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By Dan Haring | Comments: ( 315 ) | Date: ( Jan 29, 2020 )

Jason Gouvas doesn t want to believe he has special abilities or that he s an Oldsoul a vessel for the souls of people who have passed away, but the dead girl in his mind can be very persuasive.Her name is Erin, and through her Jason is able to access the knowledge and skills of the souls within him And with a group of power hungry immortals bent on destroying the OldsoJason Gouvas doesn t want to believe he has special abilities or that he s an Oldsoul a vessel for the souls of people who have passed away, but the dead girl in his mind can be very persuasive.Her name is Erin, and through her Jason is able to access the knowledge and skills of the souls within him And with a group of power hungry immortals bent on destroying the Oldsouls and overthrowing humanity, he s going to need them all.

  • Title: Oldsoul
  • Author: Dan Haring
  • ISBN: 9780983558019
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dan Haring

Dan Haring is from a tiny town in Utah and has been drawing and writing for most of his life He earned his degree in animation from BYU and has worked on such films as The Incredible Hulk and Disney s Tangled He lives in Southern California with his wife and children.

Comments Oldsoul

  • London Haring

    my dads book is the best, book,EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew my dad could write such a good book, or maybe I did, FROM MY DADS AWSOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I were you, I`d read it, NO MATTER WHAT STOOD IN MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew Graham

    When young Philadelphia cop Jason Gouvas learns that he is no ordinary guy, he finds himself swept up on a journey of mysteries and the supernatural, centuries-old wars and fierce warriors. Whether he likes it or not, his life is changed forever. He soon realizes that there's a lot more to discovering he's an Oldsoul than he could have imagined, and the leaders of the ancient race as well as the voices of other souls in his mind help him as he puts the pieces together. But warnings from familiar [...]

  • Caitlin Peterson

    I have a confession to make… I have no idea goes on in a man’s mind. Shocking, I know. It’s for this very reason that I’m hesitant to read a book written from a guy’s POV in first person. I’m always afraid I won’t be able to connect with the character, or that I won’t understand his thought processes behind his decisions because he’s a dude and I’m not. But, I spend all day with an 18mo and I crave a little adventure in my life, so when we were approached about participating [...]

  • Tammy

    I ran into Dan Haring during the Apocalypsies YAmazing Race (well, not literally, ‘cause it was on the internet) and asked if I could review Oldsoul on my blog. He was nice enough to send me a copy, and I’m so glad I read it, because it has an original hook that made me want to keep reading.Jason is a young cop on patrol one night with his partner Marty, when they are caught scoping out a secret meeting of a notorious Italian crime family. As he comes to after being beaten and tied up, Jason [...]

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books

    Oldsoul is a fantastic YA Paranormal. Dan Haring has just introduced me to an awesome main character named Jason Gouvas. Haring has also created amazing world in which the Oldsouls are at war with the Athanatos. Dan Haring is a male YA author. I've been reading a lot of novels from men YA authors lately, and Dan Haring is an awesome one. I fell in love with his action-packed scenes, intense writing, and to see romance from a man’s POV… oh yeah! Dan Haring had my heart swooning for Jason's ro [...]

  • Niahara Erskine

    I've wanted to read "Oldsoul" ever since I stumbled across its awesome description. How cool would it be to be a vessel for hundreds of souls which lend you their abilities? Imagine all the things one could do! Now that I've finally read the book, I am just as excited though I had a small complaint which will come later.First of all, I have to say that "Oldsoul" is the perfect novel to be transformed into an action film. It has a ninja and a samurai as souls, rocket launchers, explosions, gun fi [...]

  • Kimberlee

    In case you can’t tell by the cover, there’s nothing girlwashed about Oldsoul.Don’t get me wrong, fancy dresses and love stories are still my favorite, but if you’re looking to try something new, perhaps something with gun fights, martial arts, and plot of “save the world get the girl” proportions—you’re looking at it. I was very pleased that despite the intense nature of the fight scenes, there wasn’t anything in here that made me cringe like I did while reading THE HUNGER GAM [...]

  • Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews)

    I was lucky enough to host the blog tour for this book to celebrate it's release. You can see my interview with the author here in which he talks a little about graphic novels, cartoons and weapons. Oldsoul was one of those books that when I first heard about it I was thinking it was going to be like most of the other books I've read recently in which the main character can communicate mentally with other people, like telepathy, except he could communicate with dead souls as well. I was complete [...]

  • Laura

    Oldsoul was unlike anything else i've read, which made me want to read it as soon as I read the premise for it.This book had a bit of a slow start for me, but I think it was due to trying to get the basics of the storyline across in a way that was understandable to the reader. I loved the characters in the book, and by far my favorites were Erin and Solon. They both were strong and well-developed characters and I enjoyed the roles they played in the story. The action-packed events made me want t [...]

  • Erica

    Oldsoul - what a cool concept! Oldsoul had a bit of a slower start, but really built into a a cool premise and action packed story. This was a promising debut from Dan Haring, and I can't wait to see what he writes next.The world setup was really neat. For the first portion of the book, there was a lot of world building going on and it was a bit disorienting, but I just loved the idea. It was so completely unique from anything else I have read, which was so refreshing. The one thing I would say [...]

  • Trimble

    This book held my interest from page one. The main character, Jason Gouvas, lives a very normal life until one day everything familiar comes to an abrupt halt and he discovers his true calling in life. After initially resisting the changes he’s faced with, he eventually embraces his fate. Dan Haring is a witty writer who made the characters not only funny, but also real and believable. The concept of this book is unique and interesting. In addition, there were constant surprises creating an un [...]

  • Marni Hoopes

    I truly enjoyed this book from the moment I picked it up. The first page grabbed me and I became so involved with the main characters I couldn't put it down. The story line in well written so it is easy to follow but was also very complex. The story really made me think which made it so much more enjoyable to read. There was no guessing what would happen next.

  • Hugo

    This book is amazing! I'm so glad to finally read a YA book from a guy's point of view. It was everything I expected and much more, as it had action from beginning to end, the "oh so unexpected" plot twists that make the story even better, and the ultimate guy dream "save the world, get the girl" what else could I ask for?

  • Melinda

    The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is not really my style of book, just a little more action/fantasy than I prefer, but my son loved it. It definitely hooked me in by the second half and I'm anxious to see where he goes with it!

  • Jasoches

    3/5 stars = liked it. I liked this book. The main idea behind the book was really cool and interesting. The whole second half of the book seemed rushed though and didn't flow well for me. If there is a followup book I'll read it though. Like I said, really cool main idea.

  • Boobear

    I got this book at school, and it is AWESOME! It is about Jason, an oldsoul, who is just headed for an amazing journey. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazing! READ IT!

  • Tammy

    A little slow start, but an interesting story, great to read a YA novel with no swearing and a good plot line Wanted more when I was done. Hope Dan writes more soon!

  • Morgan Shamy

    Clever premise, action-packed, and original. Really enjoyed the romance and action. Fun voice and humor!

  • Carrie Snider

    I was fortunate to help edit the manuscript before Dan published it. I thought it was an interesting concept and I loved where he went with it!

  • Keith

    Probably the stupidest book I have ever read. Just stupid.

  • Debra

    Check out my review below:Debra's Book CafeDebs :-)

  • Jamie Manning

    An excellent read with a very unique premise and great charactersI loved it! (full review to come)

  • Spencer Willardson

    This was a fun book with an introduction to a new world of old souls and immortals. The pace was quick and the characters engaging. It made me want to read more fiction!

  • Lecelin Payne

    Pretty awesome storyline. Good job Dan! For his first book, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Can't want to see if the story continues.

  • Lonestar Mama

    I have a confession to make��� I have no idea goes on in a man���s mind. Shocking, I know. It���s for this very reason that I���m hesitant to read a book written from a guy���s POV in first person. I���m always afraid I won���t be able to connect with the character, or that I won���t understand his thought processes behind his decisions because he���s a dude and I���m not. But, I spend all day with an 18mo and I crave a little adventure [...]

  • Julie

    (Full review here.)I had trouble getting into this book. The idea is creative, the writing is fine and the action is exciting. But I just didn't really connect with it. I think the world building was a little wobbly, and the main character never seemed terribly concerned about the upheaval around him. I'm not opposed to a mellow protagonist, but if the main character is cracking jokes it's hard to feel the tension. The love interest was a little flat and overall it was a bit predictable--not unp [...]

  • Maxine

    Loved this book! Pros: Clean, fast paced, sweet romance side story, happy ending, unique story idea (read: mutant powers I hadn't come across before), characters were believableCons: Yeah, sorry. Weird review, but this book was a breath of fresh air, and a quick read. Great job, Dan!

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)

    apr 24

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