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Francoise Gilot met Picasso during the German occupation of Paris, she was twenty one, he was sixty two For nearly a decade, Gilot shared her life with this giant of the art world, giving birth to two of his children, working as his model, and sharing his world This uniquely candid and vivid memoir takes readers behind the Piccasso legend to meet the man.

  • Title: Life with Picasso
  • Author: Françoise Gilot
  • ISBN: 9780385261869
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Françoise Gilot

Françoise Gilot Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Life with Picasso book, this is one of the most wanted Françoise Gilot author readers around the world.

Comments Life with Picasso

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Vivre avec Picasso = Life with Picasso, Françoise Gilot (1921)Extensive portrait of the artist written by a woman who lived with him for 11 years and was the mother of two of his children.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و چهارم سپتامبر سال 2000 میلادیعنوان: زندگی با پيکاسو؛ نویسنده: فرانسواز ژیلو؛ مترجم: لیلی گلستان؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، آگاه، 1378، در 416 ص.، مصور، عکس، ش [...]

  • FeReSHte

    کتاب در واقع اتوبیوگرافی فرانسوا ژیلو ، معشوقه ی پیکاسوست از مدت ده سالی که با پیکاسو زندگی می کردهاین کتاب یازده سال بعد از جدایی این دو به چاپ رسید و علی رغم همه تلاش های پیکاسو برای جلوگیری از توزیعش به چندین زبان ترجمه شد و به فروش بالایی رسیدپیکاسو بعد از انتشار این کتاب، [...]

  • Mahshid

    پیکاسو همیشه در ذهنم به عنوان یک هنرمند فوق العاده بود و همواره هنر و خلاقیتش را تحسین کرده و خواهم کرد اما متاسفانه در زندگی شخصی آدم جالب و موفقی نبوده. کتاب زندگینامه فرانسوا ژیلو، معشوقه پیکاسو است که تقریبا ده سال با او زندگی کرد. کتاب بسیار جالبی بود در رابطه با زندگی شخص [...]

  • Caddy Rowland

    I have never had it take me so long to finish a book that I really loved, but life has been crazy. I finally finished yesterday and found this book to be an intriguing, fascinating, and revealing book about one of the greatest artists of all time.Being a painter myself, I have always admired Picasso and he had always been the one person who is dead that I longed to meet. To have spent time with him painting would have been wonderful. Or so I thought. I had heard that he was an asshat, but this b [...]

  • Tom

    Fiercely candid but even-handed portrait of Picasso, but the real hero of this book is Gilot herself. Despite all of his manipulations, Gilot provides a detailed insider's view of a great artist at work. And perhaps even more moving is the story of a young woman commiitted to her own art, even in the presence of a such a giant figure i 20th c. art (and a giant ass in his personal life).

  • Molly

    Picasso for me has always been a legendary artist whose work flew way over my head - though visually it managed to capture my attention. After reading this memoir from his long-time girlfriend/de facto wife I learned that his art was intended to be bold enough to get me to pay attention so that I would then stop and think. Much like the young child who stomps his feet for attention feeling any is better than none, Picasso wanted to cause a stir, make you uncomfortable and even disturbed by what [...]

  • Amir

    تصادف جالبی بود که موقع خوندن همان عشق یان آندره‌آ این کتاب رو دیدم و گرفتم. همان عشق حکایت سال‌هایی هست که یان آندره‌آی جوان با مارگارت دوراس گذرونده و این کتاب هم از سال‌های زندگی فرانسواز ژیلوی جوان میگه با پابلو پیکاسو. کتاب کتاب مهمی هست. اولا فرانسوا ژیلو با حافظه ی حیر [...]

  • Anna Kander

    Gilot was the only one of Picasso's lovers who left him, rather than being left. She was an artist, herself, as well as a muse. She met him when she was in her early 20s, he in his 60s. I'd like to read this book, but it's not in print! Source: newyorker/culture/cul

  • Dvora

    I'm not much of an intellectual (although I enjoy their company) and certainly not when it comes to art. I've never been a Picasso fan, and yet artists always fascinate me. Gilot is a painter herself. She understood and could discuss art very well, and that was one of her most important attributes for Picasso. The parts of the book where she talked about the how and why of Picasso's painting and sculpture were the least interesting for me. But the rest -- his character, their friends, the war ye [...]

  • Khadijeh

    I adore this book so fargood for the artsy soul, but it contains all kinds of philosophical, provocative gems of thought.

  • The Literary Chick

    The Woman Who Said No. Told with humor and camera-like recall, Gilot paints a realistic portrait of what it was like to live with a genius of a creator and destroyer. And to survive it.

  • Virginia C

    This was a great read. I enjoyed reading about the author's ten years with Picasso. She paints a vivid story. I recommend this book.

  • Rick

    Picasso’s mistress from about 1943 to 1953, told her story with the able assistance of Carlton Lake a decade after the fact. The Spaniard is, of course, a petulant, selfish, superstitious, manipulative, petty-tyrant. This isn’t Gilot’s revelation. It was well-known in his circle and is now a given in even the magisterial biography of John Richardson. But she does show us Picasso without loading the scale with her thumb. Indeed the book is dedicated “to Pablo.” Instead, Gilot writes wit [...]

  • Mandy

    A fascinating glimpse into the strange world of Pablo Picasso. Seen through the eyes of Francoise Gilot, a young painter, who lived with Picass and bore him two children. Picasso is shown to be a completely selfish man, who demands a lot of those around him. Loving his young children he is not so kind to the adults who surround him. He seems to have been a man of many moods who was difficult to be with. I found the book extremely interesting in that it shows one side of Picasso's relationships w [...]

  • Bblaire

    it has been a very surpraising book since i never expected to discover some aspects of picasso's personality. some times it was actually hard for me to continue my reading because of that aspects but also because it ached my heart some details of françoise's life -her mutual life with pablo, and what she get used to. but the end is beautiful and reflects the strong woman she was all the way inside.

  • Christine

    Picasso is even meaner than you ever imagined him to be. But Francoise Gilot isn't bitter about it. Her tumultous decade with Pablo is summed up with incredible detachment and a fine attention to detail (or maybe that was her co-author taking some liberties?) Great insight into a great, tortured man and one of the woman who made him great. The question we should be asking is why did international recognition escape Gilot (a talented painter in her own right)?

  • Teri Robus

    As I was reading this book, I wondered if Francoise was still living and she is! I loved her book and was astounded she lasted as long as she did with him.

  • Elizabeth Brantlee

    Very interesting read. Not a romance, but instead it is a deep account of life with Picasso. I found it very interesting to read about his personality which seems like a that of a psychopath.

  • Carol Tensen

    I originally read Life with Picasso when I was a teenager - about the time it was published. After seeing an exhibit of his etchings and lithographs at the Norton Simon, I decided to pick it up again. Five decades have passed since the first time I read it, and somewhere in that half century I picked up a degree in art, including two years of printmaking. Rereading it, much of the discussion of art and of technique were familiar territory. I was particularly interested in Picasso’s opinion of [...]

  • Arnold Baruch

    Francoise Gilot lived to be 96, a kind of revenge, perhaps (though she would never accept that idea) against Pablo Picasso. She continued here on earth for 22 years after Picasso died. A full 40 years his junior, in this book, she gives closeups of a personality that makes you want to put down the book and shout profanities in French at the Great Cubist. In this "#me-too" moment of 2017, it's sobering to see what not only Gilot but countless women have endured in the face of mind-blowing male ch [...]

  • ملاك الزعبي

    حياتي مع بيكاسو،،بداية لفتني العنوان كاي شخصية مهتمة بهذا الفنان العظيم،،،و ما شدني اكثر هو ان الكاتبة من أقرب الشخصيات لبابلو ،فالحديث عن اللوحات بين الفنان و المقربين منه يجعلك تفهم اللوحة من منظور آخرتتحدث فرانسواز عن تعرفها على بابلو بداية هي و صديقتها جنفيف ثم تعمق ال [...]

  • Laura Gangi

    I loved this book from start to finish. There were some technical passages about painting and other techniques used in different mediums that I must admit I didn’t spend as much time on. After all, if you’re not an artist and aren’t planning on trying the techniques described, there’s no reason to absorb those details. Nonetheless, I found this to be a fascinating portrayal of not only Picasso but Francoise Gilot herself. She was and is a fearless woman who obviously didn’t let any soc [...]

  • Maya Rock

    Fantastic writing. I was sort of in love with Francoise Gilot by the end. One thing I really like is how she does have a rather chilly bearing, but you can also always see the raw beating heart underneath. Picasso sounds irritating, but I could see the appeal, especially if you threw in the art. The depiction of the surrealist photographer, Dora Maar, is quite striking. Oh, and I liked her description of Matisse’s work because I like Matisse. I guess I didn’t quite buy that her own work didn [...]

  • Christina Nelson

    Life with Picasso is a revealing look into the life and work of Pablo Picasso. Francoise Gilot was Picasso's companion for many years, eventually having two children by him. She talks about Pablo's contemporaries, the processes by which he worked, his views on art and a variety of subjects - from women, to bull fighting, and everything in between. Reading this book is invaluable to understanding Picasso the man as well as the artist.

  • Shannon

    I will read this again and wish I'd read it the first time with my highlighter. Great insights on art, including insights into Picasso and his contemporaries. Francoise's detailed points on art are balanced with an insight into Picasso that I had only heard about but not really had a picture of. If artists are temperamental, then great artists can be greatly temperamental.

  • Celian

    I am sorry I feel like I ruin the good book, but I fell asleep after five pages, I know I know it's Picasso's biography and it supposed to be detailed but why one needs to linger so much on the first meeting?

  • Lisa Cunha

    Read this with my book club - story was a little boring at times - hard to get into - but if you are a fan of the artist a good read - just not something I would have sort out.

  • Phil Brett

    An enjoyable book, which is written in a cool, but not cold style. I especially enjoyed the meetings with the likes of Matisse and the discussions on various artists use of colour.

  • Kim

    Picasso. A total narcissictic sociopath

  • Leslie

    This book is interesting and tragic. Picasso was articulate about art, and particularly his art. Francoise has concluded that this ability arose from his surrounding himself from early on with writers and poets with whom he had talked about his art. She went to live with him when she was in her early 20's and he in his 60's. They had two children together over the next 10 years. Her voice is quite direct, stoic, and reasonable, and she does a good job of not playing up Picasso's pettiness and ch [...]

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