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  • Title: The Irish R. M
  • Author: Edith Somerville Violet Florence Martin
  • ISBN: 9780349101460
  • Page: 136
  • Format: None

About Author:

Edith Somerville Violet Florence Martin

Edith Anna none Somerville 2 May 1858 8 October 1949 was an Irish novelist who habitually signed herself as E Somerville She wrote in collaboration with her cousin Mart n Ross Violet Florence Martin under the pseudonym Somerville and Ross Together they published a series of fourteen stories and novels, the most popular of which were The Real Charlotte, and The Experiences of an Irish R M published in 1899.Somerville was born on Corfu, where her father was stationed, the eldest of eight children A year later he retired to Drishane, Castletownsend, County Cork, where Somerville grew up She received her primary education at home, and then at Alexandra College in Dublin She later studied art in Paris in 1884 and at the Royal Westminster School of Art in London At home riding and painting were her absorbing interests.In January 1886 she met her cousin Violet Martin, and their literary partnership began the following year Their first book, An Irish Cousin, appeared in 1889 In 1898 Edith Somerville went to paint at the Etaples art colony, accompanied by Violet and they profited from their stay by conceiving together the stories gathered in Some Experiences of an Irish R M in the following year By the time Violet died in 1915 they had published fourteen books together Her friend s death stunned Edith, who continued to write as Somerville and Ross , claiming that they kept in contact through spiritualist s ances.She was in London still recovering from the shock when the 1916 Insurrection broke out On 9 May she wrote a letter to the Times, blaming the British Government for the state of affairs in Ireland She tended towards Nationalism afterwards and, an adept musician, at parties specialized in Irish tunes and Nationalist songs.Somerville was a devoted sportswoman who in 1903 had become master of the West Carbery Foxhounds She was also active in the suffragist movement, corresponding with Dame Ethel Smyth She had exhibitions of her pictures in Dublin and in London between 1920 and 1938 and was active as an illustrator of children s picture books and sporting picture books.Her brother Henry Boyle Townsend Somerville, a retired R.N Vice Admiral was killed by the I.R.A at the family home of Castle Townsend in 1936 She finished his book Will Mariner after his death.She died at age 91 in Castletownshend, County Cork from

Comments The Irish R. M

  • Gloria

    Read this after seeing the Masterpiece Theater presentation of the novel. Again, which is the better work: the book or the mini-series? If you love to try to figure out the Irish then this is the book for you. Set in Ireland, the Irish magistrate learns to live with the local Irish population's follies, foibles, and way of life. Amusing and a rollicking good read!

  • Susan

    I was driven to this by the television series, but the stories of the stolid Englishman, his devoted wife, and his madcap Irish friends are even more delightful, though one must imagine the Irish scenery.

  • Leah

    Funny collections of stories. I'd love to get the videos and watch them! This won't be an easy read for most people. But I loved it.

  • Pip Jennings

    This is a good book for dipping into as each chapter is self contained. It is very funny and enjoyably, but I probably would have appreciated it more if I knew anything about horses & fox hunting.

  • Kate

    "Major Sinclair Yeates leaves England to work as an Irish Resident Magistrate convinced that two and two make four. But as he passes judgment on a range of cases and characters that would have driven Solomon to drink he learns that in Ireland two and two are just as likely to make five, or three, or even nothing at all "~back coverNot liking this book as much as I thought I would. The humor escapes me. The general plot line seems to be our hero = a staid young man who just wants to get on in lif [...]

  • Alex

    I loved the 1980's Peter bowls series. So when I bought the book I thought I would be in for more of the same. First thing I would say is that in the edition I bought the text was way to small.Secondly the language is a bit difficult to understand. I am Irish and have to think back to how my gran used english to understand this. Its better to read it out loud.Its another one of those books that I never finished, but might give it another go.Alex

  • Monica

    Maybe someday or there's always netflix. addendum- added 10/20/10 -- I did watch the Irish RM series a couple years back and enjoyed it. I know that doesn't make me a good reader but some people listen to books on tape, too. Why should I be to be so harsh on myself for not reading everything out there???

  • Jeanette de Montalk

    These are my favourite books. I love the Irish idiom, and the Irish eccentricities are offset perfectly by Major Yeates's understated commentary. I re-read them every year and they still make me laugh. Oh and it helps to know a little about horses and hunting to appreciate them fully.

  • Frances Sawaya

    As an American currently living in Ireland, I found much in this book to learn from. The need and desire to "diddle 'em" come across as being quite real; the characters are true at least for some parts of rural Ireland as I see it daily. The television series was engaing in its way as is the book.

  • Caroline Kubale

    john veigel

  • Paul

    The perfect book about life in Ireland filled with humour, splendid characters & amazing ancedotes of country life as observed by the befuddled retired English aristocrat. Absolutely lovely~~~~

  • Lynn Pribus

    Wonderful series on BBC and the book is great fun, too. Actually written in 1899, so the language is a bit quaint, but it all just fits so nicely. Each chapter is a separate escapade or episode.

  • Victoria Jackson

    Very warm and humorous. Irish country houses, hounds and hunting. Funniest episode is during a hunt when RM has to seeks help and help a damsel in distress.

  • Alex

    no uldn't be doing with itt too folksy for me

  • Joann

    I enjoyed the Masterpiece Theatre production of this book, but I wasn't as engaged by the book.

  • Judith

    Rollicking fun

  • Lily

    As I recall, a delightful selection for March.

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