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By David Benioff Marco Rossari | Comments: ( 951 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

l inverno del 1941 a Leningrado La citt sotto l assedio delle truppe tedesche e i suoi abitanti non hanno mai patito tanta fame.Per Lev, diciassette anni, naso grosso e capelli neri, e Kolja, giovane cosacco con la faccia impertinente, la fame, tuttavia, ben poca cosa rispetto a quello che li aspetta Lev ha rubato il coltello a un paracadutista tedesco morto assid l inverno del 1941 a Leningrado La citt sotto l assedio delle truppe tedesche e i suoi abitanti non hanno mai patito tanta fame.Per Lev, diciassette anni, naso grosso e capelli neri, e Kolja, giovane cosacco con la faccia impertinente, la fame, tuttavia, ben poca cosa rispetto a quello che li aspetta Lev ha rubato il coltello a un paracadutista tedesco morto assiderato e Kolja ha avuto la brillante idea di disertare Reati gravissimi in tempo di guerra, per i quali la pena prevista una sola la fucilazione.Dopo qualche giorno trascorso in un cupo carcere sulla Neva, i due si ritrovano al cospetto di un colonnello dal collo taurino e le stelle ben in vista sulle mostrine Il colonnello dapprima li squadra, poi li invita a seguirlo fino ai margini del fiume Sulla Neva ghiacciata una ragazza, capelli corvini legati in uno chignon morbido, pattina esibendosi in piroette strette e veloci sua figlia e sta per sposarsi Un matrimonio vero, alla russa, con musica e danze e un solo problema la torta nuziale Ci sono lo zucchero, il miele, la farina e tutti gli altri ingredienti, ma mancano le uova, una maledetta dozzina di uova introvabili in tutta Leningrado per gli eroici soldati dell Armata Rossa, ma non forse per una volgare coppia di ladri

  • Title: La città dei ladri
  • Author: David Benioff Marco Rossari
  • ISBN: 9788865590362
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

David Benioff Marco Rossari

David Benioff worked as a nightclub bouncer in San Francisco, a radio DJ in Wyoming and an English teacher wrestling coach in Brooklyn before selling his first novel, The 25th Hour, in 2000.He later wrote the screenplay for Spike Lee s adaptation of 25th Hour starring Edward Norton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman In 2005, Viking Press published Benioff s collection of short stories, When the Nines Roll Over.Benioff s screenwriting credits include Troy 2004 , directed by Wolfgang Petersen, and Stay 2005 , directed by Marc Forster, The Kite Runner 2007 Jim Sheridan produced Benioff s screenplay Brothers, and Hugh Jackman reprised his role as the clawed mutant in Benioff s Wolverine He is also screenwriter and executive producer of Game of Thrones, HBO s adaptation of George R.R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels.Viking published his most recent novel, City of Thieves, in May 2008.Benioff is married to actress Amanda Peet the couple has three children.

Comments La città dei ladri

  • Doug Bradshaw

    I have read some good fiction lately, but this one is special like "Catcher in the Rye" or "The Curious Incident" or maybe "The Kite Runner". Instead of telling the story, I will make observations as to why I loved it: 1. Many historical fiction novels are written from the perspective of the thinking of the time. Although it is interesting to observe how people think people thought in the past, it can be a little too un-modern and sometimes boring, like reading "Moby Dick" or some other great, b [...]

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    ”How could you fear anything more than death?Everything else offered moments of escape: a paralyzed man could still read Dickens; a man in the grips of dementia might have flashes of the most absurd beauty.”Lev Beniov wants to live. He may not be clear about anything else, but he knows that to be true. Life becomes more precious when being anywhere, not just in the wrong place, but just existing in space, can turn into a death trap at any moment. When his mother and sister fled the city he d [...]

  • Stephen

    in the aftermath of my tryst with this beautiful, intelligent novel, I was hobbled by lancinating pain stemming from a burning, itching question repeatedly sounding off in my head…why didn’t I love this book MORE? Why? I love historical fiction, especially tales set in WW the Sequel, and Benioff’s crisp, effortless prose is smart and pleasurable without ever become overly clever or self-indulgent. The plot device of surreal "forced" shopping expedition to track down a dozen eggs against [...]

  • Jen

    This is what happens during war: people will do anything to survive -from murder to stealing, to going on exhaustive food hunts. Absurdly as it sounds, this becomes the cultural norm.It's the Soviet Union 1942. Tension is thick with famine and war. The Germans are beginning their invasion. Two soviet thieves, Lev and Kolya are captured and thrown into the same cell. However, instead of death, they are given a 4 day reprieve with a mission to find a dozen eggs for a wedding cake for a colonel's d [...]

  • Maciek

    Growing up in Poland you couldn't escape but be exposed to Polish war movies and dramas. The war defined this country and its people, with the country being completely destroyed and around 5,6 million people dead; because the Western powers trusted Stalin the country borders also changed, with parts of eastern Poland being ceded to contemporary Ukraine and Lithuania. But the rotten top of the cake came when the country fell under the influence of the USSR, and disappeared behind the Iron Curtain [...]

  • Ken

    You know how annoying it is when a book’s ending is so unrealistic that you say to yourself in disgust, “This would never play out like this in real life!”? It’s happened more than once, right? But a funny thing sometimes happens on the way to the forum. Sometimes your peevishness gets assassinated. Sometimes you’re so damned entertained by a book that you act like a sailor on leave and say, “Ah, what the hell!” Sometimes you’re so amused by the characters that you see that suspe [...]

  • Jeff

    It’s all about the quest.When I read books, I like to do a little research about the author, time period, the book itself, etc. I was interested to learn that the creator of the video game, The Last of Us, drew inspiration, in part, from this book.The Last of Us is a game my son keeps begging me to play. It takes place in the near future, has nothing to do with World War II era Leningrad, and from what I’ve watched bears no resemblance to the book.It’s all about the quest.In the book, the [...]

  • Phrynne

    What a wonderful book and why have I not read it before? It reminded me of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas both for its remarkable story and the quality of the writing. The book is written as a retelling by the author of his Grandfather's early life, more specifically "one week in 1942, the first week of the year, the week he met my grandmother, made his best friend and killed two Germans." During that week the Grandfather, Lev, was just 17 years old and living in Leningrad which was enduring the [...]

  • Kemper

    A terrific book that proves you don't have to write 700 or 800 pages to have real depth. I'm fascinated by how Benioff managed to describe the characters enduring terrible hardship and the worst of one of the most brutal battles in history, but the book doesn't read as grim or overly depressing. That's not to say that there isn't real drama, horror and sadness, but the natural humor of characters keep it from being just another book about the horrors of war.

  • J. Kent Messum

    'City Of Thieves' is a rare book, one that fires on all cylinders and almost never missteps. It's a modern textbook example of how to write a great story. Stories often have their strengths and their weaknesses when all is said and done. They can rely more on character than plot, or vice versa. A story might be strong, but pacing is a problem. Dialogue might come off unrealistic, although narrative hits the mark. In short, most books are a balancing act. There are things done right, and things t [...]

  • Debra

    Bring back some eggs he said. My daughter needs them for her wedding cake he says.Sounds simple, right? Except this is wartime and eggs are nowhere to be found. The Nazis have invaded Leningrad and Lev Beniov has been arrested and thrown in a cell with a slightly older and more experienced deserter named Kolya. The men are tasked with finding eggs for a powerful Soviet colonel instead of facing the firing squad.Thus, begins Lev and Kolya's journey through the rough and extremely dangerous street [...]

  • Eve

    "There is a place beyond hunger, beyond fatigue, where time no longer seems to move and the body’s misery no longer seems fully your own."City of Thieves was an amazing book! If I wasn't juggling so many other books, I would have easily finished it in a day or two. The World Wars are definite areas of interest for me, but I am always fascinated by the differing perspectives and experiences of individuals depending what country they lived in. This book explores the 900-day Siege of Leningrad fr [...]

  • Diane

    It's a World War II caper, everybody!I highly enjoyed this novel set during the Siege of Leningrad, even though I had just been complaining to my book club friends that I was sick of reading books set during WWII. I thought I had hit my limit of Nazi-related stories, but I was happy to be proven wrong.Many of my GR friends have already read this book, but for those who haven't, I will keep this review free from spoilers. The short summary is we meet a young man named Lev, who is starving in Leni [...]

  • Trudi

    "I was half asleep but I smiled. In spite of all his irritating qualities, I couldn't help liking a man who despised a fictional character with such passion.""There isn't any good news. Just because there's bad news doesn't mean there's good news, too."I loved this book. So much. In fact, I'm in real danger of descending into embarrassing fangirl babble and I really don't want to put you through that. This book deserves so much more than my barely coherent praise I want to heap on top of its mod [...]

  • Jeannie

    This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel. It is a book about friendship during the worst of times. It is my favorite book so far this year. The writing is fabulous!"Firelight shone through the mullioned windows, warm and buttery, spilling onto the snow in front of the house. Black smoke plumed from the chimney, barely visible as a curling smudge against the dark blue sky. It looked like the most inviting house ever built, the country residence of the emperor's favorite general, h [...]

  • Chris Horsefield

    As a storyteller, Benioff's got the complete package: mastery of setting, pacing, plotting, psychology, and especially dialogue. Here, inspired by his Russian grandfather's murky experiences during the siege of Leningrad during World War II, he creates a captivating story of adventure, hope, survival, and humor in a tautly effective short novel.The brutal siege setting is quickly established in the opening chapter, and when the corpse of a German pilot lands near his apartment, teenage Lev Benio [...]

  • Buggy

    Opening Line:"My grandfather, the knife fighter, killed two Germans before he was eighteen."I came away from this feeling, very cold, very hungry and with an inexplicable need to make sure my pantry was full. CITY OF THIEVES is a fantastic story; set in 1942 during the Nazis’ brutal siege of Leningrad. It’s a coming of age story filled with adventure, suspense, friendship, romance and tragedy all washed down with (from what I understand) a historically accurate picture of Leningrad during th [...]

  • Kaylin

    3 Stars Overview: “Truth might be stranger than fiction, but it needs a better editor. ”Inspired by David Benioff's grandfather, this story takes place during the Leningrad Blockade, which occurred from 1941 to 1944 and resulted in up to 4,500,000 deaths. In the midst of this, Lev is a Jewish 17-year-old who is arrested for looting a German corpse. The Soviet police pair him with Koyla, a deserter with artistic ambitions and gives them a mission: Find 12 eggs in the desolate, war-torn city. [...]

  • Nood-Lesse

    «Questo, amico mio, è il segreto per vivere una lunga vita»Durante un incontro per la presentazione di uno dei suoi libri, chiesi a Fabio Genovesi ciò che ho domandato a tutti gli scrittori con i quali sono venuto in contatto: “Quale libro consiglieresti di leggere?” Mi rendo conto che è una domanda scontata e che c’è il rischio che lo scrittore, per dar mostra di non esserlo altrettanto, tiri fuori titoli snob e sperimentali. In passato mi è successo, ma mi è successo anche di sco [...]

  • Carol

    CITY OF THIEVES is a coming-of-age story that centers around one eventful week in 1942 Leningrad and the search for a dozen eggs that will mean freedom for a young Jewish (virgin) teen "thief" and a handsome, over-sexed, funny, talkative Russian "deserter" if they secure their prize.As the war ensues and their trip unfolds, fighting both hunger and fatigue, the two unlikely partners in crime end up behind enemy lines encountering some despicable horrors and near death experiences while sharing s [...]

  • Lori

    Really, really enjoyed this. I'm kind of surprise at how much the characters are very well developed and so likable. Creating humorous moments during a period in history not regarded as such is a difficult thing for an author to pull off. Benioff does it with such ease and ends up leaving you with a smile on your face. Easy 5 stars read for me.

  • Ron

    “If you want to talk about Leningrad, we talk about Leningrad.”So begins the story of Lev and Kolya in what I will say is the best book I have read this year. I’ve read a number of books that are in some way related to WWII over the past 12 months. This happened without planning. It’s just that some of the very best books are in this category, so I wanted to read them: Vonnegut, Philip K Dick, Wiesel & Kristin Hannah. Vonnegut wrote a satire based on reality. Dick wrote a science-fic [...]

  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    Loved this book! Full review to follow

  • Will Byrnes

    This is a lovely, coming of age novel about a young (17) man in Nazi-besieged St Petersberg, Piter to the locals, who finds himself accompanied by a Soviet army deserter, named Kolya as they try to survive the horrors of war. It is, of course, a bleak landscape, with people driven mad by hunger and desperation, some to the point of cannibalism. What are people capable of? What is our young hero capable of? Can he kill? I quite enjoyed this book. It was engaging from front to end, with nicely dra [...]

  • Susana

    (review in English below)Brutalmente brilhante, incrivelmente viciante, absolutamente imperdível!Ofereci este livro há 2 anos, depois duma consulta ao rating do e a algumas reviews, sem imaginar a preciosidade contida nas suas páginas.É uma história fabulosa, com dois protagonistas inesquecíveis: Kolya é um achado e o contraponto fornecido por Lev (o narrador) dá origem a cenas e diálogos maravilhosos, que são filosóficos, humorísticos ou, frequentemente, as duas coisas ao mesmo tem [...]

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    $1.99 Kindle sale, June 27, 2017. I bit.

  • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh

    The 1st third of this book I was forcing myself to keep reading,it’s like this coming of age story on steroids.While I liked Lev immediately I couldn’t relate to Kolya; rather than comic relief I thought his humour just crass, but I kept reading and I was hooked. I think it was the bootless prisoner trudging through the snow with feet turned into blocks of ice when I finally got it…. It’s a horrendous story of unimaginable hardship and the author throws you right in the thick of it. Once [...]

  • PorshaJo

    I have been wanting to read this one forever. I decided to grab the audio version and listen to it. I absolutely loved the audio version. Ron Perlman was fantastic. At first, I thought his voice might be too bold, but it was just perfect. I had the print version also but really enjoyed listening to Perlman. The story was quite interesting. To hear more of the war time in Russia, the horrible things the people needed to get through, Lev and Kolya's journey for the eggs, and the banter of the two [...]

  • Melanie

    I could never do this book justice. Highly recommend. This story is set during WWII and tells of the unlikely friendship between a Jewish teenager and young soldier. They are on a mission to find a dozen eggs in order to save their lives. There are many other interesting characters they meet along their journey. The author made me feel like I was treking along with Lev and Kolya through the woods in freezing cold Russia. He also managed to make me smile at the banter between the two guys while t [...]

  • Viktoria (seelieknight)

    “As siege-hardened as I was before my arrest, the truth was that I had no more courage in January than I had in June – contrary to popular belief, the experience of terror does not make you braver. Perhaps, though, it is easier to hide your fear when you’re afraid all the time.”Unlike anything else I’ve read―within the prologue of this book I just knew that it was going to be a masterpiece. Never mind the fact that this guy is one of the co-writers for the HBO series Game of Thrones [...]

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