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By Marc Krulewitch | Comments: ( 696 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Grabbing snapshots of cheating spouses and hunting down bail jumpers provides a comfortable living for Jules Landau until his estranged father knocks on the door Second rate con man Bernie Landau reports Jules s beloved Uncle Snook has taken five bullets in the head The newspapers dismiss the victim as another bean counter for the mob caught skimming off the top But JGrabbing snapshots of cheating spouses and hunting down bail jumpers provides a comfortable living for Jules Landau until his estranged father knocks on the door Second rate con man Bernie Landau reports Jules s beloved Uncle Snook has taken five bullets in the head The newspapers dismiss the victim as another bean counter for the mob caught skimming off the top But Jules isn t buying it Sure, his uncle s accounting practice included shady characters, but the wise guys loved Snooky and not just for his money laundering skills With Snooky you had a devoted friend a regular hoodlum s therapist From the start, Bernie criticizes his son s brash approach to the investigation But despite their conflicts, father and son uncover Snooky s entanglements in a convoluted world of crooked politics, corrupt police, and drug trafficking And those who stand to benefit from Snooky s death reads like a Who s Who of the Chicago power elite.

  • Title: Maxwell Street Blues
  • Author: Marc Krulewitch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Marc Krulewitch

Marc Krulewitch s Jules Landau mysteries take place in Chicago, where he was born and where his family has lived for generations He now resides in Colorado.

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  • Brandon

    Jules Landau comes from a long line of crooks and thieves but as well all know, your family history doesn't always dictate your future. Attempting to make a career as a P.I Jules takes on a case involving the murder of Snooky (no, not that Snooky), a family friend who just happens to be an expert money launderer. Hired by Jules’ own ex-con father, can Landau track down Snooky’s executioner or will his family name draw deadly attention?I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an [...]

  • Marlene

    Originally published at Reading RealityI lived in Chicago for quite a chunk of my adult life, so when I saw the description for Maxwell Street Blues, I just had to see if the town painted in the book matched my memories.The Maxwell Street area, and all the streets and neighborhoods mentioned in the book really do exist. And while the names have been altered to protect the innocent, or possibly the guilty, there really is a university in and around what used to be the Maxwell Street Market area.I [...]

  • Dawn Edwards

    3.8 StarsThe Beginning of the BluesMr. Krulewitch has shared his first book in his "Blues" and Jules Landau series. This book sets the stage for those that'll follow in this series. Thus, as I'd read the second book first, I was not disappointed by missing information. Mr. Krulewitch has managed excellent continuity while maintaining each story as a stand-alone novel.All elements for a good mystery are here, including:• James Landau, P.I.• Corruption in Government• Underworld hoodlums goin [...]

  • Shirley Schwartz

    This looks to be a promising beginning to a new series. This a noir novel in all it's bloody glory. In it we have two femme fatales who seem to be connected in some way that Jules can't figure out. We also have a whole host of corrupt politicians and cops and all are bent on putting a stop to PI Jules Landau's efforts to find the killer of his childhood father figure and mentor. Jules was asked to work the case by his estranged father, but when he finds out that his beloved Charles Snook has bee [...]

  • Robert Gelms

    I Got The Blues In ChicagoBy Bob Gelms In this issue I have the unmitigated pleasure of telling you what a splendid time I had reading Maxwell Street Blues by Marc Krulewitch. He is a Chicago writer with the windy city wound up in his DNA. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and I had great fun placing the events in the book on the streets and in the neighborhoods where they happened. Chicago, as you may know, is the home of the blues and the epicenter is a little strip along Maxwell St. near [...]

  • Victor Gentile

    Marc Krulewitch in his new book, “Maxwell Street Blues” Book One in the Jules Landau Mystery Series published by Alibi introduces us to Jules Landau.From the back cover: Readers of Robert Crais’s Elvis Cole mysteries will love Jules Landau, a college man turned private eye on the Windy City’s mean streets—a virtual school of hard knocks where graduation means just staying alive.Chicago runs in Jules Landau’s veins. So does the blood of crooks. Now Jules is going legit as a private ey [...]

  • Zeb Kantrowitz

    Jules Landau comes from a long line of Chicagoans. They have always been involved in the seamier side of the economy. His great-grandfather was famous for his ‘protection’ agency in the Maxwell Street area of Chicago, who once shared a headline with Al Capone. Though never members of the ‘made-men’ the Landau men had a reputation of never walking the straight and narrow. Until Jules.Jules decided that he wanted to be a private detective. Maybe he just read too many hard-boiled fiction st [...]

  • Red Haircrow

    Part of the Jules Landau Detective Series, the narrative in “Maxwell Street Blues” flows along well for the most part, although my editor’s eyes, even had they been the average reader’s, couldn’t help but notice the editing errors throughout. Fragments can work when sporadically used, but used too frequently and it can become exasperating. Reasonably, however, I can understand it was perhaps the author’s intention to give the pattern of internal thought.Just the same, it was easy to [...]

  • John Purvis

    “Maxwell Street Blues” was published in 2014 (August) and is the first of the “Jules Landau Mystery” series. I obtained this novel for free through netgalley for review. This story is told first person by Private Investigator Jules Landau, and is set in contemporary Chicago, IL. Jules’ estranged, ex-con father Bernie comes to him to let him know that Jules’ long time friend Charles “Snooky” Snook has been murdered, and hires him to investigate. This is Jules’ first murder inves [...]

  • Walt Bristow

    Q. What do you get when ex-con Bernie Landau hires his PI-turned son, Jules, to find the killer who put two bullets into the head of Jules’ favorite “uncle” Snooky – who just happened to be a money-laundering CPA and confident of the underworld?A. A highly entertaining, if not formulaic, old-time detective story with all the expected players: the PI who describes the police detective son of Greek immigrants as someone with “a chest like the front end of a Mack truck”, corrupt cops, a [...]

  • Joe Hempel

    Chicago. A place that can build your sense of wonder, and leave you feeling dirty all at the same time. For Private Investigator Jules Landau that’s an all too familiar feeling. From bail jumpers, scorned lovers looking for redemption, to pulling kittens out of trees, Jules is building your typical PI business until he gets a case that he just can’t say no to. From his ex-con father. His friend and bookkeeper Snooky has been murdered, and come hell or high water, Jules is going to get to the [...]

  • Romancing the Book

    Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much more than I had first thought I would. The relationship between father and son was dysfunctional, which could be expected since the father was just released from prison. At times I was surprised they were even in the same room and talking. The fact that Jules took money from his father for a murder case says a lot about their relationship – or lack of on [...]

  • Diane Coto

    Bernie Landau is now eighty after having spent the last sixteen years behind bars. His son, Jules was only a freshman in high school when Bernie was put away for racketeering. As a private eye, Jules spends his time doing background checks; surveillance; and skip traces. He’s about to get promoted. His dad is paying him to find who murdered their close family friend, Snooky, who was like an older brother to Jules.Another close family friend, Sid (Frownie) Frownstein, also in his eighties, offe [...]

  • Margaret Wilkening

    I wasn’t too sure that I would like Maxwell Street Blues when it opened with Jules Landau walking into his apartment to find his dad—who has just been released from a twenty year prison term. The first few pages were filled with his family’s questionable past of bootlegging and organized crime. But I pushed through the first chapter or so and found a pretty good private eye mystery.The publishers tout this new book by Marc Krulewitch as comparable to Robert Crais’s Elvis Cole mysteries. [...]

  • Barb

    I lived in the Chicago suburbs for over 30 years, so I found the setting of this book a bonus for me. Jules Landau, private investigator, has a long family history with the city. Unfortunately for Jules, it wasn’t a good one. His family has a history of crime and mob activity. So when Jules decides to become a private investigator, his father (just released from prison) along with everyone else, finds his decision difficult to understand.A friend of his family has been murdered and Jules is ta [...]

  • Donna Davis

    Maxwell Street Blues is an entertaining first of a series by Marc Krulewitch. Set primarily in present-day Chicago, it has a noir flavor that takes the reader back about 60 years, despite the presence of meth as a key storyline component. Picture it all in black and white, the fog, the halo of the street light, the only thing missing are the fedora and the trench coat. We even have a mystery woman; no, make it two. And pay attention or you will lose track of which is which.A brief change of sett [...]

  • Jackie

    Maxwell Street Blues by Marc Krulewith tells the story of a Chicago Private Investigator name Jules Landau. Jules is the son of a convicted racketeer, who was the son of another such. Generations of Landaus have been involved in the seedier side of Chicago politics and crime, but Jules has decided that he is not going to follow the family tradition and apprentices himself to a PI referred to as Frownie and by the time of this book Jules is an independent PI. Shorty after his father is released f [...]

  • Susan Johnston

    Jules Landau is a rather quirky character. For decades his family "ran" the Maxwell Street area of Chicago. Nothing happened for good or bad that did not involve them. The book opens with Jules' father returning from a prison stint to inform Jules that his best friend, Snooky, was found murdered. What makes this murder so shocking to everyone is Snooky, while he skated on the edges of crime and corruption was considered a good guy, a CPA who laundered money but still managed to stay above the fr [...]

  • Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)

    Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsA completely fantastic who dun it, set in the perfectly murderous town of Chicago and the private investigator on the job has deep connections to the victim, suspects and all of it. Jules Landau's family has a not so fantasticly positive history in Chicago and he is not following in his family's footsteps, instead he is somewhat on the other side of the law as a private investigator until he finds out that someone very close to him has been murdered [...]

  • Kari

    Maxwell Street Blues was a very enjoyable read. I have to say, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the book at first, but before I knew it, I was halfway through. I was sucked in that fast. I had a fun time following Jules on his path to find out why his mentor, Snooky, was killed. I thought the mystery was very well planned out and the number of suspects was just enough to had me doubting my guesses along the way. I loved the main character Jules. He is really trying to make something differen [...]

  • Jennifer Clausen-greene

    This is the first book in the “Blues” ad Jules Landau series and it really delivers. Before I realized that this was a series I had already finished the book and was slightly peeved that there was no more, but luckily my daughter pointed out I just have to wait for the next one. This book really had everything you are looking for when you go and grab a mystery title. Corrupt governments and police men, a excellent plot that twists and turns till the end, death, murder (several in fact), drug [...]

  • Margaret

    It's been awhile since I've read a good murder mystery and this one fill the bill nicely.The first book in the Blues series, it didn't take long to get me involved in this story. Some interesting characters right off the bat made for a great start that had mefinishing this book in no time flat. Jules is a likeable character who is just tryingto shed the unfavorable reputation of his family's shady past. The author did a commendable job of portraying the underworld in a vivid way, with authenticd [...]

  • Don Gorman

    A really fun, old time mystery, that is what we have here. A guy dies, a P.I. tries to find out what happened, that is the jist of what goes on here. But the characters are a treat. From Jules Landau's dad to the guy who was killed to all the other players we have an eclectic crew. Good cops, bad cops, good sister, bad sister, it all gets crazy, especially at the end but it sure is fun getting there. A simple story written in a really easy to read manner I look forward to another on if Jules com [...]

  • Harvee

    This is a hard-boiled detective/PI novel of the old school style. A new PI tries to find out who killed his father's old friend and in doing so, he uncovers corruption in all the usual places - in politics, on the streets, and even among the university elite whose reputations should have been clean.If you like hardboiled crime fiction and the mean streets of Chicago, this is a book to pick up. Not extraordinary in any sense, the author does however seems to be following in the footsteps of the c [...]

  • Heather

    I was asked to review this book on NetGalley.This is first time I had read a novel by Marc Krulewitch.Maxwell Street Blues is a good old fashioned mystery.Right away from page 1, the adventure begins.The book is a fast read and kept me interested with the plot and characters. I enjoyed the setting of the book in Chicago and was familiar with many of the locales. Who would have thought such a tough PI was a vegan!I will definitely read more novels by Marc Krulewitch.

  • Jay Williams

    Everything you want in a Thriller set in Chicago: crooked cops, crooked politicians, weird sex, old grudges, dysfunctional families, meth heads, murders, and a few hippies from LA just for measure. I found it hard to put the book down as information is slowly revealed and new characters kept crawling in. This is great fiction in a very real setting. There are no good guys, just amazing shades of grey. It is a good read and well worth the price.

  • Mary

    A private investigator is hired by his father to investigate the death of a family friend. The story takes place in Chicago. The investigators family was involved in organized crime in previous generations. The investigation uncovers illegal activities involving the police, elected officials and a college chancellor.

  • Tracy

    If you like old fashioned detectives in your fiction, you will like this one. Set in 1990's Chicago, but with a nod to the noir fiction of the 30's this mystery is entertaining and filled with the type of characters you'd expect from the tough, mean streets of this city.

  • Lauren Bromley

    I received an uncorrected proof of this book via NetGalley. This was a quick read. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It was hard for me to put it down. I don't know if this is the beginning of a series, but if there are more Jules Landau books, I will keep a lookout.

  • Wendy

    Jules Landau is a private investigator, much to his father's chagrin. His father doesn't understand his decision. Still, recently released from prison, the senior Landau hires his son to find out who murdered Jules' best friend, Charles "Snooky" Snook, a man who was like a son to the senior Landau. Snooky did not exactly work above the law, laundering money and keeping books for mobsters and other not so savory sorts, but he was well liked and careful with secrets. This is Jules first murder inv [...]

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