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By John Sladek | Comments: ( 182 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

Wompler s Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map But they aren t selling like they used to In fact, they aren t selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government for a research grant And so Wompler Research Laboratories and Project 32 come into being The plan is to produce self replicating mechanisms identical cellsWompler s Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map But they aren t selling like they used to In fact, they aren t selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government for a research grant And so Wompler Research Laboratories and Project 32 come into being The plan is to produce self replicating mechanisms identical cells equipped to repair intracellular breakdowns, convert power from their environment and create new cells But suddenly the nondescript grey metal boxes start crawling about the laboratory, feeding voraciously on any metal and multiplying at an alarming rate.

  • Title: The Reproductive System
  • Author: John Sladek
  • ISBN: 9780575071162
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

John Sladek

John Thomas Sladek was an American science fiction author, known for his satirical and surreal novels.

Comments The Reproductive System

  • Manny

    Seriously underrated comic science-fiction novel, which satirizes so many things I'm not even going to start listing them. Toto Smilax, the mad genius who was brought up as a dog, is a particularly fine creation. ________________________Having just finished Pynchon's brilliant Against the Day, I couldn't help wondering whether "Candlewood University" might possibly be a hat-tip to Aurora Candlewood, the engaging scientist-babe from this book. As many people have pointed out, Sladek's style is of [...]

  • Nate D

    More cheap vintage sci-fi paperbacks, found in a shop called Bucket of Blood in Chicago. This one a first American edition, as are a couple of the others. Read almost entirely in one long drive Chicago to Memphis.Here, more of the manic invention of Sladek's The Steam-Driven Boy, but sustained in novel form. As with his stories, his satire can run towards the excessively zany, with various caricatures jerked mechanistically through bizarre plot devices. Except this is a story about runaway self- [...]

  • Robert

    Well, here's a heap of absurdity that both pre-dates and sends up all the nanobot apocalypses of SF history - as well as everything else it can think of, including but not limited to, the military, espionage, government research projects, international politics, the space race (we are talking 1968, here) and not least, the author himself, who keeps mentioning The Forklift Truck, a boring technical manual he wrote, in an ironic, self-deprecating wayThe more absurd the exaggerated stereotypical ca [...]

  • Mark Hodder

    This was Sladek’s first published novel and it’s absolutely insane. Hilarious but bonkers. The writing style is brilliant (possibly, hallucinogenics were involved). The plot is pretty straightforward—self-replicating and evolving machines run rampant—but the execution is wildly unpredictable in the best possible way. Buckle up and take this ride it’s a good ‘un!

  • Darren Goossens

    Review from darrengoossens.wordpress/2014/02/08/too-clever-by-n-1n-a-review-of-the-reproductive-system-by-john-t-sladek/John Sladek was one of the most remarkable authors of his time, which is to say, roughly speaking, 1965 to 1990. Not that he did not live beyond that time (he died in 2000) but that pretty much brackets his key works. His short fiction is often brilliant -- like a diamond so bright it hurts the eyes. This book was his first published novel. And novel it is.Make no mistake, this [...]

  • Jb Lee

    aka "Mechasm". As mad a book as Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide" series


    review of John Sladek's Mechasm by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - February 22, 2016 This is just the measley truncated review for the full review: "DNA'S MOL HATH JOKES": /story/show/ This bk was odd or maybe it was just the mood I was in when I read it It's a sortof Dr. Strangelove style parody I got a copy of it b/c it looked like humorous SF, something I never get tired of; I got it b/c I hadn't read anything by Sladek yet & I was looking for a new author. Reputedly, the 1st title that this [...]

  • Rita

    It's just too dumb.

  • Roddy Williams

    Sladek has a particular writing style of manic and complex multi-character narrative, perhaps perfected in his magnum opus ‘Roderick’. Here, Sladek employs his sharp and incisive talent for satire and characterisation to expose the hypocrisies of US society.In an effort to save their ailing doll-manufacturing business, the Wompler family apply to the government for a research grant, and very shortly find their research headed by the dysfunctional trio of Professor Toto Smilax and Kurt and Ka [...]

  • Alicea

    When you read the title The Reproductive System: A science fiction novel what immediately springs to mind? If it's machines that can self-replicate then you're spot on. John Sladek has somehow managed to hit on almost every single sci-fi cliché in this one slim book and create a delicious parody that had me shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it all. The basic premise is that a scientist has discovered how to create machines that can reproduce. However, it's pretty clear that he plans to p [...]

  • Intortetor

    orfani di vonnegut? sofferenti di astinenza da nuove opere di tom robbins? precipitatevi a recuperare questo vecchio libretto, che la sellerio fece finire nel circuito dei reminders qualche anno fa (e che dovreste pagare poco meno di 3 euro). troverete parecchie cose che vi renderanno lieti: personaggi sopra le righe, tutti in qualche modo connessi tra loro, una presa in giro del militarismo, macchine impazzite, la torre eiffel che vola, spie che sospettano di tutto, beatnick che protestano, uno [...]

  • Alger

    Typical kitchen sink madcap farce of the period, only it has a Sci-Fi plot. In the end the farcical elements are what makes this book more annoying than entertaining, and I would love to see someone revisit this idea, keeping it comic but less chaotic. To get a sense of what that would be like, read the opening chapters up to the point where the Moroccan subplot is introduced, and then pick it up again where the Moonshot subplot ends. The only thing that you would be missing in between is a bril [...]

  • Bob Rust

    The Reproductive System (1968) aka Mechasm (1969) introduced into his typical small-town-US setting a brilliant maelstrom of sf activity a self-reproducing technological device goes out of control in passages of allegorical broadness but everything turns out all right in the end though not through positive efforts of the inept cast and a dreamlike Utopia looms on the horizon. Governing the conniptions of the tale is an obsessive discourse upon and dramatization of the metamorphic relationships b [...]

  • Eric

    Glimpses of brilliance, especially when the machines take over and start building their own weird society. But overall fairly difuse narrative, that could have come together more strongly if there was more attention paid to particular narrative threads. He tried to jam a lot in to the story, but the overabundance of characters weakened the whole.

  • Steve

    It started well, got a bit lost in the middle, and eventually finished on an unexpected note. A little reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut, with touches of Dr Strangelove and some misplaced hallucinatory stuff which didn't really work. A very clever premise, though, and nicely executed.

  • Maria Beltrami

    Pirotecnico, psichedelico, violentemente antimilitarista, delirante e assolutamente umoristico.Un capolavoro del tempo e del genere, con molti spunti decisamente attuali.

  • Scott Golden

    Fun and funny first novel by the master of science fiction sarcasm.

  • Fraterno Saccis

    Altamente recomendado.

  • Gavin

    Fine sci-fi satire, but cluttered with tepid characters and inanity. Felt like a pedestrian version of Catch 22.

  • Debra

    Complete non-sense but of the enjoyable kind

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  • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ✓ The Reproductive System - by John Sladek ✓
    174 John Sladek
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