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By Marcia Lynn McClure | Comments: ( 605 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

A man tethered by pain and guilt borne of past tragedy, A young woman with the soul of a guardian angel, And an unspeakable evil about to be unleashed As Cricket lay in the soft comfort of her bed, continuing to let her mind nest on thoughts of how truly wonderfully attractive Texas Ranger Thibodaux was, she giggled, thinking that looking at him was refreshing than sA man tethered by pain and guilt borne of past tragedy, A young woman with the soul of a guardian angel, And an unspeakable evil about to be unleashed As Cricket lay in the soft comfort of her bed, continuing to let her mind nest on thoughts of how truly wonderfully attractive Texas Ranger Thibodaux was, she giggled, thinking that looking at him was refreshing than swimming naked on a summer Sunday afternoon He was a tall drink of water far taller than most of the other men in town and his shoulders were as broad as the state of Texas itself Sky blue eyes, bronze skin, square jaw, and dark hair and that smile In truth, Cricket had only seen Heathro Thibodaux smile three or four times, but each incidence was something she d never forget His smile was bright and white, and the gold tooth he owned on the upper right incisor of his smile only embellished the richness of it That one tooth Cricket s smile faded as she thought of it Oh, no doubt the flash only added to the splendor of his smile Yet it also served as a reminder to anyone who had ever read or heard of what had happened in Texas one year before No doubt it was a powerful remembrance to Heathro Thibodaux himself a visual indication of true barbarity, pain, and loss In that moment, Cricket wondered when Heathro looked in the mirror each morning and saw that tooth, did he think of eight dead girls buried in the bottom of a bleak and barren canyon Did he think of the eight dead girls that he, for no fault of his own, had been unable to save

  • Title: Untethered
  • Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Marcia Lynn McClure

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Marcia Lynn McClure grew up influenced by the reminiscent stories of rugged, rural Colorado farm life fascinatingly recounted to her by her parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts tales of runaway buckboards, mule drawn plows and dust pneumonia verbalized images of stream flooded meadows, frozen over in winter, where a child could peer through the crystal clear ice in wonder at the small fish, snakes and mice sealed in the meadow grasses beneath stories of hardship and tragedy, love and loss But always the stories, and the people telling them, bore evidence of the wonder and worthiness of simpler, yet sometimes brutal, times.These influential people and the family legends they detailed, coupled with her own life experiences and utterly romantic nature, led Marcia to begin writing novels as Christmas gifts for her closest friends friends who long for a breath of the past and miss the romance of bygone eras friends searching for moments of distraction from the stressful, demanding times we live in.And so, knowing that it is the breath of the past and the take me in you arms and kiss me kind of moments that so many women long to relive, Marcia spins her tales of love, life and laughter adventures woven around those compelling, romantic instances that most appeal to a woman s loving heart Marcia feels that if her readers close one of her books with a contented sigh and a delighted smile, feeling rejuvenated, cheerful and edified, then she has achieved what she set out to do shower refreshment and happiness on anyone having experienced the story.Marcia lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico There she writes her stories surrounded by her beloved friends and familyd the beautiful desert landscape of New Mexico

Comments Untethered

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    4.5You'll never be disappointed in a Marcia McClure book, IMO. I didn't know what to expect when I got this one, I just knew that Marcia had written a new book and I had to have it. I love Marcia's westerns, I love the slang, setting and characters. Magnolia (Cricket), was of course a lovable character. I like that she is a fighter and doesn't give up. She is a strength to those around her. Heath was of course an awesome leading man, a true hero. I was surprised by the adventure in the story, wh [...]

  • Kathy

    Life has been so crazy lately I missed the release of this book! Now that I'm home I just purchased and downloaded a copy and am going to spend the rest of the evening lost in MLM's newest book! I'm sure I won't be disappointed.Review:Marcia never disappoints me. If you're a long time follower of my blog & reviews you already know I absolutely love her books. I read them knowing what I am going to get and she always delivers. I loved Cricket's do-gooder innocence matched to the tortured cyni [...]

  • Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)

    Have you ever seen the movie Hook? It's a retelling of Peter Pan with Robin Williams! Well if you have or haven't there is a scene in the movie where Robin Williams is in Neverland now an old man who has forgotten his life as Peter Pan. He meets his fellow Lost Boys and they try to determine if this old man is really their Peter Pan or not. One of the little boys walks up to Robin Williams and starts pulling the skin on his face back and mashing back the wrinkles and studying his face and eyes a [...]

  • Kathy Jo

    For every genre that Marcia writes I have an all time favorite. Kissing Cousins became my all time favorite contemporary when I fell in love with Swaggart and Good Ol' Days almost instantly! A Crimson Frost became my all time favorite historical when I read "The Champion's Prize". As for the westerns, I kept going back and forth between The Visions of Ransom Lake and Sweet Cherry Ray not sure of which one I liked best. I guess you can say that it would all depend on the mood that I was in at tha [...]

  • Shellie

    She did it again!! Marcia Lynn McClure has managed to wow me again. I am adding this one to my list of favorites. :) One of her best yet!! Ex-Texas Ranger Heathro Thibodaux is living in small town Pike's Creek. He is haunted by his past, being unable to rescue 8 young women who were abducted and killed right in front of him by white slavers. When a similar tragedy strikes right in Pike's, Heath recognizes all the signs and mounts a posse to go after the girls. However, much like before, the poss [...]

  • Katie W

    Magnolia (aka Cricket) is always jumping in bare feet first into mischief. She and her three good friends are the secret do-gooders--always on the lookout for someone who needs a little extra something special, but in their innocence, they don't always keep an eye out for trouble.Heathro (Heath) is a Texas Ranger who just endure a tragedy. He is such a hero though!When Cricket and a few other girls are kidnapped for ill intent, Heath is on the move, trying to rescue them before something bad can [...]

  • Stacey Hall

    Oh my stars and garters!! Marcia has outdone herself on this one! She wrote it from her heart and it is just so full of love, heroes, great smooching,heart pitter pattering, amazingness! I love Cricket and her determination. Heathro is of course to die for, so I have another boyfriend to join the listok, they are all on my list. Great story with great adventure. I love that Marcia let her heart loose and wrote this her way! Another 5 star from me!! Love you Marcia!!

  • Heather

    I loved the idea of the story. Loved the idea of the tortured hero ex-Texas Ranger. But I kinda felt like we were being TOLD the hero was tortured and not shown that. Marcia can write a brooding, tortured hero who growls at the heroine all the time like no one else! But in this it seemed it is more just TOLD to us that he is tortured. I did like how innocent cricket was with her thinking on how babies are made! That was fun! I do wish a conversation about that would have come up between her and [...]

  • Angie Cornelison

    Crickets relationship with Heath is cute and dangerous. I love feeling like I go back in time with these characters. This is a great story. Marcia always leaves me feeling like I have a spring in my step and a smile on my face. One more thing. I love the authors notes. Marcia, I'm 100% behind you on not worrying about what other people are thinking . You write wonderful stories. Be true to you! That's what we all love! :)

  • Kristen

    Yes, I stayed up all night to finish it. Sooo good. I love her full length novels. I really believed the chemistry between Cricket & Heath. It had mystery, and cowboys, and romance and bad guys, and heros. What a enjoyable way to spend an evening. Moral Note: Some langauge - mostly heck & dang. Some passionate kisses. Slave labor talk. Mild talk about marital relations. Recommended for older young adults/adults.

  • Julia

    It seems I am the first to have finished the book and to post a comment. Marcia, your characters have set some pretty high expectations where men are concerned. I loved the book so much, I didn't stop reading it until I finished the last page. Marcia's books are so hard to put down (I need to practice my self control, where MLM books are involved). I am in love with Heath :)

  • Cheryl Mclaws

    Love, love, love, love, LOVE! Seriously, MLM just keeps getting better!! For a long time now my favorite MLM hero has been Mason from Shackles of Honor. Heath is now giving him a run for the money for the top spot. There's just something about a wounded hero in a cowboy hat that does something to me.

  • Teya Peck

    Macia does not disappoint! Wow, that was sooooo good! Although, it kinda felt like there was more to come. As if their would be more like the McCall stories. That could also be cause I wanted more. I didn't want it to end. It was a good length, just not long enough for me. A great story, intrigue, clean, action, and of course a great love story. An Awesome Macia book!

  • Godrules51189

    I thought thatthis book was awesome. I was afraid that the book would end too soon, but it went on and finished super well! I love how Marcia Mcclure is always able to keep tension in her books without the graphic scenes!

  • Cici

    This was Yummy! I loved the hero and heroine. I wish the heroine could be a little older. The story was good. The town and it's sensibilities are interesting.n the romance is realllllllly gooooooood! There is lots of great kissing! And clean as always!

  • Anna

    Delicious and perfect. So glad that MLM stayed true to herself in this novel. As I read Untethered I allowed my heart to swoon and patter. I only wish it could have been longer. Loved it. Nothing in the world like a MLM Book. :)

  • Valerie Waters

    Well MLM has done it again!! This was a great romance!!

  • JaNeen

    Absolutely delicious!! I couldn't put the book down, not to sleep or even work!!! I really liked this one. It had enough of all the right stuff.

  • Lisa

    I couldn't put it down. Great book!

  • Tausha

    So good!!! Almost everytime I finish a Marcia book or reread a Marcia book I think it is my new favorite. Hais is my new favorite. ;)

  • Sandie Mixa

    It was worth the wait. Classic MLM with lots of fun, frolicking, danger and romance. And the kissing, of course.

  • Kimberly

    I couldnt finish the book. Alot of the settings and time frame and ages just didnt sound right. There were alot of the research information that didnt come into the book. Just didnt really enjoy the book.

  • Annalisa

    I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book from the day I pre-ordered it. I really don't think you can go wrong with a Marcia Lynn McClure book. If you like a good western then this is perfect for you! It has everything a good western romance should - love, suspense, humor and finesse! Product Description:As Cricket lay in the soft comfort of her bed, continuing to let her mind nest on thoughts of how truly wonderfully attractive Texas Ranger Thibodaux was, she giggled, thinking that look [...]

  • Chelsea Raadgep

    Can you say OMG? I loved this book!! Oh gosh, where to begin on explaining what I loved about it? It was definitely a little different compared to all the other historical romances that McClure writes, but it just blew me away! I just love it when there are more than one relationships involved in a single book. It makes me thirsty for more back stories and side stories!I loved how Heathro was just an absolute genius in planning an escape like he did. The tension between Heathro and Cricket was j [...]

  • Alanna

    This is only the second book from Marcia Lynn McClure that I've read, but I think I've found a new favorite author. I love the stories she weaves as well as the passion and butterflies I feel when reading about the characters without the details in other books that make me feel like I'm on the verge of pornography. I loved "Dusty Britches" and thought I wouldn't love this book as well. I was wrong. I believe she is one of those authors that each successive book you read becomes your favorite. sh [...]

  • Melody

    Loved this book, but no surprise there!!!!!!! :) (I added a few extra exclamation points to show I love them too!) I think I may love reading the authors notes almost as much as the book. I love the insight into what goes into the magnificent books I adore. I appreciate an author being true to herself, I hope she never stops, for books like Untethered have made such an impact in my life. I hope she keeps every scene, every kiss, every conversation as it comes to her, for her books always leave m [...]

  • Tori

    9/2013: I liked this book a ton. It was different than other MLM books because a lot of it was a rescue/hostage situation. It also had some darkness-- less happy stuff-- in it, but it was necessary for the story. I loved Cricket's character. And Heath is hot, as usual. :) 10/2014 : The is was just what I needed. I've been reading Marcia McClure books all month and as much as I love her books, sometimes I need a little more depth to go with the cheese. Untethered delivered. Of course there was tr [...]

  • Kristina Brownell

    3.5 stars. This one has a little more plot and adventure going on. I really loved the main guy and there seemed to be a little less "does he like me the way I like him??" lameness between the two main characters. It was there at the end, but it wrapped up quickly (which I appreciated). I got a little bored with all the girls' conversations and that made it harder for me to get into, but I really love that Marcia puts so much of herself into these books. That takes gutsd I admire it. The book cel [...]

  • Kelly

    This was a little different from Marcia's other books and I liked it!This story shows the ugliness of the world and how people see themselves and others in it! It also shows young innocence and how that can or could change.But with the humor and kissin', it was easy to fall in love with. I finished reading it 2 days ago and it still sits with me, in a good way of course! I just can't seem to write down anything else about it because it just has me speechless!

  • Kathryn

    I loved this book! I was worried at first that it was taking to long to get the hero and heroine together but I was really happy with the way it played out. I'm so glad MLM is back with new books! Her books are such an indulgence. I wish there were thousands of them! :) One of my favorite parts of Marcia's books is at the end when she gives us a peek at behind the scenes. Marcia, you could never use too many exclamation points!!!!

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