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By Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart | Comments: ( 569 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

It s summer 1889, a season of reckless stunts and river casualities in Niagara Falls Four lives become entangled by the whirlpool at the Falls and the woods surrounding it Darker and sinister currents gain momentum and ultimately release them from their obsessions.

  • Title: The Whirlpool
  • Author: Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart
  • ISBN: 9780887546112
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart

Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Whirlpool book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart author readers around the world.

Comments The Whirlpool

  • Diane

    Urquhart's characters always seem odd to me. Do people like hers really exist? Somehow I'm able to leave that question behind when I'm in her hands and this time was no exception. I was carried along very happily, especially enjoying the parts in the camp setting above the Whirlpool. We visited Niagara and the Gorge so many times when I was young and there really is a magic there. There is usually obsession in her stories, and obsession is always a fascinating condition, I find.

  • Mike

    hmmmmmI almost gave up reading this dirge three timesough the imagery is occasionally fascinating, it doesn't warrant 237 pages. All the references to Browning and Shelley, which initially seem to be integral to the narrative, disappear with no explanation, nor any apparent coherent intent as to why they were referred to in the first instance; aside from, perhaps, a pretentious intent to name-drop much better writers.

  • Jack Coleman

    This my first exposure to Jane Urquarts writing. An interesting novel set in the late 1890,sNiagara Falls Ont. Canada. Ethreal quality of the prose like the mists off the river.I also likedthe Poetry.Aquired book at library book sale.

  • Ziggy

    I found this book to be too 'arty' for my taste.However, I'll never think of Niagara Falls the same way again. A 'dark' book. In Canada, this book is listed as by Jane Urquhart - no mention of Brian Quirt - and it's 258 pages long, not 80, Bizarre!Also, it won her the Best Foreign book award in France in 1992. (?)

  • Philippa Dowding

    I love Jane Urquhart, I particularly enjoyed Away and The Under Painter. The Whirlpool is her first novel, and while it's good, it didn't have the same depth for me as other titles. Although descriptive and vivid, and obviously well-researched, it didn't really pull together for me, perhaps because I was disappointed in the fractious relationship between the main characters. There are many vivid characters: an undertaker's widow and her autistic son, the old river man who collects bodies from th [...]

  • Derek Newman-Stille

    The Whirlpool evokes Urquhart's characteristic exploration of the ways that landscapes can embody memory and the general power of Place. Taking on the iconic setting of Niagara Falls with its larger-than-life evocation of a sense of wonder, Urquhart tells a tale that is fundamentally about the beauty of people and their ability to shift and change like the whirlpool they live next to. Equally a physical space and a dreamscape on which characters project their fears, desires, and identities, the [...]

  • Theresa

    A rather strange book set in the Niagara Falls area (a place I have wanted to visit) in the 1880's. It features a diverse cast of characters including the widow of the local undertaker who has taken over her husband's business. She has to deal with all the suicides at the Falls and the stuntmen who fail in their attempts to ride the Rapids or swim the Whirlpool. She has a son with autism who mutely observes everything going on in town. Then there is the Old River Man who constantly watches the F [...]

  • Ali

    This a strange, and yet very poetic novel. I have read Jane Urquhart before and like her writing style. The novel begins with an aging Robert Browning - nearing death in Venice, dreaming of Shelley. The novel ends with him too, and this is possibly the strangest aspect to the book - and not all that easy to understand - although he and Shelley are poets as is one of the characters in the main body of the novel. Water is also a theme- Shelley of course drowned as a young man, and the main part of [...]

  • Feathzzz

    So readable, the translation of the words into your mind is so easy. I can hear, see, feel, touch everything, I felt thoroughly transported while reading. Is so refreshing to read because of the strangeness of the lyrics the story's voice intoned. Many books are wonderfully lyrical, but this book's lyrics weren't just good, but so different, so far apart, from any other book I've read. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this negatively, it doesn't bother me in this case, but the book wasn't stro [...]

  • Frank

    Mrs. Urquhart tells a haunting tale mostly through indirection and psychological action. The narrative connects four characters living in the Niagara Falls region of Canada, each of whom has a particular link to the region: a historian researching the War of 1812 and obsessed with Laura Secord, his wife, who loves Browning's poetry and staring at the whirlpool near where they are building a new house, a poet obsessed with the wife and the thought of swimming through the nearby whirlpool and a fe [...]

  • Judy

    Interesting novel dealing with the status of women in the late 19th century on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. Two female characters seek their liberation in distinctly different ways. One begins by freeing herself from the materialism of living in a house (she lives in a large tent constructed by her husband, overlooking the whirpool)and immerses herself in Robert Browning. The other is the widow of the local mortician and she buries those who risk their lives going over the falls. Highlight [...]

  • L Prunskus

    I wish I could give this book another half star because I enjoyed it on so many levels. The language, the metaphors and the dreamy quality of the interwoven story made this book exceptional. Reading this novel felt like watching a classic foreign film. It was elusive.

  • Kelly

    The Whirlpool is on my "favourite shelf" along with a few others, including To kill a mockingbird and The Chronicles of Narnia. Urquhart has written other good books, but this one remains my pick. Thank you to Ms. Urquhart for the worlds whe has opened up.

  • MaryAnn F

    It's a rich read, full of intimate details and glorious landscape, but I found The Whirlpool pretty depressing. It's about the perils of obsession at heart. I much prefer Jane Urquhart's subsequent novels, especially Away and The Underpainter, both of which I intend to re-read soon.

  • Patricia Boyle

    Very good story; Jane Urquhart's stories are multi-dimensional.

  • Claire

    Like The Underpainter, it does njot compare to Away. It's not bad - set in Niagara and gives a neat glimpse into its past history and explores people's various facinations with the falls.

  • karen

    I enjoyed this. The writing was quite vivid and the metaphor of the whirlpool was interesting. I think my favorite character was The Boy.This would probably make an interesting movie.

  • Jane Glen

    A very strange story but very well written.

  • Sarah Sammis

    I'm bumping my review from 3 to 4 stars because the book has stayed with me all these years. I was reminded of it recently when I was reading The Night Fairy of all things.

  • Jody

    The parallel stories had little to do with one another. Both were interesting in themselves though.

  • Lindsey

    I think I need to read this again to really get a grasp on it. The book was beautiful, but the whole thing seems to happen far away.

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  • Best Read [Brian Quirt Jane Urquhart] ✓ The Whirlpool || [Thriller Book] PDF ☆
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