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By Rae Lawrence | Comments: ( 544 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Radcliffe, 1972 Four freshman roommates, all daughters of famous men, all intelligent, ambitious, full of style and promise On the first day of school they become fast friends and furious rivals They also meet Schuyler Smith, a devastatingly handsome Montana boy who will love each of them in turn.

  • Title: Satisfaction
  • Author: Rae Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780671664923
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rae Lawrence

Rae Lawrence is an American author.

Comments Satisfaction

  • Ronali Dela Cruz

    Satisfaction is one of those rare treats that I got to read when I was in my classic-novels-and-self-help-works phase, because the paperback copy was given to me. As someone who was born in 1981, nine years after the setting of the novel took place, I didn't immediately recognize phrases like "cable-knit sweaters," but the author's brief reference to alligators appliqued to polo shirts were obviously the high-end brand of clothing.Some might easily dismiss it as "just another romance novel" or " [...]

  • Ashley

    Even though this book was set in 1972 (years before I came to be) and spanned a decade (still not born yet!), it was didn't feel as dated as one might expect. I enjoyed the book immensely even though the first couple of pages gave the story away (to me anyways, wasn't hard to know which women the groom was referring to without naming them after reading just a bit of the book. It's not a keeper, but I am still the story will stick me long after someone else has enjoyed my (already second/third? h [...]

  • Tena

    One of the few books I read years ago that I can still remember, so that says something. I am the type that will get 1/3 of the way through something and realized I have read it, so you can see that actually remembering something obscure and not a bestseller means I think it was a good read. There are hundreds of books I don't remember reading that didn't make my read list, but I did remember this one!

  • Kim

    I've read this book several times. It's a great easy summer read (or winter read). It's one of the books I repeat read every year or so. I enjoy the story and the characters. I do think the main male character in this book is a little weak.

  • Chamie

    definately a good read!!

  • Lisa ILJ

    I read this YEARS ago back before New Adult was even a thing. I loved this book and read it multiple times.

  • Limor Lieberman

    Want to read

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  • ☆ Satisfaction || ´ PDF Read by ✓ Rae Lawrence
    184 Rae Lawrence
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