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By Carolyn MacCullough | Comments: ( 885 ) | Date: ( Jan 29, 2020 )

Ginny can t resist daredevil Aidan until the night he crosses the line between games and reality She survives, he doesn t, and everyone thinks it s an accident Lost somewhere between past and present, she meets Caleb a much older man with secrets of his own In richly limned scenes, Carolyn MacCullough debuts as a strong new voice in young adult literature.

  • Title: Falling Through Darkness
  • Author: Carolyn MacCullough
  • ISBN: 9780761319344
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Carolyn MacCullough

Carolyn MacCullough received her MFA in creative writing from the New School and lives with her husband in Brooklyn.

Comments Falling Through Darkness

  • Emma

    Seventeen-year-old Ginny's life feels like a waking dream. Or maybe a nightmare. It all seemed so different when Aidan first came crashing into her life.Beautiful, vivid, reckless Aidan is nothing like Ginny--a quiet, good girl more comfortable blending in than standing out. But Aidan makes Ginny different. He makes her want more. Makes her feel more. In the end, he makes her feel too much.There was a crash. Something everyone else is calling an accident. Aidan is gone. But Ginny is left behind [...]

  • Georgeanna Hores

    i swear when i was reading this it felt like i was reading my cousins life. i found the reality of it so effective, like i could see myself at that point one day.

  • Alondra

    Book Review Falling Through Darkness by Carolyn MacCullough, is a well written story about getting past the death of a loved one, full of flashbacks and mysteries. MacCullough keeps the reader guessing at what could happen next and gives each character life, she also gives the reader a very vivid image of what the characters feel and see. Overall this book should be read by a reader who is interested in mystery and who also enjoys expanding their imagination through her very vivid imagery. McCul [...]

  • Annika

    There isn't very much to say about Falling Through Darkness. It's a short and quick read with quite simple writing.Falling Through Darkness tells the story of seventeen year old Ginny who has lost her boyfriend Aidan and is now trying to cope with his death.The book is told in a third person narrator and it's set in the now while we get flashbacks of Ginny's time with Aidan.It didn't really manage to make me feel anything for the characters since it all felt underdeveloped and the characters fel [...]

  • Rhianna Aspinall

    This book was so, so disappointing. Of course, I didn't expect much when I discovered a YA Romance novel for 149 pages at £0.50 nevertheless, I gave it my fullest attention.I really do feel like it lacked (basically) everything that makes a booka book. The plot was severely underdeveloped and at times I found myself thinking "Maybe if this sentence was reworded like this" and "Perhaps this could have been added to make it more interesting". The characters were also very brief.I completely under [...]

  • Darcy

    When you first start to read this book you aren't quite sure what is going on, but slowly the story becomes clear. Ginny is mourning her boyfriend and having a hard time moving forward in her life.You can see why Ginny was so attracted to Aidan, he is a charismatic guy, but he has some of his own issues. It is only as we get to know him you get a handle on his problems. In a moment of weakness Ginny breaks down and spills just what happened that night and you understand the problems that Ginny i [...]

  • Sheryl

    Ginny is the main character in this story who has to deal with the aftermath of a horrible accident involving her and her lost boyfriend, Aidan. Everyone thinks Ginny's grieving from losing Aidan, but what Ginny knows about what happened that night is what's really tearing her apart. Pulled between love and loss, Ginny must find a way to come to terms with what happened that night and the boy who loved her so desperately.MacCullough skillfully blends together elements of tortured romance, harsh [...]

  • Deborah Payne

    TEEN LITI read this with a purpose: to consider for a book project I'm working on. This is a good book, and I probably only gave it a three due to the lenses in which I was reading it. Good girl meets bad boy. Bad boy ends up dying due to intentional reckless drivingicide. Girl survives the crash, and the book is about her recovery. Would recommend to teens who are dealing with peer pressure or who like books where the teens are dealing with emotional issues. Note to self: girl starts to fall fo [...]

  • Rebekah

    A teen girl copes with the apparent suicide of her daredevil boyfriend. Not much to be optimistic about in this novel until the last couple pages. Every teen character is portrayed as living life for the moment, no plans for the future, smoking/drinking/partying/hooking up/peer pressure. Yet all the adults seem overly wise, waiting to help, if she would just open up to them. I liked the sorting of thought that is brought about through some chapters being past, some present, but I couldn't connec [...]

  • Ashley

    #CompNtBkBorrowed from library.FS: "Ginny slides her hands between her mattress and the box spring as soon as she hears the front door closed behind her father, and extracts a crumpled pack of Marlboros."LS:

  • Kendra

    The main character Ginny's emotions seem to change quickly. Characters in books usually change overtime, but Ginny's feels too rushed. The ending was too dramatic for my liking. Other than a few little details, it was a good read.

  • Olivia

    Short but great read. At first you don't quite understand but once you finish the book you're left thinking.

  • Analy

    The book"Falling through darkness"by Carolyn Maccullough was a good book because it was about a girl name Ginny and how she was lost in her own feelings

  • Leah

    It was a good book but the ending was veryh.

  • Kirsty

    Review to follow

  • Sierra

    This is one of my Favorites. Its not for everyone though. I recommend Re-reading this novel. you will end up falling in love with Ginny (who has a hard time conveying her emotions).

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  • Unlimited [Nonfiction Book] ☆ Falling Through Darkness - by Carolyn MacCullough ↠
    420 Carolyn MacCullough
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