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By Carol Berg | Comments: ( 360 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

The winner of the Colorado Book Award is a fantasy I didn t want to put down SF Revu Brutal imprisonment has broken Aidan McAllister His music is destroyed, and with it the visions he once gave a kingdom ravaged by dragon war Now, he risks his hard bought freedom to uncover the truth behind his incarceration and to meet his enemy face to face

  • Title: Song of the Beast
  • Author: Carol Berg
  • ISBN: 9780451464231
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Carol Berg

Carol Berg is the author of the epic fantasy The Books of the Rai kirah, The Bridge of D Arnath Quartet, the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winning Lighthouse Duet Flesh and Spirit and Breath and Bone the standalone novel Song of the Beast, and the three novels of the Collegia Magica.Berg holds a degree in mathematics from Rice University, and a degree in computer science from the University of Colorado Before writing full time, she worked as a software engineer She lives in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and is the mother of three mostly grown sons.

Comments Song of the Beast

  • Kristalia

    Final rating: oscillating 4.5~4.75/5 starsSing to me.Ease the grieving of my heart.Transform me into that which I have been.Beloved, soothe my uttermost sorrows.Transform me.Make me remember.It is so rare to see a great stand alone fantasy - the one with proper beginning, middle and end, never to bore. It's easier for authors to write series - more books equals character development, extended story, more world building But some authors can manage all of that in 1 book only, given the right amoun [...]

  • Alissa

    This book and its author are a stonking discovery. I’m a fan of Janny Wurts (The Wars of Light and Shadow is my favorite epic fantasy series ever) and Carol Berg was recommended to me as a not-to-be-missed quality fantasy author with a gift for prose, well-rounded stories and characterization. I decided to start with this book since it’s a standalone and the summary, with the element of music as part of the plot and a mature protagonist, intrigued me.It also sounded like traditional fantasy, [...]

  • Sarah

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve read a fantasy book that I enjoyed as much as this one. It’s definitely a fantasy novel, but it has a lot of really delightful aberrations from standard fantasy tropes. For example, rather than being a young handsome farmboy thrust into the middle of a great struggle, the main character is 38, is of noble descent, has been imprisoned for 17 years for reasons unknown to him, and is horribly disfigured from his stay in prison. Before his imprisonment, [...]

  • Carol.

    A bump up from three and a half stars. Written like a traditional epic fantasy, plotting still went in a few unexpected directions in romance and manipulation. At heart is a mystery why the lead was imprisioned, and part of him is reluctant to find out. He meets a person or two to boot him on his way. I enjoyed the mixup of races and clans. A few times, I was completely unsurprised by the direction the plot took, but nonetheless, it was an enjoyable ride there.Here's the problem: I enjoyed it, b [...]

  • Alexis Hall

    It's been a long time since I read this but I remember being quite pleased with it.He says faintly.Okay.Lemme do better.First off, this is standalone fantasy and I am--on principle--a huge fan of standalone fantasy. Because pretty much every fantasy trilogy or fantasy quintuplet or whatever has contained about 1.5 books of incident spread across 3, 5 or 15 novels. And inevitably book 2 is total bobbins and is just there to make you wait for book 3.But standalone fantasy has all the stuff I like [...]

  • Lema

    [I don't know 4.5, 4.75? heck I'll give the full 5 stars!]Do you know that awesome feeling of finally finding a ridiculously cheap book on Bookoutlet that actually sounds promising and it actually turns out one of your favorite reads of this year? yep, this book gave me that awesome feeling. All of us fantasy fans know that finding a decent standalone fantasy novel is probably as easy as walking into Mordor, well look no further! I strongly recommend that you give this little gem a chance. I was [...]

  • Rachael (RedRchlReads)

    4.5 StarsA good, solid high fantasy read. Fantastic, if a bit slow. If you're feeling like a story that unspools slowly and are in a patient mood, you'll love this!RTC

  • Gökçe

    Fantastik edebiyatın beni etkileyen yanı, insanlığı insan dışı olan üzerinden damıtıp anlatabilmesi. Aidan'ın hikayesi yolunu kaybetmiş, kaybetmesi sağlanmış bir ozanın kendini, kalbini ve yolunu bulma hikayesi. O zorluklar ve kayıplar karşısında adım adım doğrusunun peşinde gittikçe biz de insanlık için umutla doluyoruz. Onun hikayesi bir affedilme ve bağışlanma hikayesi değil. Hatalarımızı sadece kendimizin affedebileceğimizi anlatıyor. Kötüler var ama on [...]

  • Jon

    Probably 3.5 starsI related best to Aidan's character and point of view. Berg used first person throughout the novel, but would switch to alternate characters' point of views at pivotal plot points. Oddly, I did not relate well to the only female character, Lara, and in fact, skimmed through most of the center section of the book told from her eyes. I had hopes of another stunning story like the Lighthouse Duology, especially through the first third or half of Aidan's tale, yet the tale never qu [...]

  • Feliz

    A singer without a voice, a musician with mangled hands, his enemies think him broken beyond repair. But the truth cannot be silenced.Aidan Mc Allister is a wonderful tortured hero. I read a lot of Carol Berg's, but this one was the first, and it had me immediately hooked. Set in a world remotely resembling a late medieval Europe, this book is inherently consistent on speech, clothing, behaviour and so on. Berg's worldbuilding is flawless as usual. Unless her other works, this book doesn't linge [...]

  • Ron

    Berg's best book yet. May not be quite five stars, but the vector is definitely pointed there.A complex, satisfying epic in a completely new world. A towering tale of loss, despair, redemption and forgiveness. Well, three out of four, anyway. Grabs you from the beginning and holds you. Lets you far enough into the main characters minds that you see what they don't, but you don't see it all. Solves the problem set at the beginning of her tale (other authors take note) while giving herself enough [...]

  • Vanessa

    Aidan McAllister spent seventeen years imprisoned in solitude for treason—although he never learned what this supposed treasonous act was. He was a wandering singer who enjoyed celebrity not only because he was the cousin to the king, but also because he was exceptionally talented. What could he possibly have done that warranted such abuse? Song of the Beast opens with his release and Aiden, now voiceless and with crippled hands, is thrust out penniless into a world that believes him dead. Aid [...]

  • Laylah

    Man, I don't know, am I just falling out of love with this genre?I was engaged enough to keep going, but I just didn't feel moved or compelled by anything in this book. Aidan's wholesomeness annoyed me, Lara's constant self-blame and self-denial (coupled with the consistent "let's not talk about our issues everrrrr for reasonsssss") frustrated me, the good-vs-evil conflict left me going "Yes, and?" (Enslaving another race is bad! You don't say!) And far too many things seemed to occur at just th [...]

  • Jessica

    An interesting, and rather harrowing standalone fantasy. Rather than a warrior hero, we have a musician, newly released from prison where he's been tortured so that he cannot sing or play an instrument again. Different, bold, and very enjoyable.

  • Bookwatcher

    I like it… well, the end was not what I was expecting but I love it! My eyes were full of tears reading the last words so sweet!The book is also well writing but the change of narrator is a little confusing (maybe only Aidan MacAllister as storyteller would be better). My compliments to Carol Berg. Her imagination is amazing and her world with dragons and dragon speakers was wonderful. 5 stars are not enough I love this book and would love to say more, but I'm speechless!

  • Lex Marroquin

    I have great affection for traditional fantasy trappings; faye folk with a bond to nature, human civilizations rising to great heights, magic and of course dragons. Berg also holds these things dear. And while her heart certainly swells at the fancifulness of it all, her author's machinery isn't above turning all troupes on their sides, their heads and various other sides of their literary anatomy. Add a mystery and the deft handling of a hero's journey that could have easily turned to tired gri [...]

  • Annette Gisby

    Song of the Beast by Carol BergThis is one of the most imaginative fantasy books I have ever read and I have read a lot of them! Quite often, I can guess where a twist might be appearing or if indeed what the final twist might be, but not in this one. There is indeed a twist in this novel but it was one I would never have guessed in a million years.If you thought fantasy novels were all the same and full of cliches, give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Darnell

    A fun story with a somewhat unconventional hero. The mid and late plot twists were good, but unfortunately weakened by how many characters know about them and repeatedly think, "When they find out the secret it will be a really big deal" - the twists can't hold up to that much hype.

  • Angelica

    SONG OF THE BEAST, BY CAROL BERGThis book has been in my to-read list for so long, I had almost forgotten it. Dragons are one of my favorite fantastical creatures, as I'm sure is the case for many people. I'm pretty sure this wasn't recommended to me by anyone, but I still thought it was about time I read it.Synopsis: Aidan, the best musician in recorded history and cousin to the king, is one day imprisoned and ordered to remain silent for seven years. No explanation for this order or the reason [...]

  • Kevin

    Almost three years ago, I was able to meet Carol Berg at a World Fantasy Convention. During the meeting, I had asked her which book of hers she would recommend I read first. She give me several suggestions and finally, after almost three years, I have decided to ignore those suggestions and read Song of the Beast. Song of the Beast is a standalone fantasy novel. It centers on the character of Aidan MacAllister who has been imprisoned and tortured for seventeen years. He does not know why, but wi [...]

  • Furio

    As it was the case in her unjustly celebrated demon trilogy, Transformation, Revelation and Restoration, the story told here by Ms Berg has potential.Dragons are a popular topic in fantasy fiction and, if a subject is so well loved, this also means that it carries a strong fascination in itself. Many of her ideas are interesting, convincing, some even fascinating.I am not saying her writing is bad: in many pages a talented writer lurks and the pacing is excellent.It is the overall attitude that [...]

  • Susan

    It's not earth-shattering, and I didn't garner any astonishing insights that will change the way I live my life, but (a) I couldn't put this book down and (b) when I got to the last page, I was sorely tempted to go back to page one and read it again with all the knowledge of what's really going on. Yep, that makes for a five-star rating for me.I think there were two things that really sucked me in. First, the author is clearly deeply in the main character's head, and does an outstanding job tell [...]

  • Kerry

    Another new author. I really liked this - and her use of the dragons was really clever. Aidan, the protagonist, was a great character, but I was never totally sold on the other major characters. I also felt she didn't use first person as well as it could be done because she kept switching around, at one point for a single, short chapter. But still a good story and I've already found another of her books for the TBR mountain. An excellent new author to discover.[Copied from LibraryThing.]

  • Petra Eriksson

    Once again I was not dissapointed! The only problem with this book was that it was to short! Before I blinked the last page was turned and I found myself wishing for more! I could not help thinking about how much more alive the story woudl have been if would have strechet into one more book for I truly loved the story! Dragons and singing, can it get better than that! I'm delighet that she is writing the story further in an anthology, now I can just hope I'm able to get my hands on it!

  • Michael

    Not one of Berg's highlights, I'm afraid. More impossibly long suffering in prisons and then improbable action sequences followed by many many adverbs and stereotypical characterizations. The standard but sudden and generally surprising twists to character that fill Berg's fiction are rote and uninteresting in this novel, the characters flat, driven and unchanging. There's just not much to recommend this one.

  • Kristi

    I love Carol Berg with the fire of a thousand suns! She gives us all of her classic moves: a renegade expatrate, a headache worth of background information on a make-believe world, plot twists galore, a good versus evil where the good may not be good and the evil is not actually evil Oh, and did I mention there are dragons? This is book is sizzling hot!

  • William Edmondson

    Carol Berg is second only to Sanderson in my list of favorite authors, she does character development better than almost anyone. In this standalone she takes a downtrodden protagonist beats him up some more then makes him the hero. If you want to try Carol Berg out I recommend starting here or with her Rai Kirah series.

  • Km249

    Entertaining enough. There are some interesting concepts here. I have no specific complaints, yet the book seems a bit Flat? Hmm how to explain it better. If you ask me any details about this book in 2 weeks, I probably won't remember any. Nothing really memorable about it, but I did quite enjoy reading it. Interesting mix here.

  • Christine

    I really liked this story and will now seek out other books by this author

  • Sandra

    What a lovely, lovely book.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Song of the Beast | by ✓ Carol Berg
    441 Carol Berg
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