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By John Lithgow | Comments: ( 152 ) | Date: ( Dec 11, 2019 )

Through the vivid stories in Drama , John Lithgow shares a backstage history of his struggle, crisis, and discovery, and the scenes of his early life and career that took place before he became a nationally known star Above all, Drama is a tribute to the most important influence in John Lithgow s life his father, Arthur Lithgow An actor, director, producer, and greatThrough the vivid stories in Drama , John Lithgow shares a backstage history of his struggle, crisis, and discovery, and the scenes of his early life and career that took place before he became a nationally known star Above all, Drama is a tribute to the most important influence in John Lithgow s life his father, Arthur Lithgow An actor, director, producer, and great lover of Shakespeare, Arthur brought theatre to John s boyhood, where performance and storytelling were a constant and cherished part of family life Lithgow brings the theatre worlds of New York and London to life as he relives his collaborations with renowned performers and directors including Mike Nichols, Bob Fosse, Liv Ullmann, Meryl Streep, and Brian De Palma Lithgow s ruminations on the nature of theatre, performance, and storytelling cut to the heart of why actors are driven to perform, and why people are driven to watch them do it At once hilarious and reflective, Drama pulls back the curtain on the making of one of our most beloved actors John Lithgow s memoir is both unflinching and irresistible It captures the long, hard road to the stage for any actor, or for virtually anyone trying to make it in New York, and shows how putting all of your hopes into the one thing you love isn t so crazy after all Gay Talese A memoir as finely crafted as one of Lithgow s performances Steve Martin John Lithgow s memoir of his training as an actor is than an insider s view of his craft Lithgow likens acting to storytelling, and he s a wonderful writer The portrait of his father is as finely articulated as it is heartfelt, and the account of the young actor s struggles with his too young, too early first marriage is both moving and candid I loved this book John Irving This book has all the drama we ve come to expect from John Lithgow, the alternately dark, tender, romantic, dangerous, deranged actor we find in Drama, which is also a family tale of the richest variety A great read Mary Karr

  • Title: Drama: An Actor's Education
  • Author: John Lithgow
  • ISBN: 9780061734977
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover

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John Lithgow

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Comments Drama: An Actor's Education

  • Jim

    If I knew anything about acting or plays, I might give this 5 stars. Maybe I should anyway since I have no interest in either & yet really enjoyed this autobiography that is full of both. How did he do that?!!! Part of it was his voice. It's great for an audio book, but mostly Lithgow was amazingly honest - not brutally, though. There wasn't anything shocking or particularly horrible, just a pretty typical man who didn't always measure up to his own standards, but still managed to make a goo [...]

  • Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    John Lithgow had no intention of becoming an actor. What he wanted most was to be an artist. He pursued that path with rigor, while participating in theater productions just for the fun of it. One night after a particularly fine performance, he was seduced by the roar of the crowd. That adulation from the audience was more than he could resist, and it changed his life plans. Art became an avocation, and acting became a full-time pursuit. Lithgow writes well and generally keeps things moving quic [...]

  • Glee

    I have always been intrigued by John Lithgow, but I truly was amazed at his versatility when I heard some of his performances of children's songs that he wrote. I grew up in a small town with one big celebrity - Pete Seeger, who is a master musical storyteller. John Lithgow can match him stride for stride with the songs he has performed/written for children. Anyway, I was curious when I saw this at the library, and I had been sort of casting about for something on CD to play in the car and I saw [...]

  • Joseph McBee

    I don't typically read celebrity autobiographies. Frankly, I don't care to know that much about their private lives. I was drawn to this one though for two reasons:First, I admire John Lithgow as an actor, not a celebrity (although he is one of those) but as an ACTOR. Secondly, this book claimed to be about how his life prepared him for his life in the performing arts. That idea fascinated me, and made me want to know more.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The context is the author's relationship [...]

  • Book Him Danno

    Every time I see John Lithgow in a real situation, like an interview or game show, I never fail to come away impressed about how genuinely nice he seems. That is why I was very excited to get this autobiography as soon as possible. So I went into this a little biased too really like this and I can say it met all my expectations.This book should be handed out to every aspiring teenager who sees all the glittering lights and want s to be an actor. It will completely dispel the myth of overnight su [...]

  • Helen

    Upon picking up Lithgow’s memoir, I was surprised to find him, not only charming, but kind-hearted and caring. In the forward, Lithgow describes the difficulties of moving in with his parents after his father undergoes a difficult surgery, yet refuses to move to a retirement community. Finding the task of caring for his parents far more difficult than anticipated and with his father in a deep depression, Lithgow brings out the stories that his father had read to him as a child. And thus opens [...]

  • Patty

    John Lithgow's telling of his life as he grew to be the actor we recognize was, at times poignant, very funny, and a surprise, but entertaining and interesting throughout. I'm not a big movie buff and have only seen a few of his movies, as well as the very funny TV series, but what I have seen was enough to know what a good actor he is—enough that seeing the audiobook at the library piqued my interest. He has led a long and venerable career that began on stage long before most of the world had [...]

  • Randa

    I truly enjoyed this audio book. John Lithgow is a wonderful orator, and a poetic writer. His stories and recollections of his family are particularly poignant and visual. I really looked forward to my long commute to work so that I could be lulled by this evocative storyteller. I knew nothing about him beyond enjoying his roles in 3rd Rock from the Sun and various movies, so it was fascinating to learn of his theatrical background and his family history of the same. It was also curiously intere [...]

  • Diana Long

    Rarely is a person so forthcoming with personal information when it comes to writing an autobiography but in this work the author has done just that. Even being born into a family with a theatrical background, John had his share of casting calls and years of feast or famine, disappoints and great success. I found this book must have been a cathartic bit of writing as some of the topics he discussed had to have been painful admissions. Choosing this profession for a career is not for everyone, th [...]

  • Doug

    I suppose one might compare this memoir to a fine cigar. You fire it up and you're not sure immediately where it's going flavor-wise. Eventually it settles down and hopefully gets mellow, not bitter.I enjoyed this (Lithgow's Drama: An Actor's Education) though I might have enjoyed it more if I were a psychiatrist and could have real insight into Lithgow's pathologies. Being of his generation (we might have even passed each other by on the Princeton campus, where I use to go to party with my bett [...]

  • Donald

    I had the good luck of seeing John Lithgow give a reading from his memoir, Drama: An Actor's Education, at Book Expo 2011. Lithgow is a likable, popular performer, and the event was packed. He gave a great reading that I really enjoyed. I didn't stick around afterward to get a signed copy of the book (and regretted it later). When it showed up on my Vine list ('s invitation-only review program) I grabbed it right away. I'm glad I did.Lithgow's writing is clean, revealing, honest, and engaging. [...]

  • JG (The Introverted Reader)

    In this memoir, Lithgow writes of how his early years shaped him as an actor, from his childhood, to his time at Harvard, to his studies in the UK as a Fulbright scholar, and on to his breakthrough on Broadway and film.I truly enjoyed listening to Lithgow narrate his own personal history. I don't know how much of his work I've actually seen, but I do like his voice. He took my thoughts and feelings exactly where he wanted them to go. I was quiet and pensive as he spoke about the power of story i [...]

  • Anthony

    The John Lithgow we meet in DRAMA is pretty much the person I expected to meet. He comes across as experienced, proud of what he's accomplished, but not an egotist. He is honest about his own faults (especially as a husband during the first height of his career as a stage actor, and about how he didn't really understand the film industry at that point). He's open about his struggles as a child and teen (constantly being the new kid in town thanks to his father's various producing and directing a [...]

  • Julie

    I have not read many memoirs by actors. Now that I've read "Drama: An Actor's Education" by John Lithgow, I'm wondering why not? I love theater and admire people who do it well; and now, I can also say I admire people who write well about their theatrical lives. The Harvard-educated Lithgow is a smart person, but he uses a straightforward writing style so that flowery sentences don't get in the way of good stories. And he has lots of those. Can you imagine being a young student actor in England [...]

  • Joy H.

    _Drama: An Actor's Education_ (2011)by John LithgowAdded 9/30/11I first heard about this book from the New York Times Books Update, 9/30/11.The NY Times review is at:nytimes/2011/10/02/booIt says: "_Drama_ is a buoyant, heartwarming account of coming into one’s own."It also says: "Lithgow is relentlessly likable."I agree. I'm looking forward to reading this book.Edit 1/22/13:I am currently listening to an audio version of this book, read by the author himself! WONDERFUL! Lithgow is gifted wit [...]

  • Lori

    I would give this a *3.5* this is a memoir by John Lithgow. He talks a lot about his childhood growing up with a dad in the theater business. his father Arthur Lithgow arranged and put Plays on In Ohio and on the East Coast. Mostly Shakespeare. Mr. Lithgow moved a lot during his childhood because of his dad's line of work. It could be very difficult for him starting school in new towns. He also grew up watching his dad act and taking roles in his father's plays. He goes to Harvard, and even earn [...]

  • Margy

    Having read the memoirs of several respected actors whose books usually rate a 3.5 on a scale of 5, I was not expecting a lot from this memoir. However, I read a few reviews that made me give this one a try. It did not disappoint! I have cried( in the prologue, no less) and laughed, and hung on his stories with tension and dread and supreme interest. I listened to Lithgow read it to me, and I highly recommend this way of reading this particular book.I was not particularly a fan of his, but I am [...]

  • Lynn Meinders

    Clearly I am a fan of actor/comedian autobiography self-narrated audiobooks. I always go to this type of book after I have finished something that was challenging to me in some way. I chose this book because I had recently seen John Lithgow as Winston Churchill in "The Crown," so he was on my radar. I always have an interest in the personal back story of someone who has become successful in their field. This book gives a great description of an unsettled childhood with many family moves and a lo [...]

  • Marie Segares

    Drama: An Actor's Education is John Lithgow's memoir of the first (third?) of his life, as well as a kind of celebration of his father. Lithgow shares memories from his childhood up until his success playing Roberta Muldoon in the World According to Garp. Although he shares many stories about his work and other actors, this isn't a "tell all" type of book. Instead, it is a thoughtful look at the power of storytelling, the role of acting and drama in our lives, and the mark left on him by his fat [...]

  • Leah K

    Drama: An Actor's Education by John Lithgow★ ★ ★ In many memoirs I read, one of my gripes is how little detail there is. Many seem to just skim through their lives. The opposite can be said about John Lithgow. Within the first 300 pages of his 316 pages book, he discusses the first 30 years of his 66 year life. He almost goes into too much detail. Last last 16 pages of sort of a skim of his more “recent years” - those being from 1980-now. So while interesting, I became bored with every [...]

  • W. Whalin

    John Lithgow planned to be an artist and not an actor with his life during his early years. At eleven his family was temporarily living in Stockbridge, Mass and Lithgow discovered his childhood idol, Norman Rockwell was painting nearby. With courage, he marched over and knocked on the artist’s door and got his signature on a prized copy of Norman Rockwell, Illustrated. Yet his father Arthur directed plays and eventually Lithgow was pulled from art to the theater. DRAMA provides readers the det [...]

  • Anna

    John Lithgow is just so damn likable. That would be reason for listening to this audiobook alone-- his bombastic reading style is delightful and by the end of the autobiography it's difficult not to feel that he's your best friend. But beyond that, he has such poignant and well-spoken insights on the acting profession and the arts. Any actor will feel understood, inspired, and left with a fond and bittersweet look at the glorious and zany life of playing parts. I think non-actors will enjoy this [...]

  • Cynthia

    Somewhat pretentious but Lithgow LOVED his dad who must have been quite a character. Charmingly written. I would have liked a little more gossip. This would be a good read for any potential stage performers/directors/writers, etc. I didn't know much about Lithgow the man prior to reading this. I give him much credit that he takes full blame for his mistakes and seems to be rather modest. (I feel no actor is truly entirely modest.) Drags in some parts and goes on too long about some of his plays [...]

  • Sara

    Audio version is the way to experience this book. His wonderful voice and clever writing expresses more than I ever understood about acting, family, storytelling and the fragile experience of being human. I never was a fan of John Lithgow, in fact I hated Third Rock from the Sun enough that I still can't shake that annoyance. But after having read his experiences with theater and acting I admire him greatly. Anyone who appreciates Shakespeare will love John for his father's legacy and who he emb [...]

  • Guy Choate

    I'm realizing I have a thing for highly successful artists telling their stories. I like hearing how they got from the beginning to famedom and I always find it reassuring to learn they are flawed, just like the rest of us. Lithgow is no different. But he clearly loves his art, and it's inspiring to hear him talk about it. There are parts of the book, though, that just seem like a resume, a litany of stage productions. It did make me want to brush up on my Shakespeare, and theatre in general, bu [...]

  • Norman Parker

    I enjoyed this expose' of Mr. Lithgow's life. His candor is welcome and the narrative is compelling. I am thankful for people such as this that allow a peek into their lives. I do not imagine it is an easy thing to reveal one's foibles along with the successes of life, and Mr. Lithgow has shown his humility and strength to do so.

  • David Marciniak

    It has been a slow go for me, mainly because of my recent surgery, but also because the book can wander into tediousness. Nonetheless, it is a fascinating look at how connected The industry really is.

  • Kilian Metcalf

    An uncommonly humble and honest autobiography. He takes responsibility for the mistakes he has made and rejoices in the good parts. He doesn't try to gloss over his faults or overstate his virtues. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Ardail

    Things I learned from John Lithgow, If you don't have something nice to say about someone change there name and say it anyhow.I loved the book.

  • Winter Sophia Rose

    Articulate, Funny, Unflinching & Honest!

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