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By Iain Rob Wright | Comments: ( 941 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

On the night where it begins snowing in every country of the world, a group of ordinary people gather at an old English pub At first they assume the weather is just a random occurrence, but as the night goes on, and weird things happen, they start to realise something far sinister is occurring And that someone amongst them may be the cause of it all.By the end of thOn the night where it begins snowing in every country of the world, a group of ordinary people gather at an old English pub At first they assume the weather is just a random occurrence, but as the night goes on, and weird things happen, they start to realise something far sinister is occurring And that someone amongst them may be the cause of it all.By the end of the night, not everyone will make it, and those that do may wish they hadn tNUS Also includes the disgusting short story The Peeling of Samuel Lloyd Collins

  • Title: The Final Winter
  • Author: Iain Rob Wright
  • ISBN: 2940011410031
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Iain Rob Wright

Iain Rob Wright is one of the UK s most successful horror and suspense writers, with novels including the critically acclaimed, THE FINAL WINTER the disturbing bestseller, ASBO and the wicked screamfest, THE HOUSEMATES.His work is currently being adapted for graphic novels, audio books, and foreign audiences He is an active member of the Horror Writer Association and a massive animal lover.Check out Iain s official website for updates at iainrobwright or add him on Facebook where he would love to meet you.You can speak to him at iainbert.wright hotmailor read his regular blog at iainrobwright His official website is iainrobwright

Comments The Final Winter

  • Scot

    Great read!! Our setting for this tale is a warm, inviting English pub on a cold, dark, snowy winter evening. The snow came out of nowhere, baffling weatherman the world over. This storm encompasses the world and it doesn't seem there is an end in sight.It isn't often that a book makes me feel like I am watching a horror movie. Final Winter has just that effect, the horror seeps off of the page. Well done, Iain Rob Wright!! I don't want to give anything away so I will stop here but if you are l [...]

  • TC

    After an exceptionally hard winter in the UK, and my husband's oft stated desire to be snowed in in a pub, this book sounded like a good read for me. Something very strange is going on. News channels are reporting that it is snowing in every country of the world. That night in old English pub The Trumpet a small group of locals gather, debating the cause of this odd occurrence. But as the night goes on things get stranger and the group grows as other take refuge from both the snow storm and sini [...]

  • Adam Light

    This book was a nearly perfect apocalyptic tale where the end comes in the form of a worldwide snowstorm.If the fact that it is snowing on every country in the world isn't freaky enough for you, wait until you catch a glimpse of what else the storm has conjured.I really liked this book. Once Wright introduced all of the players, I didn't want to stop reading until I knew all of their fates. So, I read it in two sittings.Definitely going to check out some more of the author's work.

  • Denna

    Had great potential at the start, but couldn’t deliver.This started out great and I'd settled myself down for a fast, all-in-one-sitting, read. Sufficient gore and tense situations that kept me second guessing who the real good guys/bad guys were. Reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s The Mist to be honest. But then we hit about the three-quarters mark and I literally went WTH happened? The story slipped into silly mode and I found myself totally turned off. I don’t know, maybe I expected to [...]

  • Dreadlocksmile

    First published in May of 2011, British author Iain Rob Wright’s debut novel ‘The Final Winter’ found itself falling snugly into the recently popularised post-apocalyptic revival that had seen a sudden resurgence of similarly ‘end of the world’ themed tales.DLS Synopsis:Ever since Harry Jobson’s wife and son had died at the wheels of a convicted drink driver, Harry’s life had been a constant and purposeful descent into misery and drunken despair. Night after night the unemployed th [...]

  • Stan James

    I bought this on amazon for three reasons:1. It was short and I wasn't in the mood for a 1,000 page epic.2. It was cheap. Cheap is always a good price.3. I'm a sucker for apocalypse stories, especially ones that aren't the start of a 20 volume series.3a. I like to give a few untried authors a shot every year.The Final Winter or as I like to call it, The Final Winter Where Every Character Shares Every Thought They Have with the Reader starts out with some measure of promise. A small assortment of [...]

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    First posted review of 2013!:)Review of The Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright5 starsThis has to be one of the scariest apocalyptic novels I have ever encountered—one of the most terrifying of any genre. Reading this on New Year’s Eve may not have been my smartest move; granted, I am not surrounded by incessant snowfall—but the sheer implacability of the terrors in this novel!!I cannot get this story out of my mind: it’s not just “apocalyptic horror.” “The Final Winter” is a medieva [...]

  • BookLoversLife

    This is my second book by Iain Rob Wright and I loved it!! The first one was a fun Zombie book but this one was darker and creepier. The plot was quite scary without the added supernatural element. Snow has been falling all over the world and nobody knows why. Not many places are open in the freezing English countryside, apart from the local pub where some of the normal patrons gather. As the snow gets worse, they start to realise that all isn't as it seems. With strange things happening, they h [...]

  • PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*

    If you liked Stephen King's "The Mist", then you will enjoy The Final Winter. I liked that the story took place in the UK and I loved all the winter descriptions. I must admit that I didn't see the cause of the eternal winter coming. I thought the ending stories were a fun addition to the book to give some of the characters in the book their own personal versions of what was going on around them. My absolute favorite was of course the last one in the book where "the peeling" was described. How u [...]

  • Jennifer Lynn Harrison

    I LOVE this author!! So glad I have discovered him and I have been devouring all his books. In this one Harry has committed the final sin which God has been judging/keeping a tally of -- well keeping a tally of ALL humanity's sins and Harry's is the one that tips the scale. God brings a snowstorm that will be the end of the world. Harry and local townspeople gather in a pub to wait out the apocalypse (Shaun of the Dead anyone?? :0) ) In the snow are 'angels' that kill people and the humans in th [...]

  • Martin Belcher

    I really enjoyed The Final Winter, it took a few unexpected turns and ended in a way I could not have conceived. The Trumpet is a sorry looking pub in the middle of a run down council estate in the English Midlands, surrounded by a few empty shops, a supermarket and a video store. One fateful day it starts snowing heavily not just in England but all over the world and people begin to fear the worst as electricity supplies stop and all TV and radio transmissions fade. Stranded in the pub along wi [...]

  • Anne Hawn Smith

    This could have been a good book and with a good editor, it still might be, but there are too many mistakes and characters who are not fully developed. At first, I couldn't put it down. There were some interesting individuals in the pub and other stores and intriguing story lines, but the promise of those characters kind of fizzled near the end. The ending was also problematic. I think the trouble is that there are some archetypes in human consciousness and if a person is going to act outside th [...]

  • Joecon

    What a great book! It held my attention & I finished the book in 2 sittings. I can't remember whether I paid .99 cents or if it was free, either way I got way more than I bargained for! I also think that this would make a great movie. The writer did a great job of exploring the characters of the story. Give it a try--I think that you'll like it!

  • Felts

    If you can get past the extremely awful dialogue and the ever increasing amount of cheesiness, then you might enjoy this read. With some major editing I think it could be much better. Freebie via Smashwords. The Final Winter via Smashwords

  • John

    4.5 StarsI liked this book very much, and I'm surprised because the author practically gives his ebooks away, sometimes for free.If the author thinks 19 inches of snow is the apocalypse he should spend a Winter in my town! lol

  • Ines

    Non male come storia, molto simile a "The Mist", il finale è anche piu logico del primo e mi ha piacevolmente soddisfattarché solo 3 stelle? perché la narrazione è stra piena di descrizioni,frasi,sottofrasi,penzoli e balle varie che fanno venire l'ortocaria anche ai muri

  • Tiffany

    In my determination to read all of author J.A. Konrath's books, I stumbled upon another writer who collaborated with him on one of his novels, Holes in the Ground, the sequel to Konrath's Origin. For that novel, author Iain Rob Wright integrated a couple of his characters from his book The Final Winter, which is about a group of people trapped in a pub during an epic snow storm. Like in Stephen King's Storm of the Century, the snow storm proves to be deadlier than first believed, and the only wa [...]

  • Pamellia

    The Final Winter Friends/reduced price or freeBegan June 26, Completed June 28, 2014WOW!! An excellent study of the power of the milk of human kindness and a few other things. The story is a well written creative tale with believable characters you will love, hate and and in some cases learn to love again. (If by chance you are a Biblical scholar, you will find a few liberties taken.) I did find a few words missing here and there, perhaps even the wrong name used on occasion. But the overall act [...]

  • Bandit

    Apocalypse (S)Now. Cinematically if Supernatural tv show and Legion had a baby or a baby book. Though my main motivation for this selection was to somehow psychologically counteract the heatwave, from time to time it's fun to check out a new horror author, especially when it turns out to actually be worth the time. This was. Wright can write, pun and all, and the book was entertaining, well paced, with likeable characters, a few surprises and even a moral. Boy, was there a moral, incongruously w [...]

  • Patti

    I went into this one expecting a post apocalyptic tale, where the world is destroyed and humanity has to pull its collective asses out of the fire and rebuild.I got something quite different, but damn good.I never expected that classic good vs. evil battle, with quite an interesting twist.Wright does a great job of teasing out the characters, giving you just little bits and pieces until the whole picture is clear and you scratch your head, wondering how you ever thought THAT about that character [...]

  • Natasa

    Loved it just like every book by this awesome writer.As well, every book has bonus short stories which are great as well and I'm loving the extra stuff.

  • WendyB

    A bit different than I expected but it was a quick read and a somewhat charming story of redemption.

  • Eiain

    Really good book, liked the way the story takes you on unexpected trails, twists and turns.Worth reading. I could not put it down.

  • Kim

    I must have picked this book up 4-5 times since I downloaded it based on the number of bookmarks I put in. I finished the book. It was annoying and I had trouble getting past reading about characters who kept going to the bathroom in a pub that was so cold that the beer froze! The pipes would be frozen, right? Nobody said a thing about it.There was a Supernatural Easter egg near the end, so that was fun. The ending was all fallen angel blahblah.

  • Bill Jr.

    FrighteningThe Final Winter is chilling in more ways than one. The novel's characters are complex, often passionate, and sometimes mysterious. A fun, and scary, read.

  • David Veith

    4.0 Overall well written, fun to read books written with dialog from Europe. The slang is different and fun! Fun idea for a book, basically God said, enough chances, time to clear everyone off the face of the planet. Enjoyable characters, and fun story line. Also nice thought in the end when the Devil is talking, saying how he has changed. Makes you think, in the course of history, to the winner goes the spoils, which includes writing the history of the events. In the end a enjoyable read, some [...]

  • Jeff Swystun

    Strangers thrown together. Isolated and alone. Threatened both from a malevolent force and each other. Sound familiar? Sure it's been donewhat hasn't? Author Wright throws together an interesting mix of folks a la Agatha Christie. Most, if not all, have something to hide. Then the lights go out and their haven grows cold.What could have been an interesting and taught build disintegrates into a violent, unpleasant mess lacking any semblance of subtlety. Conversation and situation do not hold up a [...]

  • John Podlaski

    Now that it is time for a review, I find it difficult to write without adding to the book description or giving away some of the story. Kind of reminds me of the movie, "The Fog", except that it's snowing with white out conditions that make it impossible to see mere inches in front of your face. Workers from the small town video store and food market brave the deepening snow - attempting to join others at the local pub to wait out the storm. They soon discover that vile creatures are roaming thr [...]

  • Daniel

    A mysterious snow storm ravages nations around the world. Inside an english pub, a group of ordinary people take refuge from the cold and hope to ride out the storm. Soon they realize that the storm is hiding malevolent forces and that surviving might not be easy as the thought."The Final Winter" is my first title from author Iain Rob Wright and one gripping apocalyptic tale. The characters were well developed, especially Harry; a depressed man who has lost everything close to him, drowning his [...]

  • Kristal

    The news reports are all telling the same tale: it is snowing on every nation in the world. Such an event has never been recorded in human history and the ragtag group that has gathered tonight at the local pub all have their own theory as to what is causing the event, except for Harry, who has ceased caring about anything since the tragic loss of his family a few years before. Harry comes to the pub to ease the pain that is eating away at him and because no one at the pub knows that real Harry, [...]

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