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By Tom Sharpe | Comments: ( 197 ) | Date: ( Dec 11, 2019 )

When his endlessly capricious wife Eva receives plane tickets for the family to visit Auntie Joan and Uncle Wally in Atlanta, Wilt knows only one thing that nothing could entice him to fly three thousand miles over the water, and especially not two rotund Americans with money than sense What better way to escape and find equilibrium then to embark on a walking tourWhen his endlessly capricious wife Eva receives plane tickets for the family to visit Auntie Joan and Uncle Wally in Atlanta, Wilt knows only one thing that nothing could entice him to fly three thousand miles over the water, and especially not two rotund Americans with money than sense What better way to escape and find equilibrium then to embark on a walking tour Just Wilt, the countryside, and an ill judged bottle of whiskey Meanwhile, Eva finds her plans to inherit Joan and Wally s fortune slipping away faster than her sanity, thanks to a combination of sinister teenage quadruplets with foul mouths, and her unexpected role as lead suspect in a drug trafficking plot.Outrageous, darkly comic, and packed with calamity on top of calamity, Tom Sharpe s latest episode of Wilt s misadventures is a razor sharp farce that will delight fans both old and new.

  • Title: Wilt In Nowhere
  • Author: Tom Sharpe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Tom Sharpe

Tom Sharpe was an English satirical author, born in London and educated at Lancing College and at Pembroke College, Cambridge After National Service with the Royal Marines he moved to South Africa in 1951, doing social work and teaching in Natal, until deported in 1961.His work in South Africa inspired the novels Riotous Assembly and Indecent Exposure From 1963 until 1972 he was a History lecturer at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, which inspired his Wilt series Wilt, The Wilt Alternative, Wilt on High and Wilt in Nowhere.His novels feature bitter and outrageous satire of the apartheid regime Riotous Assembly and its sequel Indecent Exposure , dumbed or watered down education the Wilt series , English class snobbery Ancestral Vices, Porterhouse Blue, Grantchester Grind , the literary world The Great Pursuit , political extremists of all stripes, political correctness, bureaucracy and stupidity in general Characters may indulge in bizarre sexual practices, and coarser characters use very graphic and or profane language in dialogue Sharpe often parodies the language and style of specific authors commonly associated with the social group held up for ridicule Sharpe s bestselling books have been translated into many languages.

Comments Wilt In Nowhere

  • Alexandra

    Tom Sharpe ist ein Garant für witzige Literatur zwischendurch zum Entspannen. Sein fatalistischer Antiheld, Henry Wilt, der wie ein schwarzes Loch Unglück und ernsthafte Kalamitäten aufsaugt, hat sich bereits in Band 1 - Puppenmord - nachhaltig in mein Herz geschlichen. Das ist so wie Slapstick auf Literatur, sprachlich sehr gut ausgeführt. Henry ist wieder mal völlig unschuldig in ernsthaften Kalamitäten, da er von einigen Menschen mit bösen Absichten als Opfer, Tatverdächtiger etc. mis [...]

  • Diskojoe

    Tom Sharpe is usually compared with Wodehouse & Waugh, but I think I see a lot more Waugh than Wodehouse. For one thing, there's no real snap in the language as compared to Wodehouse & Henry Wilt is just not as warm a character as Bertie Wooster. As I said before, this is a lot closer to Waugh in a modern setting.

  • Pablo Estevez

    Not as good as 'Wilt', because there was less of the man in it.

  • JonSnow

    3.6/5While I found this one fast paced, I didn't find it nearly as funny as the other five books I've read of Tom Sharpe's. I believe I mildly laughed on just one occasion. That said, the book was amusing. Smile worthy, so to speak. I enjoyed it, but have to reduce my rating on account of having not found it quite as funny as I'd hoped in contrast to other books.Thus far it seems the older the Tom Sharpe book, the funnier it is.

  • Stuart Bone

    Henry Wilt is a character that things just seem to happen to. On a solitary walking holiday he winds up unconscious and a suspect in cases of arson and murder. Eva, his wife isn’t immune to problems either when she accepts an invitation to visit her wealthy Aunt Joanie and her husband, Wally in America; taking her quadruplet daughters with her. She winds up suspected of being a drug mule. So begins another Tom Sharpe comedy.I haven’t read the previous Wilt novels but that isn’t a problem w [...]

  • Pep Bonet

    Let me admit it from the start: I have bad taste. I can enjoy haute cuisine and some philosophy, a good opera and some Stockhausen, but I also like street food (no burgers please), norteño/conjunto music or books like this one. You can't be high brow every day and Sharpe is a bloke who can be very funny. One thing I've been discovering of late is that I don't laugh with the same things I used to in my younger days, but a good comedy makes me laugh as always. Wilt In Nowhere was written by an ol [...]

  • Johan D'Haenen

    In de jaren '70 en '80 las ik systematisch elk boek van Tom Sharpe bij publicatie. Voor mij was het één van mijn topauteurs.Maar Wilt kon het voor mij niet halen van Indecent Exposure, Blott on the Landscape, Riotous Assembly, enzovoort. Ook de volgende episodes van de Wilt-saga konden mij niet zo bekoren, ook al las ik ze met plezier.En dat is niet anders voor dit "Wilt is nergens" het verhaal is een beetje magertjes en ik mis die wilde, oneerbiedige humor, die bijtende satire die zo kenmerke [...]

  • Robert McGrail

    Best anti depressant everIf you're one of the newly oppressed middle income 100th generation British males ditch the pills or herbal meds and get into Wilt .I would recommend watching the one and only Wilt movie on YouTube to enhance the reading experience as the casting is brilliant with Mel Smith brilliant as the bumbling police inspector Flint and Griff Rice Jones as the caustic indomitable Henry Wilt.

  • Karen Young

    A bit disappointing. Not as funny as previous books. Much better when the focus is more on Wilt himself.

  • Michael Ward

    Nearly 4 stars, very funny in places.

  • Neil

    For me not Wilt at his best.

  • Jeremy

    Slow start then really picked up

  • David Roberts

    I am reviewing the novel Wilt In Nowhere which is an excellent comedy novel which I bought from . This novel is part of the Porterhouse Blue series of novels & doesn't have a great plot but has loads of humor and is very funny. It reminds me a little bit of Terry Pratchett doing the Discworld where of course to a greater extent plot is sacrificed for the sake of humor. I think Tom Sharpe died recently which obviously has rekindled interest in his books. Of course Porterhouse Blue & Blott [...]

  • Sameera Malinda

    This is the forth book of the Wilt series by Tom Sharpe. As usual Henry Wilt faces absurd & outrageous problems which at the same time are of his making & beyond his control. Namely an aristocratic pervert, his lover, greedy wife of a shadow cabinet minister who is an ex-prostitute & the combine forces of British & American police. Author Tom Sharpe uses Wilt to expose the farcical realities in small town to hilarious effect.This time around Wilt goes on a walking trip around his [...]

  • Gary M.

    There are many kinds of heroes - there are the strong silent types as personified by the characters John Wayne used to play, the good/bad guys like Han Solo and Batman, the suave action men such as James Bond and Simon Templar, and then there's, er - Henry Wilt. A true champion for our troubled times, a small man biting back at bureaucracy and the insanity of modern life.This is the first Wilt novel in over twenty years and although not quite as laugh out loud funny as the original trilogy featu [...]

  • Manuel Antão

    [image error]The guy died recently and I got my hands on the last Wilt book while on holidays. It's my first Tom Sharpe novel and I had great fun with the less salubrious side of the English language lol.The plot seems to be slightly unsatisfactory in that it come to no real conclusion, but that does not matter because, the path to get there it's more important than the point of arrival. I found myself laughing out loud with absurdity of the situations, although one also feels that, under certai [...]

  • LindyLouMac

    bookcrossing/journal/3It is a good few years ago that I last read a novel that contained the protagonists Henry and Eva Wilt, but my memories of this couple soon came flooding back. I literally laughed my way through this in a day as once again the Wilts got themselves into the most terrible tangle of events!Henry and Eva are apart for much of the time so there are two ludicrously farcical plots to follow. Eva and the horrendous quads have been invited to holiday with relatives in the USA which [...]

  • Nicholas Whyte

    nhwvejournal/895971ml[return][return]I read the first third and cannot care enough about any of the characters to finish it: the bits set in England are tired ranting, the bits in America are unfunny stereotypes. As a teenager I read the first two Wilt books and was mildly bemused by the adult humour; in this latest book Sharpe has clearly lost his way. Wilt and his wife central characters were children during the second world war and yet themselves have pre-teen children in 2002, and they are n [...]

  • Jeffrey

    I reread this book recently while on holiday. It is not as funny as the first three Wilt stories but Tom Sharpe still has not lost his comic touch. There were not as many laugh-out-loud moments compared to the previous Wilt novels but there were a few places which still provoked tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks. The storyline, as always with Tom Sharpe, is high farce with some biting satire thrown in.Overall, I still rated it as five stars because it was very enjoyable in its own right [...]

  • Caroline

    A very entertaining novel and one which is quite misleading. When I first started it I thought it was written in a very simplistic way and was going to be a little bit insulting to my intelligence. However the more I read and the more I got caught up in the muddle and confusion of the clever story line, the more I realised it was genius. It is a simple story but then like a West End farce it doesn't need to be complex to be entertaining. It also seemed to be to be pretty probable and therefore e [...]

  • James

    A quick read. I've never thought these Wilt books have lived up to the quotes on the book jacket. They're mildly amusing diversions at best. I think this is the weakest, coming 20 years after Wilt on High. Every mention of peadophiles, sodomy and the like seems designed to be shocking and thus somehow funny in itself, but it just comes off as crude, and coupled with unpleasant characters it adds up to a pretty inconsequential, unsatisfying whole. A shame, as I quite enjoyed the original Wilt.

  • Palmyrah

    Tom Sharpe has guts, because guts are what it takes, at the age of 74, to write a book that that gets most of its laughs by exploiting the frailties and horrors of old age, heart disease, terminal geriatric wards in frightful English hospitals, catheters and malfunctioning cardiac monitors.Aside from that, there are the usual Sharpe comic tropes of kinky sex, drunkenness, obese women, ferocious dogs and architectural devastation. All very welcome, as usual.

  • Thejelman

    Over 20 years since the hapless Wilt appeared and the accident-prone everyman still conjures up hilarious images of mayhem from ultra-ordinary situations. This may be a little more rambling and somewhat less focused than the original but it still contains laugh-out-loud moments aplenty. Wilt blunders into calamity locally while his frightening family wreak havoc in the US. Splendid stuff from the master of farce.

  • Daniel Mcbrearty

    picked it up on holiday in North Africa. I love Sharpe's humour, what can I say. There is a bit of poor Wilt in most of us - the ultimate "AFC". Sharpe puts the poor guy through some appallingly delicious humiliation, yet somehow he doesn't care. Wilt is the modern version of the "fool" from the tarot pack, and very endearing with it.

  • Cocaine

    Read this whilst sunning myself in Rhodes. The book suited the setting; light, bright and sunny. The impossible situations more than compensate for lack of characters who are sketchy at best. One of the things in life you can always guarantee with a Tom Sharpe novel is that it will make you laugh. This does the job admirably well.

  • Miguel

    Um livro deveras divertido, com algum humor negro. Contudo, o nº de situações cómicas (tragico-cómicas, devido ao humor negro muitas vezes presente) é exagerado, pois achei que são demais para manterem a realidade do enredo.

  • May

    While I usually can find the good side of most books, this one was really tough. An elaborate mess in my personal opinion. I always leave the possibility that I simply just did not get this author and in fact this piece is brilliant. Definitely over my head.

  • Alberto G.

    Probably the worst book of all Wilt's life. The main character was not Wilt, in fact, the argument roles by his wife and daughters and the unpleasant (misunderstood) inspector Flint.I miss more Wilt's peculiar action in this story.

  • Judy Brunner

    Read this book in a day. It was very well written with lots of interesting and funny characters, and made me cry with laughter in some parts, especially when the journalists get attacked by the dogs. Will definitely read other of his books.

  • Angel Serrano

    Wilt no quiere ir a visitar la familia americana de su mujer y decide conocer la Gran Bretaña profunda. Tanto que irá al fondo del pozo tras divertidas situaciones con políticos corruptos y sexualmente divergente.

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