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By Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne | Comments: ( 984 ) | Date: ( Jun 06, 2020 )

In the stunning conclusion to Karen Miller s Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, the evil mage Morg prepares for his most deadly assault, and Asher unwittingly falls into a dangerous deception.The evil foretold has risend we are all that stands between it and the end.Asher has come a long way for a fisherman s son Together with his friend Prince Gar, he has defended theiIn the stunning conclusion to Karen Miller s Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, the evil mage Morg prepares for his most deadly assault, and Asher unwittingly falls into a dangerous deception.The evil foretold has risend we are all that stands between it and the end.Asher has come a long way for a fisherman s son Together with his friend Prince Gar, he has defended their kingdom against its bitterest enemy, but at great cost.Now, the evil mage Morg is preparing for his most deadly assault Desperate, trapped in a broken body, Morg has little time and fewer scruples And he has a plan.As Gar and Asher unwittingly fall into a dangerous deception, Morg gets ever closer to his goal And this victory would be particularly sweetr who better to destroy the kingdom than the two who would give anything to save it

  • Title: The Awakened Mage
  • Author: Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne
  • ISBN: 9781400189854
  • Page: 398
  • Format: MP3 Book

About Author:

Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Please see this thread for details.Also writes as K.E Mills Lord, do you really want to know Oh, all right.I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and came to Australia with my parents when I was 2 I think Dad s an Aussie, Mum s English, go figure Talk about Fate and Destiny But three passports come in handy.I ve always lived in Sydney, except when I didn t After graduating with a BA Communications from the then Institute of Technology now University a few years ahead of Hugh Jackman, dammit, talk about rotten timing, I headed off to England and lived there for 3 years It was interesting I worked for a bunch of nutters in a community health centre and got the sack because I refused to go do EST with them you stand in the middle of a circle and thank people for hurling verbal abuse at you for your own good, they said, and then were surprised when I said no , was a customer services officer for DHL London would you believe at one time I knew every single airport code for every single airport in the world, off by heart , got roped into an extremely dubious life insurance selling scheme I was young and broke, need I say and ended up realizing a life long dream of working professionally with horses After 18 grueling months I woke up, and came home.Since then I ve done customer service in the insurance and telecommunications industries, been a training officer, PR Officer in local government, production assistant in educational publishing, taught English and Business Communication at TAFE, been a supervisor and run my own sf fantasy mystery bookshop Money for jam, there I also managed to squeeze in a Master s Degree in Children s Literature from Macquarie University.I used to have horses of my own, and spent lots of time and money showing, breeding, training and judging, but then I came off one time too many and so a large part of my life ended.When I m not writing I m heavily involved in the Castle Hill Players, my local community theatre group, as an actor, director, prompt, stage manager but not all at once and publicity officer.I m a story junkie Books, film, tv you name it Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica the new series , Stargate, Firefly, X Men, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, The Professionals, Forever Knight, Due South, The West Wing, The Shield, Sandbaggers, Homicide, Wiseguy, The Shield, The Closer and the list goes on And that s just the media stuff I love music While writing I listen primarily to film soundtracks, because they ve been written primarily to evoke emotional responses in the listener This helps access emotion during tough scenes Plus, the music is pretty At least the stuff I listen to is Favourite film composers include Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, James Horner and John Williams Vocalists I enjoy are Josh Groban, Russell Watson, Sarah McLachlan, Simon and Garfunkel , Queen, The Moody Blues, Steeleye Span, Meatloaf, Mike Oldfield anyone who can carry a tune, basically.In short, I m an only child with an overactive imagination, 3 dogs, 2 cats and not enough hours in the day I don t drink, smoke, or do enough exercise I make periodic stabs at eating properly Chocolate is my besetting downfall.So that s me You can wake up now

The Awakened Mage Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, by Karen Miller Much like Innocent Mage, Awakened Mage is a lot of filler and not a lot of plot revelation until towards the end I didn t have an issue with that in the first book, however this one should have probably spent time on the plot than it actually did. The Awakened Mage Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Book Miller Having really enjoyed the Innocent Mage, I began The Awakened Mage with high hopes The well created characters aid the story telling in a way that not many writers manage to achieve The first book of the King Maker, King breaker series had many humorous parts as well as some very shocking and sad moments, if you haven t read it I don t want The Awakened Mage Audible Audio Edition The Awakened Mage Karen Miller Author , Kirby Heyborne Narrator , Tantor Audio Publisher Get Audible Free Mage The Awakening White Wolf Wiki Fandom The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller Books on Google Play The Awakened Mage Ebook written by Karen Miller Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Awakened Mage. Mage The Awakening Mage The Awakening The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller book review Fantasy The Awakened Mage . Prince Gar now has the magic for weatherworking and is able to keep his enemies at bay, while Asher has become the most powerful Olken in the history of Lur. Mage The Awakening dchan Mage The Awakening Cover Art First edition Mage The Awakening is the New World of Darkness version of Mage The Ascension They basically removed all the cool diverse traditions and organizations from the old one and substituted vague, indeterminate, inscrutable new ones. Mage The Awakening Tabletop Game TV Tropes Mage The Awakening is a tabletop RPG made by White Wolf as part of the New World of Darkness line The story goes that long ago, people all over the world had dreams that brought them to Atlantis The story goes that long ago, people all over the world had dreams that brought them to Atlantis. The Innocent Mage The Innocent Mage

Comments The Awakened Mage

  • Kristy

    The Innocent Mage wasn't a bad read but a vast majority of it was filler. It was a nice way to introduce the cast but it drug on for a rather long time before actually getting to the "meat" of the book. The Awakened Mage feels the same way. It drags on for so long, in fact, that over halfway through the book I began to wonder if there would be a third installment simply because I couldn't imagine this book wrapping up in time. I was shocked when I realized that this is, indeed, the end of this p [...]

  • Nikki

    I give up I give up.I was still willing, at the end of The Innocent Mage, to see this through. I love Gar. I kind of loved some of the more minor characters too (Matt, who seemed about the only person with sense sometimes; Darran, because he's not always nice but he's so loyal to Gar). But god I can't stand Asher anymore, I don't care about Dathne, and if Morg launched into the greatest hits of EvilMcEvilPerson laughs, I wouldn't be surprised. And the pacing, aaarghhh. And I started being able t [...]

  • Mark

    My review of Book 1 admired the story-telling and the page turning nature of its narrative, though was slightly disappointed by the (admittedly comforting) safeness of its tale. The (erm) cliffhanging ending, however, left me interested in the tale’s outcome, so I was not too upset at taking on the slightly larger second volume.However because of the book’s nature, following on from Volume 1, there are points that I’m going to have to develop.MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW.The second volume starts [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    I finished this a couple of days ago and am just now sitting down to review it. I was greatly taken with and even somewhat surprised by the first book in this duology. From the synopsis I thought it would not be the "type" book I generally like. In some ways it wasn't/isn't but it's written (in my opinion) exceptionally well. I was drawn in and wanted to follow the story.Here I have a slight caveat about the second book. It's still well written, it's still a good story and I still give it 4 star [...]

  • Blodeuedd Finland

    First, this is book 2 of course there are gonna be spoilers from book 1, duh. Book 1 ended with a bang, for a book that is pretty light then that was sure an evil ending. She killed almost the entire royal family, only prince Gar was left standing. Yes evil indeed. So that is where the book starts. What on earth will happen now? Prince Gar recently found his magic. But can he keep the weather in check? Can he keep his keep stupid Lord Jarralt away from the throne? Can Ashe be safe as others arou [...]

  • Paxnirvana

    *already feeling the need to gnaw own leg off*is isn't getting any better is it? *sigh*

  • Sharon

    This book. Ah, what to say about Awakened Mage. I have so many mixed emotions with this story. So let’s start at the beginning with a brief summary: Now that the Royal family is dead, Gar is the only one left, King by default and left with sputtering limited magic that was given to him by the Weather Master Durm who is currently possessed by Morg. Not that Gar knows his magic is limited or was given to him—instead he ‘s convinced he’s a late bloomer and all is somewhat well—or as well [...]

  • Tora

    When I finished the previous book, The Innocent Mage, I had enjoyed it enough to eagerly seek out this one. But by the end of this book, I no longer cared about the characters or what happened to them or their country, and finished it only because I hate leaving books unfinished and as I was listening to the audio version, I was able to do productive things like cook and wash dishes while I finished, so it didn't feel like a complete waste of time.The protagonist has come into his power, and spe [...]

  • Aaron Negoba

    While an improvement from the first half of the story, this book is still not that rewarding. The buddy relationship between the main characters is first strained and then torn apart for most of the book. The Mage finally gets his magic (how can you go through an entire book titled "The Innocent Mage" without the character in question ever using magic or even knowing he can?), but loses his humor. Asher's humor and friendship to the common people gets stripped away while his surliness and pride [...]

  • Dawn

    This progressed a little slowly for me Maybe that had a little to do with the fact that I read half of it, then went on vacation and didn't pick it back up for over a week, and am just now finishing it But I don't think that was all of it. Book one ended in a huge cliffhanger, and I expected book two to be a nonstop fast paced progression to the conclusion. Instead, not much happened until the last few chapters, the rest was just set up for the final battle. People going here and there, talking [...]

  • Cori Reed

    Whilst I still enjoyed this book, it really did feel too long. I feel like there could have been 150 pages less and we would have had the complete story.The middle dragged, but I enjoyed the ending. I really appreciated the amount of hatred that Asher had, and that he wasn't willing to immediately forgive the betrayal that came to him. As much as I love it when everyone just gets along, it isn't realistic.Essentially, I would say ignore the mixed reviews on this, and try it out!

  • Connor

    [2.5 Stars] This duology should have just been a standalone. There are probably 400 pages of fluff that could have been removed between the two books, and then it would have been great. Only the last 100 pages or so of this volume we're actually interesting to me. The ended was alright, so at least I'm satisfied with that.

  • David

    Urgh. Everything cliched and wrong about the Fantasy genre is on full display here. Way too many pages for the little bit of story contained therein. Padded to the extreme. Cliched plot and character. Utterly dreadful.

  • Lucas

    What a turn about from the first book. After the first 200 pages, this book was utter drivel. The characters totally fell apart and constantly acted in ways that I disagreed with. I'm not usually one for spotting inconsistencies in books, but this one was littered with them. In one scene the characters can't leave on a journey at night for fear of attracting attention with their lights. They leave following morning only to travel throughout the day and then light torches. gah. In another scene i [...]

  • Dan

    It would have gotten two stars like the first book of the series, but honestly, the ending aggrivated and frustrated me like few books have ever done. The ending to this book feels like Miller was at the publisher's deadline, and just needed to submit something. There are loose ends that don't get resolved, the big finale was stale and just ends almost abrubtly. The worst possible event that comes to pass, has almost no effect. It was just a terrible, terrible ending. I don't think I've ever rea [...]

  • Liviu

    The final book of the duology is much weaker than the debut degenerating into run of the mill "big bad lord" taking over, almost winning, but tripped at the last moment by the hero saved by his loyal friends and the villain's blind spots Still a page turner so 2 stars for what is a very mediocre finish to the series that started so well in Innocent Mage.

  • Desertorum

    Well this would have needed some editing and some of the characters were truly annoying.

  • Thomas Lambrecht

    With much more suspense then the first book, the innocent mage, it was an enjoyable book

  • Melanie

    I read the first part of this series pretty much exactly three years ago and have only just now got around to reading this. Not because I didn't have it - I received them as a present as a set - but because I just plain couldn't bring myself to do it. I'd already pushed through 500 pages of nothingness and I wasn't looking forward to another 600 pages of the same. But, it was a present so I had to, right?And I've got to say, I enjoyed this one a lot more than its predecessor. Because stuff final [...]

  • Alisa Kester

    I liked this one better than the first book (Innocent Mage), because thankfully the main character has learned to live with people and isn't *quite* so obnoxious. I really he's supposed to be honest and 'refreshingly unimpressed' with nobility, but there's a difference between that and being just plain rude and coarse, and in my opinion he was the latter. And also, there was the problem of the ending.*Spoiler Alert******When the author spends two fairly thick books having every single character [...]

  • Katie Jung

    I really enjoyed this book, at least up until the very end. That's where things got kind of messy.Much like Innocent Mage, Awakened Mage is a lot of filler and not a lot of plot revelation until towards the end. I didn't have an issue with that in the first book, however this one should have probably spent more time on the plot than it actually did. By the time anything important actually started to happen, I was already a good ways through the book and everything from there felt very rushed. In [...]

  • Katrina Ly

    i honestly don't know what to saye ending was so unexpected, so abrupt, sod. i mean, don't get me wrong! the storytelling, the way the book was written, the development of the characters was superb that there's nowt i can fault it with! but still, i really really wished this story had ended differentlyyways, thats just my opinion. p.s. even though i didn't like how the story ended, i guess it was a realistic ending. i mean, you can't have war without true, terrible, heart-wrenching tragedy can y [...]

  • Jonathan Walles

    Not bad. Not anything ground breaking but its good.Just like innocent mage I thought It was a good read and a nice break from all the grim dark I read. Funny enough a lot of the stuff I suggested as ulterior paths the story could have taken actually ended up being done in this book, tough I still that that-***Spoilers******Spoilers******Spoilers***-Gars father should have died from his illness in book one. reading book two I think it be better if the carriage accident only killed their mother le [...]

  • Sarah

    it is AWESOME!!! i could not put it down!!!! from the begining to end, its fast and keeps u wanting more. i cant even explain how sucked into this u get. i almost killed myself when i had 2 put it down for homework. uhhh, i dont wanna give any spoilers but its really hard!! the prophecy truly begins here, asher gets an unpleasant surprise. Gar gets disapointed, uses Asher and causes him to get arrested and ready to get beheaded. morg is just as evil as ever, causes more pain then ever and manipu [...]

  • Glitterfairy

    Aside from being not particularly well-done in anything (writing style, plotting, structure, flow), Miller commits the biggest crime possible on my list - not enough leadup, and not enough climax/no climax. Even your pulp-fiction fantasy book from your local newsagency ticks off more boxes than this thing does.When I finally dragged my incredibly bored and disengaged fingers to the climax of the book, I was stunned to discover that IT WASN'T THERE. Miller gives you the tension, and leads you str [...]

  • Jess R

    I loved this book. It delivered so nicely from the set up of the first book. And I was wrong! Ash came into his own. Which I'm happy about. A lot. I feel like from the moment I started the first book, this series was nothing like what I expected. But I loved it. I loved the slow build, the up and down pace of the first book, the gradual explosion in the second. The characters in these two books really stand out to me over The Godspeaker Trilogy. They blustered and bickered too, but the complex f [...]

  • Latharia

    This book came to a crashing end in the last 4 pages of the book. A bit too rushed for my tastes & too "pat" of an ending. Not that I am one for drawn out melodrama, but it left me feeling rather empty. Some people died, some did not but I didn't feel like it was with much ceremony or meaning! There were many loose ends that I feel could've been dealt with better, but I liked the story overall, so I give it 3 stars.

  • Tyrel Smith

    It was written decently and is an easy read. I just got tired of the endless pages of whining, regretting choices, being afraid to make them, hating others for their choices and being angry with your own. etc etc etc. way too long and full of drivel. When the plot was interesting it was good and made you want to read more but I got fed up and drudged on reading it til the end just because I didn't want to leave it finish.

  • Jen Kayna (Habitat for Happiness)

    WHY IS IT OVER? This book was SO good. Even better than the first book! For anyone who thought that #1 wasn't "exciting enough" this one definitely remedies that. The story picks up right after the cliffhanger ending from book #1 and is full of suspense and drama from the get go. I was on the edge of my seat or in tears for a large portion of the book, and finished it in 4 days. The writing was wonderful, the characters well developed, and the story full of surprises. 5 stars!

  • Katie

    A fun read but a little anti-climactic. The beginning of the book dragged on a bit, the first one ended with such tension, all the conflict seemed set up and you were ready for the other shoe to drop and then you had to wait far too long for crap to hit the fan. Kind of predictable once the scene was set but I didn't mind that aspect so much.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ The Awakened Mage : by Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne ´
    398 Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne
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