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Beatrice Bottomwell has NEVER not once made a mistake Meet Beatrice Bottomwell a nine year old girl who has never not once made a mistake She never forgets her math homework, she never wears mismatched socks, and she ALWAYS wins the yearly talent show at school In fact, Beatrice holds the record of perfection in her hometown, where she is known as The Girl WhoBeatrice Bottomwell has NEVER not once made a mistake Meet Beatrice Bottomwell a nine year old girl who has never not once made a mistake She never forgets her math homework, she never wears mismatched socks, and she ALWAYS wins the yearly talent show at school In fact, Beatrice holds the record of perfection in her hometown, where she is known as The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes Life for Beatrice is sailing along pretty smoothly until she does the unthinkableshe makes her first mistake And in a very public way

  • Title: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
  • Author: Mark Pett Gary Rubinstein
  • ISBN: 9781402255441
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover

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Mark Pett Gary Rubinstein

Mark Pett Gary Rubinstein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Pett Gary Rubinstein author readers around the world.

Comments The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

  • Schizanthus

    This book is just what both young and practiced perfectionists need. As a recovering perfectionist I know the struggle Beatrice goes through in this book, making sure everything is done just right. As a perfectionist she fears making mistakes and in living her ‘perfect’ life, she misses out on fun activities like ice-skating with her friends.When the inevitable happens and Beatrice finally makes a mistake she learns that maybe making mistakes isn’t such a bad thing after all. After all, th [...]

  • Emily W

    I really liked this book . I enjoyed it so much because sometimes I feel pressure that everything that I do has to be perfect but this book showed me that even the most perfect people make mistakes big and small.

  • Allie

    Beatrice has never made a mistake in her whole entire life. Every morning when she wakes up, she follows the exact same routine. She wake ups, puts on matching socks, makes the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and is always prepared for school. There’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. In contrast, her young brother Carl is always making messes and he’s perfectly happy living life the way that he does. Throughout the book, there are moments where you can tell that Beatrice battles [...]

  • Lisa Vegan

    I do wish that this story wasn’t quite so obviously didactic, but I really enjoyed it anyway. There are things that I should have found objectionable: the eggs and the hamster’s part in the act are examples.But I found this book so utterly charming, from the first page when the reader is introduced to Beatrice Bottomwell (what a great name!) and her routine, all the way to the end. It was so obvious what was coming, but it was done in a cleverer way than I’d anticipated. (view spoiler)[ An [...]

  • Sara

    A book for all the people who are perfectionists. A bit overly didactic.

  • Khumar Musayeva

    Bəyəndim. Çox öyrədici nağıldı. Uşaqları belə nağıllarla böyütməliyik fikrimcə, onlara səhv etməkdən qorxmamağı öyrətməliyik. Bu cür yetişən bir insanın özünə güvən problemi də olmaz.

  • Kara

    A humorous, gentle reminder that it is OK to not be perfect, and one mistake is not the end of the world.

  • Rachel Hatcher

    Summary:Beatrice was the girl who never made mistakes. However, she almost dropped eggs for cooking and then becomes nervous about the talent show. She gets up on stage and everything is going well until she realizes she brought her pepper shaker instead of her salt shaker and her pet sneezes. She makes a mistake but laughs, and then realizes that it's okay to make mistakes.Evaluation:I gave this book 4 out of 5 because the illustrations were great and I loved the story line and message of the s [...]

  • Heidi-Marie

    Looking for books to help my SD with her worries about making mistakes. This one was great. Not didactic. Cute illustrations. Humorous events. Made me smile. Perhaps the deeper meanings may have gone over my SD's head, but at least I can refer to the book once in a while and we can laugh at our mistakes.

  • Reba Walton

    Is it true? Can you go through life without making any mistakes? What happens when you do make a mistake? These are excellent questions to ask as you read this book. This is an excellent addition to my books to teach students about the growth mindset.

  • Virginia

    The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is an interesting book that deals with the idea of perfectionism. Beatrice has never made a mistake in her life, and she is perfectly happy that way. Her younger brother, Carl, makes lots of mistakes, and he is perfectly happy that way. On the day of this story, Beatrice ALMOST makes a mistake when working on a team project, but she manages to "save" the situation through some agility and skill. This one brush with the idea of a mistake fills Beatrice with doubt [...]

  • Marissa Kendrix

    Summary: Unlike most kids her age, Beatrice woke up each morning and made her bed, matched her socks, fed her hamster, made perfect PB&J sandwiches for lunch, and already had the homework assignments completed. People around town didn’t even know her real name, they just called her “the girl who never makes mistakes” because she never made mistakes…at least yet. During cooking class, Beatrice slipped while carrying eggs and almost made her first mistake, which put her on edge for the [...]

  • Medina Sabovic

    This book is a children's genre. It is a picture book. In this book, there is a girl named Beatrice who never makes mistakes. She wakes up in the morning, puts on the same socks, makes her brother a perfect sandwich, and greets all her fans outside. The book goes on about how she never makes mistakes doing different activities. One incident occurred where she ALMOST made a mistake and dropped the eggs but she caught them. Later that night she was scared she would make a mistake at the talent sho [...]

  • Penny McGill

    Grabbed this one for the title alone - perfect choice for this story and such massive text on the cover - and stayed because I loved Beatrice. She wears a green shirt and tidy overalls and tries so hard but when things get rough (there is a water balloon, a hamster and a pepper shaker involved) she hunkers down inside herself and let's her sense of humour take over. This could have been a trite little picture book that hits kids over the head with a message but it's subtle and beautiful and has [...]

  • Jenny

    3.5 stars Although the pictures were not my favorite, I appreciated the message this book offered. Beatrice never makes mistakes. Never. In fact, people in town begin to refer to her as "the girl who never makes mistakes". And then one day, she does. Make a mistake, that is. And laughs about it and learns that we all make mistakes and that trying too hard to be perfect can make you scared to try new things. My 7 yo daughter and I read this together and it was great because she needed to hear thi [...]

  • Ashley Simpson

    Beatrice never makes mistakes, unlike her brother Carl. She participates and performs well in everything, until her school talent show. Before she knows it, she makes a mistake in the middle of her act! Thankfully, the girl who has never made a mistake laughs it off and is finally like everyone else.It was a cute book, but kind of a petty way to end the book. I wish it would've been a more meaningful mistake so a lesson could be taken away from it. It's cute enough to read to a class that has ki [...]

  • Dewi

    Apa rasanya menjadi seorang gadis 9 tahun yang tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan? Semua orang memujinya, mengelu-elukan Beatrice. Tapi satu sisi lain, Beatrice merasa hidupnya adalah beban : Dia tidak boleh melakukan satu kesalahan pun.Buku yang bagus untuk mengajak anak dan orang tua melakukan refleksi bahwa melakukan kesalahan adalah hal yang wajar. Hey! Bahkan hal-hal yang tidak sempurna membuat kita memiliki selera humor yang sehat.

  • Steve Holden

    This is a fantastic book and read for students early on in a growth mindset unit. Our building is making an early focus with this, and I love using this one. Beatrice is someone who is very careful, clean, and organized with her routines and never makes mistakes. She, of course, gets herself in spots where mistakes are suddenly made, and she has to learn to handle and react positively and appropriately to them. I have a quote in my room this year that reads "mistakes are proof you're trying." Th [...]

  • Jocelin

    A great book for little ones to read, so they understand that we make mistakes in life. The idea of being perfect is overrated and exhausting. You are always on your "A" game. When you don't make mistakes, you are only known for being the person that always does things right. Like the "Girl" in this story learned making mistakes is ok and it doesn't make you any less of a good person. Highly recommended!

  • Tory S. Anderson

    A fun book destigmatizing the making of mistakes. Incidentally, a fantastic children's lead-in to the concept of "Let the balls fall" (More Balls Than Hands: Juggling Your Way to Success by Learning to Love Your Mistakes).

  • Nicole

    A really sweet story about how making mistakes is part of life! As an elementary school counselor, I work with a lot of students who are "perfectionists" and have a really hard time when they don't get things quite right on the first try. I will definitely be reading this with classes as a reminder that we all make mistakes, and it's perfectly okay to do so. <3

  • Marcia

    As other reviews have noted, this book is a bit didactic. A girl is know for never making a mistake, and we see that the fear of messing up is causing her some worry and anxiety. When she finally makes her mistake, she can laugh and feel the relief of not having to live up to overly high expectations.

  • Cheryl

    Well, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (used to be worse) and so I love this book. Siblings and parents of perfectionists might, too. But it is preachy (despite humorous bits) and probably doesn't have universal appeal, I imagine.

  • Susan

    I was that girl who always tried to be perfect, and the trouble is that when you mess up, it's that much more upsetting. Fortunately, Beatrice learns that being imperfect can be freeing and actually fun! A charming story and book that avoids being didactic.

  • Julie

    As a teacher (having taught various grades K-8th), I absolutely love this book for starting a discussion. I don't expect a book to take a problem and solve it for everyone, neatly tied up with a bow by the end. A springboard for discussion is invaluable and this is one of my favorites.

  • Kelly

    Little Beatrice never makes mistakes. Never. And thenAlthough this is simply a fun book with a fun story, I think it also tells a good lesson about expecting too much of oneself. We can't be perfectere's a lot of pressure in that.

  • Sarah Adamson

    An excellent picture book to help children realize that mistakes are ok and how to learn from them and that nobody is ever perfect. Beautifully illustrated and cleverly written to appeal to all elementary kids and grownups too!

  • Suzanne Kunz Williams

    Wow! I love this book! It's a perfect book to encourage those who are afraid of making mistakes to try new things and to understand that we all make mistakes sometimes when we try new things and expand our world.

  • Laurie

    Great story about how it is okay to mess upsweet illustrationste hamster.

  • Beth

    Helpful for discussing mistakes and perfectionism

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