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By Julian Barnes | Comments: ( 255 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

Stuart y Gillian se conocen en una reunion organizada en un hotel por una agencia matrimonial que organiza cocteles para solteros de buena posicion que, por diversas circunstancias, tiene una escasa vida social Stuart es un cuadro medio de un banco, un buen chico, sensible aunque algo soso, y Gillian una restauradora de cuadros encantadora Se casaran, pero entra en escenStuart y Gillian se conocen en una reunion organizada en un hotel por una agencia matrimonial que organiza cocteles para solteros de buena posicion que, por diversas circunstancias, tiene una escasa vida social Stuart es un cuadro medio de un banco, un buen chico, sensible aunque algo soso, y Gillian una restauradora de cuadros encantadora Se casaran, pero entra en escena Oliver, el mejor amigo de Stuart, bohemio y presunto dandy, que se las da de conocer mucho aunque no ha pasado de Marbeella, quien se enamora perdidamente de Gillian.

  • Title: Hablando del asunto
  • Author: Julian Barnes
  • ISBN: 9788433966414
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julian Barnes

Julian Patrick Barnes is a contemporary English writer of postmodernism in literature He has been shortlisted three times for the Man Booker Prize Flaubert s Parrot 1984 , England, England 1998 , and Arthur George 2005 , and won the prize for The Sense of an Ending 2011 He has written crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.Following an education at the City of London School and Merton College, Oxford, he worked as a lexicographer for the Oxford English Dictionary Subsequently, he worked as a literary editor and film critic He now writes full time His brother, Jonathan Barnes, is a philosopher specialized in Ancient Philosophy.He lived in London with his wife, the literary agent Pat Kavanagh, until her death on 20 October 2008.

Comments Hablando del asunto

  • Petra X

    Barnes is able to take what seems to be a fairly ordinary story and extract from it the nuances of character and plot that involve you as if you were watching a BBC series about unfaithfulness, mid-life crises and the consequent despair. All set among the middle classes in some rather nicely-decorated homes. If Barnes works for you it is because you become involved with his characters on quite a deep and personal level. You might not be able to identify with them exactly, but you can with their [...]

  • ·Karen·

    Him, and me, and her.Me. And him. And her.Him and me, and him.Her and me, and him.Me, and him and her.Him and him and me.Us and him.Me and her and him.Him and me, and me and him.Them and me.Me and her, and him.Me and him. And him.Punctuation, and Pronouns are Important, we are taught that early on in the novel. These characters rarely say you. They are talking it over, yes, but not with each other. Each one talks out to, to, to well, me. The Reader. The Audience. Each has his or her (cumbersome! [...]

  • Paul Bryant

    The problem is that one third of this novel is spoken by Oliver, who talks like the cheese shop customer in the Monty Python sketch :I was sitting in the public library on Thurmon Street just now, skimming through "Rogue Herries" by Hugh Walpole, and I suddenly came over all peckish. And I thought to myself, "a little fermented curd will do the trick," so, I curtailed my Walpoling activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibl [...]

  • Pooja

    Enchanting This is what they really do, They put a nice cover with captivating combination of colors and you just can't help yourself admiring it. I end up with books like these when my soul truly suffers from the want of something to read.The story is love triangle or say marriage triangle between Stuart, Gillian and Oliver. Of course, I didn't see it coming in the first few chapters. and when I did, it was too late, I was already in their trap.I liked his style of writing maybe because it conf [...]

  • Glenn Sumi

    Do we really need to read another book about a love triangle? In this case: absolutely. Barnes (Flaubert's Parrot, The Sense Of An Ending), is such a clever, observant and graceful writer that he makes you care about the lives of three typical but oh-so-flawed Londoners: conscientious banker Stuart, unemployed but well-educated Oliver, and Stuart's wife (and the book's least developed character), picture restorer Gillian.Their first-person voices are vivid and believable. And while there is genu [...]

  • Trevor

    I hadn't planned to watch the Royal Wedding, but then Paul suggested there might be an anarchist outrage during the ceremony and, well, I couldn't resist. But I've been annoyed ever since.One of my favourite parts of this book is that one of the characters wants his wedding vows to contain the phrase, "With all my worldly goods I thee endow". It is, admittedly, a beautiful phrase and I can believe a character wanting this included in their vows. So, the Royals being high church and all, I expect [...]

  • Bianca

    My Julian Barnes bingeing continues and it's still as satisfying as the first bitebook.What a nice surprise to come across some old friends, the threesome made up of Gillian, Stuart and Oliver, whom I first met in Love, etc which I listened to a couple of weeks ago. Even better, this book was beautifully narrated by the same extraordinary actors, Steven Pacey, Alex Jennings, Clare Higgins. You see, when I requested this audiobook, I had no idea what it was about.Despite the fact that the charact [...]

  • Tony

    The English are a mad and violent race, and their sense of humour is very singular.So is their self-effacement.This is the story of a love triangle, with mostly unlikable characters and a plot that's cartoonish. That said, it's still Julian Barnes, and any subject or motif serves as a canvas for his brilliant erudition. Even lesser Barnes is immensely satisfying. It was like this: The principals and plot twists annoyed me to the point where I could have pitched this half-way through; but if the [...]

  • Archit Ojha

    Talking it Over is one of the best works of Julian Barnes.Told in 3 perspectives of the protagonists, I was baffled, perplexed and confused, as to where my alliances lie. Whose side I was rooting for? Who was the hero for me and who was the victim?This love triangle story was unique and highly amusing.I just realized that it has a second installment. That sounds like fun!Recommended to Julian Barnes fans.

  • Erika

    This is the first Julian Barnes I've read. One word comes to mind to describe his writing and that is "control". How can I explain that more? There are no extra words, ideas, paragraphs, characters, or scenes in his book. Every word is tightly woven into the story. All writers aspire to achieve that. Julian Barnes' Talking It Over is an excellent and rare example of that kind of control. I get the sense that Barnes knows exactly what he wants to say and gets straight to the business of saying it [...]

  • Grazia

    Non mi è piaciuto!Interessante il coro alterno delle voci, quasi "personaggi in cerca di autore" che prendono il controllo sulla narrazione (Val che si intromette nella narrazione quasi vivesse di vita propria)Qualche spunto divertente, ma tutto sommato prolisso e un po' annoiante.Una visione del matriomonio e dell'amicizia molto molto cinica e anche triste!

  • Esra M.

    Herkesin kendi ağzından anlattığı üçlü bir aşkın öyküsünü okuyoruz kitapta. Olayların bu şekilde aktarılması kuşkusuz kişileri daha net anlamamızı sağlıyor ancak bu anlatım tarzı bana duyguları aktarmada kestirme bir yol gibi geliyor. Aşkın başlangıcı, zamanla değişimi ve kişileri değiştirmesi, var olan duruma göre aşka ve karşı tarafa bakış açısının farklılaşmasının taraflara iyi ya da kötü damgası vurulmadan aktarıldığı bir hikayeye tan [...]

  • Cristina Boncea

    Recunosc că mă așteptam la ceva puțin mai erotic atunci când am văzut titlul însă conținutul cărții a fost cel puțin la fel de inspirator.Povestea poate fi spusă într-o frază simplă: există un el și o ea și un al treilea intervine, după care ea schimbă taberele. Perspectivele expuse de fiecare personaj în parte sunt deosebit de interesante, puse în opoziție.Haideți să încep cu ce nu mi-a plăcut. Nu am văzut prea tare rostul personajului Val, o tipă pusă pe teorii c [...]

  • AnaVlădescu

    well, this was a surprise. this book and I started off with the wrong foot, and for the first 60 - 70 pages i kept wondering if i'm going to have to do the unthinkable and give a bad opinion on a Barnes book. but then the universe sweated off this problem and made this work take the road of well - written literature. the three star rating might, therefore, come as a surprise, but don't be fooled - the rating system on GR is just a gimmick we play with, not a thing you should take for granted. th [...]

  • Konserve Ruhlar

    Farklı bir teknikle üç kişiden ayrı ayrı dinlediğimiz bir aşkı anlatıyor Seni Sevmiyorum. Söz konusu Julian Barnes olunca kitap da elbette basit bir aşk hikayesini anlatıyor olamazdı. Karakterlerin birbirlerinden etkileşimleri ve ortaya çıkan sonuçlar üzerine bir hikayesi var romanın. Gill, Stuart ve Oliver'i tanıdıkça ilk başlarda onlar hakkında düşündüklerimiz epey değişiyor, ya da şöyle demeli; onları daha iyi anlıyoruz. Belki Aşk'ı da daha iyi anlıyoruz. [...]

  • Nora|KnyguDama

    Nuostabi pirmoji pažintis su Julian Barnes kūryba. Taip, taip žinau - autorius daug puikių knygų prirašęs, tačiau "Kalbant atvirai" yra pirmoji mano skaityta Julian knyga. Ir tikrai ne paskutinioji. "Kalbant atvirai" mane sužavėjo tiek rašymo stiliumi (YPAČ!), tiek veikėjais, tiek itin keista įvykių plėtojimo maniera. Knyga prasideda lyg komiškas trijų keistų žmonių nuotykis, o išsivysto į sudėtingų santykių iššūkį.Žinot, būna tokie filmai ar serialai, kuomet veik [...]

  • Inna

    "Счастье одного человека часто покоится на несчастье другого, так устроен мир", - в цій фразі дійсно закладена головна ідея твору. Кожен має свою правду і завжди захищає своє право на неї.Давно прагнула познайомитися з творчістю Джуліана Барнса і навмисне вирішила не почина [...]

  • Tulpesh Patel

    Talking It Over is the story of three people, Stuart, Gillian, and 5th wheel Stuart, caught in a love triangle. Told from each of their perspectives 'directly to camera', we learn how the love of each pair develops and ultimately unravels.Many people have commented that the characters are thoroughly unlikable, but I found their flaws compelling, and thoroughly enjoyed reading about them. I think it is testament to Barnes' keen eye that the characters are so well drawn that they create this disli [...]

  • Mădă

    "Pe măsură ce îți împarți viața cu cineva, îți pierzi, încetul cu încetul, capacitatea de a-l face fericit, în timp ce puterea de a-l răni rămâne intactă. Și viceversa, bineînțeles."Sad, but so damn true.

  • Benjamin Stahl

    “He lies like an eye witness”. The lecturer looks upon the sea of half-filled seats. Actually, make that quarter-filled. I feel bad for this woman - (so passionate she is) - that no one has the time to attend her lectures. She is fairly old, with an intellectual air that makes her seem British, even though she probably isn’t. I always feel like she deserves applauding at the end. Nobody does this at universities however. Only “guest lecturers” are rewarded with that privilege. Most of [...]

  • Yılmaz Şener

    "Sonra ötekiler vardı, düşkırıklığına uğramış olanlar. En çok hasara uğramış olanlar da bunlardı, telafisi olanaksız bir hasardı bu. Yaşamlarına büyük umutlar besleyerek başlamış olanlar ve sonra da yazgılarını psikopatlarla hayalperestlerin ellerine teslim edenler, inançlarını ayyaşlarla hödüklere bağlayanlar" Bu kısmı tüm kitabı özetliyor desem, yeridirTim Parks, Louis de Bernieres, David Mitchell ve tabii ki Julian BarnesSon yıllarda en çok okuduğum [...]

  • Zia

    "Dva rozměry ustupují třem."1. Spád děje musel nejdřív ustoupit zdlouhavému popisu historie.2. Prostor, který by hlavní protagonisté mohli použít k objasnění událostí na konci knihy, ustoupil nesmyslné přítomnosti nových postav, aniž by přinesly něco nového.3. Skvělá stavba příběhu, propracované pohledy tří hrdinů a bohatost vyjádřování naštěstí neustoupily ničemu.

  • Joan

    I was pleasantly surprised how at much I enjoyed this book. I started the book not liking the three characters at all but in the end I was anxious to find out what happened to them. So much so, that I am now reading the sequel. My first Julian Barnes novel; will definitely read more by this man.

  • Nimbex

    Ingenioso, mordaz, divertido y, sobretodo, brillantemente escrito. El autor construye una historia a partir de los puntos de vista de sus tres protagonistas, consigue que empaticemos con ellos y nos involucremos en sus vidas, todo ello mientras nos arranca unas cuantas carcajadas. Sólo un mago de las palabras como Julian Barnes es capaz de conseguir algo así.

  • Stephanie Sharp

    "Talking It Over" could be adapted as an indie rom com starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Oliver, Tom Hiddleston as Stuart, and Emily Blunt as Gillian. In fact, has this already been a film? Seriously, though, the plot is a fairly basic love triangle (a classic test of a friendship in which one friend is in love with the other's wife, as he sets out to woo her -- well, to put it more accurately, sets out to stalk her). Not exactly original. But the structure of the novel is told as a series of "ta [...]

  • Kirstie

    Julian Barnes has tremendous ability as a writer, as I discovered in The Sense of an Ending and currently now in The History of the World in 10 1/2 chapters. Unfortunately, I feel this would be one of his weaker novels and would not recommend it to anyone but a completist who loves everything else Barnes has ever done. This is not to say that it's toss away garbage but there are others one should definitely read first surely (the other two I mentioned, for instance). I'd also love to receive fur [...]

  • Irene

    «Yo soy una condenada falena dándose de cabeza contra una condenada ventana. Porrazo, porrazo, porrazo. La suave luz amarilla que parece tan dulce pero que me quema las entrañas. Porrazo, porrazo, porrazo. Soy yo el que va a sufrir».

  • Abby

    It's always satisfying when a favorite author reliably delivers. Julian Barnes is one of my favorites for a reason. This book was so compelling, you couldn't help but keep reading to watch the train wreck of a story unfold. It's the story of two best friends with completely opposite personalities and the woman who gets in the middle of them. This sounds like a pretty well-trodden tale, but the point is that the book's not really about the "story" or "plot" (plus, it was written in 1991). It's re [...]

  • Saverio Mariani

    Quando - su Repubblica, alcuni giorni fa - lessi l'intervista di lancio per il nuovo romanzo di Julian Barnes, rimasi colpito. Un taglio netto dentro le concezioni più diffuse intorno al dolore, questo aveva fatto Barnes, rispondendo a quattro o cinque domande.Ho conosciuto, letterariamente, lo scrittore con Il senso di una fine, suo penultimo romanzo, sempre edito da Einaudi (regalatomi da un amico, che sa come viziarmi). In seguito a quell'intervista ho sfogliato - in libreria - Livelli di vi [...]

  • Marte Patel

    This is the February title for our monthly work book club, chosen by my colleague and friend. Did I like it? Not particularly. Was it well-written? Kind of. Was it witty (as promised by said friend)? If it was, I hardly ever got it - I only found it funny in one or two places.The thing is, I really hate reading novels about weak, weird people, so I guess I was never going to love this! The characters: Oliver is obviously disagreeable - a snob, arrogant, ultimately insecure - and quite a stereoty [...]

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