keep you turning pages.

  • Kay

    I love books dealing with serial killers so this one really appealed to me! Starling is a fantastic author and keeps you turning those pages.

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