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We strongly caution viewers that the footage about to be broadcast is of a highly graphic and unsettling nature The blonde anchor glanced nervously off camera, as if there were a gun pointed at his head, then gazed back into the lens I d like to remind our audience that it has never been the policy of this station to panic or unduly alarm our viewership in bringing su We strongly caution viewers that the footage about to be broadcast is of a highly graphic and unsettling nature The blonde anchor glanced nervously off camera, as if there were a gun pointed at his head, then gazed back into the lens I d like to remind our audience that it has never been the policy of this station to panic or unduly alarm our viewership in bringing such events to public attention, or exploit or sensationalize any such footage we may receive That said, the videotape we re about to present is uncensored and unedited in hopes that viewers might better prepare themselves for what is happening in the eastern portion of the country and which, by all reliable indicators, may spread our way in coming weeks This footage comes to us from our affiliate station in Chicago and was shot by W.N.C cameraman Dennis Kabrich in the neighboring community of Elmhurst Once again, what you are about to witness is real and is attributed to the so called Wormwood or Yellowseed virus, first reported near the town of Willard, Pennsylvania, just two short months ago This footage is of an extremely graphic nature and viewer discretion is strongly advised With that, the cautions ceased and the videotape rolled We need to start making plans, Rudy Cheng told his wife later in bed, nudging her out of a warm drowse We need to start getting ready for this thing Aimee propped herself up on an elbow Rudy, Chicago is almost two thousand miles away They ll figure out how to stop it before it gets much further He flipped himself on his back and gazed at the ceiling I wish I could believe that That news report must have been something to tie you in knots like this It was I don t know whether to wish you d seen it or be grateful you didn t Well you know how television can be They like to play things up, make them look bigger than they actually are What they didn t show you is how normal things are a block or two away You only saw what they wanted you to see He nodded, thinking of the pile of bodies and the line of gunners on the roof This looked like the apocalypse She laughed softly in the dark People have been seeing the apocalypse for two thousand years Against his closed eyelids, a dead man came shambling out of a dingy garage and disintegrated in a storm of gunfire, taking a screaming soldier with him This looked pretty convincing The bedroom lapsed into silence What have you been doing all night she finally asked Watching the news Thinking about what I ll do when this thing finally shows up If this thing shows up, she amended, touching a finger to his lips If, he allowed, though not believing it Aside from the Chicago video, snapshots of the epidemic were surfacing, opening up like new doors to Hell It didn t matter if you called it Wormwood or Yellowseed, it wasn t the sort of thing that just petered out of its own volition It had a maw the size of Texas and wasn t likely to stop chewing until there was nothing left but silent earth and rotting dead What sorts of plans have you been making Aimee asked, though hesitantly I drew a map of the neighborhood, Rudy told her That sounds harmless enough, Aimee said, relieved Maybe I ll show it to some of the neighbors tomorrow, he decided See if anyone else has given this serious thought.

  • Title: Wormwood
  • Author: Michael James McFarland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Michael James McFarland

Michael James McFarland Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wormwood book, this is one of the most wanted Michael James McFarland author readers around the world.

Comments Wormwood

  • T.W. Brown

    I am fortunate to receive review copies from time to time. It is the proverbial "Box of Chocolates" mentioned by one Mr. Gump. You never know what you're gonna get. In this caseI have to say that if you are a fan of the zombie genre, yet are not familiar with Wormwood by Michael James McFarland, you are missing out.The zombie scene has been deluged with titles in the past few yearsme good, other not so much. I would dare to say that Mr. McFarland is one of the best writers you have not heard of [...]

  • Steven Konkoly

    Wormwood jumped out at me from a review by a prolific zombie apocalypse blogger. At that point, I was a commercial fiction zombie fanwhatever the masses found appealing (World War Z). Michael McFarland's story opened my eyes to the potential of this genre, with his no-holds-barred, clever approach to the zombie apocalypse.McFarland chose to add several layers of menace to his story beyond the spreading zombie threat. Particularly, he focuses considerable energy describing the thin veneer of comm [...]

  • Felicia A

    I found this book to be well written (and I was happy to have few editing complaints for a self published offering).The Wormwood virus was airborne, and the small group of survivors this book focuses on saw it coming across the map as it dispersed throughout the country. The group tries to plan and prepare for the threat that they see coming, but no one can anticipate the results. There were some standout charactersbut not a lot of people made it out alive.It looks as if there will possibly be a [...]

  • Kat

    After a satellite crashes to earth, a deadly virus is released into the atmosphere - Wormwood. Infecting those who have already died, the dead rise and for the residents of Quail Street, there is only one option - to barricade themselves in their homes and work together as a community and try and keep themselves alive and survive.Beginning with news footage of the virus spread and it's gory symptoms, one of the men living on Quail Street tries to rally his neighbours to defend their homes. As th [...]

  • Deacon D.

    I really enjoyed this novel about neighbors banding together in preparation for the spread of the zombie epidemic, which explores the psychological impact of its nightmare scenario while also providing plenty of good old zombie action.McFarland's clever nod to 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD' in referencing the crash of the Venus probe near Willard, Pennsylvania (now, University Park) also brought a nostalgic smile.McFarland is certainly a writer I will be watching.

  • Laurie

    WOW what a creepy book- and I say that in the nicest way! The premise of this story is great! What would you do to protect your family when a killer virus is attacking? The virus turns your friends and family into zombies and in order to survive you must destroy them! Don't read before bedtime or when you are alone- it will scare you!

  • Randy Harmelink

    Overall, I enjoyed this story about how the zombie apocalypse affects a group of neighbors that live on a secluded cul-de-sac. I did find the second half of the book to be a lot more fun than the first half. At about the 50% point, most of the characters are still just names, so there really wasn't much to get involved with. I'm giving it a rating of 3 instead of a 4 because I found myself putting it down too often, and not being anxious to continue it. At one point, I even read several short st [...]

  • Ellen

    One of the best zombie apocalypse books that I've read recently. I'm hoping a sequel will happen.

  • Joe Stamber

    Wormwood is an enjoyable zombie/horror/apocalyptic novel set among a small group of neighbours in a US suburb who set out to defend their patch against the expected disaster. This particular genre is becoming well populated with many similar offerings and stories are probably going to be defined by the angle they are told from (as well as the style and quality of the writing of course).McFarland pretty much achieves what he set out to do with his tale of a small group who struggle with their dif [...]

  • Michael McFarland

    No rating. I wrote it.

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  • Best Download [Michael James McFarland] ✓ Wormwood || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ✓
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