[PDF] Download å Gift of the Desert Dog (Borderlands #1) | by ☆ Robert L. Hunton

By Robert L. Hunton | Comments: ( 713 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

A 12 year old Tohono O odham boy and his grandfather embark on a hazardous journey across Arizona s borderland desert to the summit of legendary Baboquivari Peak to seek the spirits of their ancestors Treacherous mountain passes, ruthless drug smugglers, and the mystery of ancient petroglyphs prove the ultimate test of their dedication to one another.

  • Title: Gift of the Desert Dog (Borderlands #1)
  • Author: Robert L. Hunton
  • ISBN: 9780984575183
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Robert L. Hunton

Robert L Hunton is the author of novels of mystery and adventure for young readers, including the Borderlands Trilogy Gift of the Desert Dog Open Books Press, 2010 , Secrets of the Medicine Pouch OBP, 2012 , and Coyote Meeter s Abyss OBP, 2014 He is a thirty two year veteran teacher in the Colchester VT school system, now living with wife, Julie, in the desert near Tucson, Arizona.

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Comments Gift of the Desert Dog (Borderlands #1)

  • Ingrid Foster

    What an amazing and powerful book, truly an incredible read for anyone, especially a middle grade reader. I had first purchased this book with the intent of using it for research for a novel I was writing. When the novel was put aside, I also put aside this book. Finding it on my shelf, I finally had a chance to read it. I applaud Robert Hunton's research and writing skills. I was fascinated by the Tohona O'odham traditions and the opportunity to delve into a world foreign to me, even if close i [...]

  • LAWonder10

    Join in on the exciting adventures galore, with this intriguing tale of 12 year-old Daniel Rivas!Daniel was an ordinary boy, with the ordinary peer pressures at school. He had a couple of true friends plus was faced with a couple of trouble-making bullies. However, Danny's life was slightly unusual because he lived on the San Xavier Indian Reservation in Arizona with his family. Also living nearby, was his beloved grandfather, Joseph who was a Makai - a healer.The story begins with Danny wanderi [...]

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  • [PDF] Download å Gift of the Desert Dog (Borderlands #1) | by ☆ Robert L. Hunton
    327 Robert L. Hunton
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