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The Emperor is enraged Primarch Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons Legion has made a terrible mistake that endangers the very safety of Terra With no other choice, the Emperor charges Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, with the apprehension of his brother from the Thousand Sons home world of Prospero This planet of sorcerers will not be easy to overcome, but RusThe Emperor is enraged Primarch Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons Legion has made a terrible mistake that endangers the very safety of Terra With no other choice, the Emperor charges Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, with the apprehension of his brother from the Thousand Sons home world of Prospero This planet of sorcerers will not be easy to overcome, but Russ and his Space Wolves are not easily deterred With wrath in his heart, Russ is determined to bring Magnus to justice and bring about the fall of Prospero.

  • Title: Prospero Burns
  • Author: Dan Abnett Gareth Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9781849702249
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Audio CD

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Dan Abnett Gareth Armstrong

Dan Abnett Gareth Armstrong Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Prospero Burns book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett Gareth Armstrong author readers around the world.

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  • Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan : Prospero Burns - Nevisande : Dan Abnett - ISBN : 1844167763 - ISBN13 : 9781844167760 - Dar 444 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2010

  • Gianfranco Mancini

    There are no wolves on Fenris.After re-reading this novel after years I've raised my vote one star.Yes, the first part of Kasper Ansbach Hawser/Ahmad Ibn Rusta adventures among the Space Wolves is still a boring sci-fi version of "The 13th Warrior" movie/"Eaters of the dead" Crichton's novel, but Abnett's tale is still very good and since the part about Nikea it becomes a real page turner. "Thousand Sons" is still far better, but the version of the story from the Vika Ferynka point of view is a [...]

  • Paul

    Unlike any other Warhammer 40k novel I've read, I'd recommend this to those who aren't familiar with the series, on the solitary premise that it is just a damned good story, once you get past the (possibly unfamiliar) terms, characters, and setting. I've read a lot of Abnett's stuff, as you might be able to see on my bookshelf. Every time something new of his comes out that isn't "Inquisitorial", I wonder if it is going to be good or overhyped. I tend to lean towards overhyped simply because I f [...]

  • Leland

    Abnett just seems to be getting better and better with each Horus Heresy book he writes. I wish he wrote the whole series.

  • Nick

    This book is titled "Prospero Burns" with the subtitle "The Wolves unleashed," but a more accurate title would be "A bunch of boring rememberancer crap" with the subtitle "ZZzzzzz". Okay, maybe I'm being mean, but this book is frustrating. How do you take eight-foot tall genetically engineered space vikings and make them boring? The answer is making half the book a pointless slog of a flashback. Oh, how I wanted to start skipping pages as the flashbacks droned on and on, serving no purpose and b [...]

  • Keamy Loken

    I did not think this book would end up with 4 stars and probably more deserving of 3e first 100 pages WHERE horribly boring. I have also come to the unthinkable I like the Russ's Wolves and Leman Russ.(but not as much as the Thousand Sons and Magnus of course.)Mostly because you see the Space Wolves as the group that does the dirty jobs the Emperor who is suposedly so great won't do himself!I did not like that is was called "Propero Burns" and it was 30 pages on Propero very VERY annoying.(Espec [...]

  • Larry

    The history of the Space Wolves is uncovered in Prospero Burns ~ The Founding Fieldsthefoundingfields/2011/12/A man terrorfied of wolves his entire life decides after a life of academia to travel to Feneris, a planet reportedly filled with them. Upon arriving Kasper Hawser is thought of as a bad star he was pursued by the indigenous people of the planet until one of the demon wolves of Feneris comes to his rescue. He awakens 19 great years later to find himself in the body of his 22 year old sel [...]

  • Jim

    This is a good book that showcases Dan Abnett's skill as an auther within the SciFi/WH40 genre and Horus Heresy series. His writing style is makes you want to read on to the next page.Why only three stars?I was disappointed. We have seen the events leading up to the attack on Prospero from Magnus's point of view in A Thousand Sons. This was the best opportunity to see the same events from Leman Russ's point of view rather than the "obeying orders" type reason that was given. I was expecting more [...]

  • Emil Söderman

    I must admit, I'd probably have liked Prospero Burns a whole lot more if I hadn't read A Thousand Sons.You see, it basically follows the other side of the story, the faux-norse and all-wolf-all-the-time Space Wolves Legion, and how they come to wreck the Thousand Sons shit.It's vaguely interesting, but on the other hand, not really, and a lot of that is due to personal reasons. For one thing, the Space Wolves come across as well, dickish. To everyone (and of course, we've already seen them as di [...]

  • Richard Stuart

    Abnett is a damn good author. This book transcends the limitations of its genre and leaves you feeling like you just read a great book. You feel that way, because you just did. This is a novel of old lore, tenebrous foreboding and startling revelation. It sinks you deep into a culture mysteriously clad in hoarfrost and unfolds it charms and secrets through the repetitious prayers of whispered page turning. Run with the wolves, hunt, stalk, and fight; bludgeon, bleed and freeze on the red snow of [...]

  • Graham Bailey

    This book is a masterclass on what constitutes a great Horus Heresy novel, with excellent characters, plot and pacing all the way through. When read in tandem with Thousand Sons it becomes one of the best written and most pivotal moments of the entire Heresy storyline, and when read as a Space Wolf story it cocks it's canine leg all over the previous (and still very enjoyable)Bill King series. The HH has been very hit & miss in places, with some truly execrable books making it past editing; [...]

  • Poovy

    I would have given this book 5 stars if not for the slow and confusing start. Kasper Hawser, an aged Conservator gives his account of his time spent with the Space wolves and reveals much more depth to their world, culture and motivations but for the first half of the book, he constantly switches between his own past and the present on Fenris so randomly that I had to go back a few times as I kept getting lost.As random as the flashbacks were however, it all actually ties together with the counc [...]

  • Stephen P

    As a Sci-Fi newbie I enjoyed this.

  • Veronica Anrathi

    An interesting story of a well written character, yet it took so long to really get intriguing and make sense. I've tried to read it multiple times and it seemed totally impossible to get through the first several chapters when originally I thought this would be similar to A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill, but from an opposite view point. It turned out well, it made me feel things, it made me look differently at the Wolves even though I sympathize with the sons of Magnus a lot more. This book i [...]

  • Rebecca

    Overall I liked it very much. The beginning was quite boring for my short attention span, but when in the end you realize how the author most wonderfully built the foundations to that awesome, gut wrenching finale, it was ten times worth it. I was this close to never EVER forgiving the Vlka Fenryka for annihilating the Sons, but, for the most part, I sympathy and thus they have earned my not-so-noteworthy forgiveness. Their fluffy little "gruff sentimentality" makes me wanna just give 'em all a [...]

  • Jacob

    I didn't expect to enjoy this ok as much as I did with it being so close on the heels of A Thousand Sons and dealing with the same situation just from the opposite side. That said: I truly enjoyed this book. Dan Abnett is a masterful storyteller and demonstrates that clearly with this story. I found the start a little confusing, but as the primary character was also confused this was understandable. I truly enjoyed being introduced to the SpaceWolves like I was in this story. Made me hate them a [...]

  • Ogbaoghene Ozoro

    Enjoyed this book immensely, think I'm going to go ahead and read it a third time. Would be nice to see Russ' reaction after he realizes that he and Magnus were set up and the warnings about Horus' treachery were true. Wonder if he would be remorseful, he claimed it broke his heart to go against his brothers - Magnus, Angron, and the unnamed Primarchs. Great read, loved the pace and the unique perspective Hawser's character brings.

  • Stuart

    I've re-read this book several times. On first reading, I wasn't really impressed; it took too long to get going, and my patience was worn thin long before the plot properly started. But re-readings, when I knew what to expect, cast the book in a better light. This isn't the story of the razing of Prospero, despite the title. Instead, it's the story of the Space Wolves, and their role within the young Imperium. Seen from the eyes of an outsider, it's told in a slightly unusual form for a Horus H [...]

  • Latrell Zacklane

    I’m reading the series mostly to keep myself entertained with action-like Sci-Fi in a grimdark universe xD Unfortunately, a descent number of books feels like crude fillers.Nevertheless, there are some really outstanding novels in the Heresy cycle, which I warmly admire. This book is one of the, if not the, best so far… I can put it to the top of my personal chart, along with “Galaxy in Flames”, “Mechanicum” and “Legion”.A pure and palpable epicness, all wrapped in a savage and s [...]

  • Adam

    Wow. I enjoyed this book so much. It took me a while to read, however that was down to my busy schedule and not a reflection on the book. If I could have, I would have finished much quicker! Dan Abnett really knows how to write a decent sci-fi novel. Not only was the main storyline engaging, thrilling and full of substance, Abnett also managed to include philosophy, thought-provoking discussions between characters and a well rounded story arch. Brilliant book

  • Phillip

    Easily one of the best in the series so far. I was hesitant at the start to be honest, never really being a fan of the space wolves, but the more I read the more l warmed to them and began to realise how misunderstood they are.Dan does an amazing job of integrating the role of Kasper Hawser, Skjald (oral historian) to the space wolves into the actual structure of the book too, I was very impressed. The closer I got to the end of the book, the harder it got to put down.

  • Stephen

    Initially when I started reading I thought it would be a sequel to "a Thousand Sons," yet it is actually a complimentary book. The beginning was odd, and for a while I had honestly thought I had the wrong book. However, Abnett sheds a lot of light on the early days of the imperium and post-unity earth, which I found interesting and he gives and explanation for the Space Wolves actions during the events of "a Thousand Sons."

  • Michael Champion

    Got confused with the reading order and wound up thinking this was the 5th book in the series (it's the 15th), but it was ok since the entire thing wind up taking place around the start of the emperor leaving the crusade and anointing Horus as warmaster, basically it's a prelude. With that said it was great read, which is refreshing since preludes can be so hit or miss.

  • Sarah-kate

    Other than the title being a slight misnomer this book is pretty good, as Black Library titles go. Abnett disappointed me slightly with his pointlessly ostentatious use of language, and a seeming disregard for the meanings of some words which forced me to liken a portion of this title to a McNeill book. Characters where fantastic, plot was great, had a good sense of character development. Abnett's ability to interject humour seamlessly is wonderful, as is his effortless and believable portrayal [...]

  • Mr. Yuk

    Another fantastic Warhammer book from Dan Abnett. Awesome story! I recommend reading A Thousand Sons (book 12 of the series) before this one. The two books contain some of the same events, but are told from opposing sides. Plus, the turn at the end was just great.Highly recommended!!!

  • Claire Benham

    Beautiful. Almost cried at the end. Only you, Abnett! Only you can inflict this emotional turmoil through a grim dark 40k book!

  • Dan Evans

    great book and a brilliant insight into the space wolves. The story whilst not from a space wolf is one of the best I've read.

  • Emre Arifoglu

    Slightly boring.

  • Jeff Pedersen

    I very much enjoyed this one although not entirely sure why.

  • David Noltensmeier

    Dan Abnett absolutely nails it. He brings humanity and life to the 40k universe more than anyone else ever has. Prospero Burns is second only to Eisenhorn.

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