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By Theresa Ragan Cathy Katz | Comments: ( 765 ) | Date: ( Nov 21, 2019 )

Twin sisters are born in Medieval England One of the infants is dying and is taken to the Witch of Devonshire, an old hag who uses supernatural powers to transport the ailing babe to the future It is the year 1986 when Cathy Hayes, a woman who has lost her child and husband in a car accident, finds the baby at her doorstep, gets her the medical attention she needs, and rTwin sisters are born in Medieval England One of the infants is dying and is taken to the Witch of Devonshire, an old hag who uses supernatural powers to transport the ailing babe to the future It is the year 1986 when Cathy Hayes, a woman who has lost her child and husband in a car accident, finds the baby at her doorstep, gets her the medical attention she needs, and raises the baby as her own Morgan grows up in the twentieth century with a mysterious attraction to a hollow suit of armor that stands in the window of her mother s antique store Morgan is twenty four years old when she becomes entangled within the armor s metal plates and is whisked back in time.Morgan awakens in England The year is 1444 and she is mistaken for Amanda Forrester, a twin sister she knows nothing about In Amanda s place, Morgan is forced to marry King Henry s favored knight, Derek Vanguard, Lord of Braddock Hall Abandoned by his mother and having failed as a child to gain his father s love, Derek s heart is as cold as the stone walls of his castle.Lord Vanguard s new bride insists she is not Amanda and shares incredible stories that make it difficult for him to trust her But her humor and good cheer slowly cause the walls surrounding his heart to crumble.In the end, Morgan discovers the true power of love and for the first time in her life she knows where she belongs.

  • Title: Return of the Rose
  • Author: Theresa Ragan Cathy Katz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Theresa Ragan Cathy Katz

T.R Ragan Theresa Ragan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling mystery and thriller author Readers interested in signing up for a monthly newsletter or getting their name in a TR RAGAN book should check out her website at trraganFacebook Twitter Instagram trraganauthorLIZZY GARDNER SERIESAbductedDead WeightA Dark MindObsessedAlmost DeadEvil Never DiesFAITH MCMANN TRILOGYFuriousOutrageWrathJESSIE COLE SERIESHer Last Day Coming soon

Comments Return of the Rose

  • Kris43

    This book happens in middle ages. But you see this only because it is mentioned that the year is 1444. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing medieval about it. All the characters have modern way of speaking and watered down very politically correct quasi medieval mindset. Also all of the characters are surprisingly adept at modern analysis of amateur psychology. And especially big 'gruff' seasoned male warriors are shockingly prone to discussing their feelings. Especially tender, sugary o [...]

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden

    The pacing is terrible, the atmosphere is almost non-existent, and the characters are unnatural. Several facets of the story are completely unrealistic. Yes, I know it's about time travel, but time travel can be done with at least a modicum of believability. When Morgan ends up in the 15th century wearing jeans and a t-shirt, there's only passing mention about her "strange breeches". People comment on her strange speech, but think she's affecting it as some sort of ruse to get out of marrying. I [...]

  • Kaylee

    I absolutely hated this book. I actually couldn't finish it bc it was so horrible! The main character starts out in 21st century California and a page after the book begins, with no character development whatsoever or background, she goes back in time to the 1300s England and then acts like it's completely normal that she is there. She then is supposedly betrothed to this arrogant lord who is against marriage and they make out in their first meeting together and although he claims to hate her th [...]

  • Suzanne

    To be perfectly honest I downloaded this book because it was cheap and I have a soft spot for time travel stories. I was very new to the Kindle World and I figured I had nothing to lose as I experimented with my new found technology. Whilst sick with the flu and confined to bed I began 'Return of the Rose' with low expectations. What a pleasant surprise to find that I actually really enjoyed the story. Yes there were glaring historical errors and the characters were frustrating sometimes but I f [...]

  • Sue

    I like time travel stories, so that was a plus in this. Several bits were rather implausible though (the women willing to wear 'bikinis' when they played in the lake, or Amanda/Morgan pulling on her jeans and walking around, and other similiar bits). In 1444, she'd have been ostracized and warded against, not taken amusingly into their hearts.That aside, this was well written and sweet. But just sweet. It's not bad, but it wasn't special.My biggest issue is that it was the same old miscommunicat [...]

  • Caroline Fyffe

    I LOVED this debut by Theresa Ragan. RETURN OF THE ROSE, a Medieval Time Travel Romance, had me laughing, smiling and cheering with the heroine Morgan Hayes—A.K.A. Lady Amanda (wink wink). And I’ll admit openly, I fell really hard for Derek Vanguard, Lord of Braddock Hall, too. If you enjoy fast paced humor that will melt your heart, you will enjoy this book. It also has one of the best endings I've ever read. Gave me chills.Highly Recommended!

  • Kari

    Entertaining story with a time travel twist. A woman is sent back in time to the time period when she was actually born. It felt more like fantasy than historical, but it was romantic and the ending was good.

  • Trish R.

    Awesome time travelI was in a book-funk for a couple of days so I decided to read and listen to this book for the 3rd time. I loved Derek and Morgan/Amanda/Morgeanna. He was so grumpy and she was just the opposite, he didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see or prove and here she was a time traveler. She loved her “mother” more than anything and he hated his. So different, but so filled with lust for one another.I liked Morgan’s maid, Odelia, the voice Katherine Kellgren gave her in [...]

  • Billie Jo

    Audiobook narrated by Katherine Kellgren.Oh what a joy this one was!! I loved Loved this book. It's a happy good feeling book - a romance book that just sweeps you away. If you want a book to be historically accurate and plausible then this one may not be for you. It's more of a fun fantasy book. Morgan is transported back in time. She is wearing clothes and talks like someone from 2011. A few are skeptical but she is accepted and mistaken for her twin Amanda. I had no problem with this but it m [...]

  • Norah Wilson

    I adore time travels, and I adore Medieval settings. This one had a lot of action/adventure and quite an intricate plot. I love how all the loose ends were tied up. Morgan Hayes (mistaken for Lady Amanda) was an excellent match for Derek Vanguard. BTW, this was my first experience with my Kindle reading me the story (I just added 45 minutes of books to my day by multi-tasking during my dog walks!), and the Kindle voice is kind of hard to separate from the "reading" experience now.

  • Judy Wise

    Very good time travel book. A woman in medival times gives birth to twin daughters and one is very ill. The father takes the sick one to the witch and she sends the child into the future for a time. However the girl does not find her way back for many years and everyone thinks she is her sister. Very interesting and keeps you wondering what will happen next. I loved it.

  • Allyson Faith

    I am a sucker for time-travel romance, and this one filled the bill. Engaging characters--and I especially appreciated the ending, which took care of everyone, even family left behind. That's often a dangling thread in time travel, and I liked the way this one got resolved.

  • Renee

    A unique concept and good read. Return of the Rose kept me guessing as to what was going to happen at the end. And I'm glad it ended the way it did. It was a very easy read and one I enjoyed and will probably read again!

  • Michelle

    Nothing serious, just a quick little time travel romance.

  • Marina Marchese

    This was such an entertaining read (audiobook)well written, fun, with plenty of humour to liven a somewhat usual storyline. I loved the development of the various characters. The author showed her talent in expertly keeping characters distinct and individually recognizable. Excellent dialogues with witty bantering back and forth also spiced up the plot and contretemps. I must admit there were observations made by a few previous detractors that could have put me off the book initially, but, in re [...]

  • Tracy T.

    I absolutely loved this book. My mom loaned it to me and Thank You Mom! I couldn't put it down. The H and H were fantastic the hot and steamy sex was fantastic, the story line, the witty dialogue, there was always so much happening. I totally recommend this book and if you have audible I totally recommend you listen the narrator made the book even better if that is possible. Love Love Loved it!

  • shirlene brown

    Going back in timeTheresa ragan has done a excellent job on this story about a woman who goes back in time and finds her family and her husband. She goes through a lot of miss trust and she met new friends. I gave this story a five star rating because of the story.

  • V SB

    I finished this book in one sitting - even passing on dinner as I couldn't put it down. This book had everything - time travel, romance, action and comedy all rolled into one tiny little book! Having a hot hero is definitely a big bonus! Totally loved it! Wish it didn't have to end

  • M.L. Chesley

    I have to admit, this book got my attention right away. Yeah, it is a romance. But not a mushy, gushy kind. There were a couple of times when some sexy scenes were back to back, but they weren't overly descriptive, which is what I prefer. I was skeptical at first, with the whole 'being whisked back in time' thing. I still have a bit of a problem with the fact that the historical characters didn't find Morgan's modern clothing a bit more surprising and more deserving of a quick glance. Had any of [...]

  • Aneta

    Alright. Well.I've mentioned most of the issues I've had with the book in the notes I've posted while reading, and I don't want to repeat myself as well as I don't want to spend another minute thinking of this piece of literature. So. One last cry from this dedicated Whovian who just can't help herself and has to be geeky once again: (spoilers) How about the massive paradox created in the end, huh? Because that's what the witch would have done if she had sent the blanket to the future to save Mo [...]

  • Dianne

    FREE TODAY 5/16/12Twin sisters are born in Medieval England. One of the infants is dying and is taken to the Witch of Devonshire, an old hag who uses supernatural powers to transport the ailing babe to the future. It is the year 1986 when Cathy Hayes, a woman who has lost her child and husband in a car accident, finds the baby at her doorstep, gets her the medical attention she needs, and raises the baby as her own. Morgan grows up in the twentieth century with a mysterious attraction to a hollo [...]

  • Sarah Vecchi

    So full of tropes!I HATE books where the main driver in the plot is people misunderstanding one another and making hasty decisions based on dumb assumptions they could've easily straightened out had they bothered to communicate. Oh, and insta-love/lust. And characters who willfully do stupid things repeatedly. And tropes like the super hot a-hole who's just a jerk because deep down he's still hurting from his childhood. So yeah star.

  • Eliza Brand

    OK, so I'm on a little bit of a time travel romance kick. No one does this better than Karen Marie Moning, but I've read all of her books, many of them more then once. So, anyway, a friend recommended Theresa Ragan and away we go.Morgan is born in the 18th century, a twin who is sickly and will not survive. Her father, desperate to save her takes her to a witch who sends her to the future where she can be saved. Derek Vangaurd is a favored knight of King Henry who has reluctantly accepted an arr [...]

  • J.H. Sked

    Disclosure - I won a free copy of this book from the author.To be honest, I usually avoid romance like the plague. In this case, I won a free copy of the book and decided to give it a shot.If you are after historical accuracy, this is not the book for you - I'm enough of a geek to know that someone transported back in time to medieval England would not understand the language, and vice versa - but I'd recommend you ignore that and settle back for a light-hearted read.The plot involves time-trave [...]

  • Stephanie

    I LOVED this book. ***DISCLOSURE***I was loaned a copy an asked to lead a book club discussion on it.This book had me hooked from the start. I fell in love with the characters and the way the plot had many levels; I would stay up late reading and making notes, highlighting passages, etc. The second time I read it, I picked up on those 'little things' you miss the first time and it was more enjoyable the second time. Strong characters and a strong plot made this a great read. You can put yuorself [...]

  • Yvonne

    The Return of the Rose possesses anything but an original concept, and yet it is its concept that kept me from putting it down forever. The initial story type, a medieval romance filled with lustful jaunts, rarely interests me at all. Had the book been about Lord Vangaurd learning to love Amanda Forrester, and in the process her falling in love with him, I doubt that my interest would have lasted beyond the first chapter. Instead the book is about Amanda's twin sister morgeanna who had been sent [...]

  • Astrid

    Historical accuracy? Never heard of that!This was exactly what I felt while reading the book. The plot happens in the middle ages, but there is NOTHING middle aged about anything. The year is 1444 (late middle age to be precise) yet all characters speak in a modern way and political correct. They are discussing, analysing etc as if Sigmund Freud has already published his theories. Their lifestyle is absolutely not medieval, though it should be a castle it is more a big mansion, the knight has to [...]

  • Betty Jo Pritchett

    I liked it. The story line isn't that original but it's one that I always enjoy so I was able to overlook that. Morgan Hayes's character sometimes lacked consistency. I would say the same about Derek Vanguard. The villians were not entirely believable. They lacked cohesion. Plot twists almost seem like after thoughts. I was unsure of the motivations of some of them. But overall the book was fun. Return of the Rose Theresa Ragan

  • Christa Schönmann Abbühl

    At first I had some issues with the book. The writing seemed over the top, and the history argh. But then I thought of those old historical Hollywood movies, with their complete disregard of historical accuracy, over the top dramatics and twisted plots. Where the Middle Ages are portrayed as a romantic time where fairy tales come true and an American time traveler can charm a whole castle into submission. Where there are silks, and baths, and scented soaps, where voluptuous ladies wear beautiful [...]

  • Debbie Civil

    Let me just say that this book was wonderful. I enjoy books about the medieval time period. This is only the second book involving time travel that I’ve ever gotten to read. Morgan is a likable character that has a take charge personality. She is brave and stands up for whatever she believes in. Since she was raised in the 21 century she is unfamiliar with the double standards of the medieval times. Her twin Amanda is the opposite. Every time I read her character I flinched. The Author portray [...]

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