Best Read [Sue Swift] ☆ The Romantical Groom: Being a Satyre || [Suspense Book] PDF ☆

By Sue Swift | Comments: ( 552 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

A gentle send up of Regency romances by esteemed storyteller Sue Swift.

  • Title: The Romantical Groom: Being a Satyre
  • Author: Sue Swift
  • ISBN: 2940011282799
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Sue Swift

An American, Sue Swift has visited over a dozen countries and lived in some of them She has written over a dozen books some have been translated into over a dozen languages Not surprisingly she is often confused by her incessant multi tasking.To make matters chaotic, she writes erotic romance as Suz deMello and works as a freelance editor.Her hobbies are yoga and world travel After a stint teaching English to toddlers in China, she s back in NoCal writing and editing She blogs about her experiences at susanoverseas.weebly and fearlessfastpacedfiction

Comments The Romantical Groom: Being a Satyre

  • Sarah

    A solid 2.5, close to a 3. Man, I can't seem to get enough of the free ebooks at iBooks. Way too convenient.Cute! Takes digs at the Regency romance trope of the wide-eyed ingenue and the jaded haughty man of the gentry--and on that note, completely plays around with sex roles. I thought that part was fairly eye-opening and made it seem that much sillier--plus, it's got me checking my every move to see how much of my judgments are based on those old-fashioned notions. Nicely written with no spell [...]

  • Mary Roya

    OMG! Too Funny! Picture in your mind the most romantic historical romance that you know, now reverse the roles of the men and women. I read the first paragraph twice as it is mind-boggling. It's not the author's fault, it is all me. The role reversal on the characters of this story is astoundingly funny. The heroine is Marlene, Earl of Maybegood, “a darkly handsome woman of commanding, almost arrogant attitude.” Doesn’t that sound like a hero in a historical romance? Yes, it does. The hero [...]

  • Sue Swift

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  • Best Read [Sue Swift] ☆ The Romantical Groom: Being a Satyre || [Suspense Book] PDF ☆
    352 Sue Swift
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