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Mother, wife, private investigatormpire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, sequel to VAMPIRE MOON, private investigator SamanthMother, wife, private investigatormpire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, sequel to VAMPIRE MOON, private investigator Samantha Moon receives a heartbreaking phone call from a very unlikely source a five year old girl who s been missing for three months Now on the hunt, Samantha will use her considerable resources including her growing supernatural abilities to locate the missing girl before it s too late And as she gets closer and closer to the horrible truth, she receives devastating news on the home front Now with her world turned upside down, Samantha Moon is forced to make the ultimate choice of life and death.And through it all, she discovers the identity of one mysterious mana man she has grown to love.

  • Title: American Vampire
  • Author: J.R. Rain
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  • Page: 355
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About Author:

J.R. Rain

I m an ex private investigator now writing full time in the Pacific Northwest, where I live in a small house on a small island with my small dog, Sadie, who has energy than Robin Williams.As a kid I was always making stuff skates, skateboards, skimboards, skis, sleds, clothing, furniture, wood carvings, Easter baskets, comic books, you name it I was the mother of all nerds Anyway, I think I was searching for the one thing I wanted to keep on making for the rest of my life Then one day I discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books Remember those You as the reader were asked to make choices for the characters Choose Your Own Adventures were a lot of fun and I just had to make my own And so I did, writing three of them, and I ve been hooked on writing ever since Just think, I could have been hooked on making Easter baskets In high school, I was a fine balance of jock and nerd I played football and baseball and somehow managed to write five complete novels So how was I able to write so much and play sports and study at the same time Easy No girlfriend In fact, I didn t kiss a girl until I was in college In college, I still managed to write two books and over 80 short stories Even with all the kissing Eventually, I graduated with a perfectly useless degree in anthropology, got married two weeks later, and shortly thereafter started my career as an insurance claims investigator I ve made better choices I would spend the next four years researching and writing my first adventure novel, THE LOST ARK At the age of 28, I landed one of the biggest agents in Hollywood Welcome to Hollyweird I discovered that I had a natural knack for writing screenplays Go figure For the next two years I worked exclusively with Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Productions developing various movie and TV projects Some things worked out most didn t I learned much and I m thankful for the experience Ultimately, I realized I had strayed far from my true love writing novels but never very far from my other true love donuts And so, with a little bit of money in the bank and some time on my hands okay, fine, I got fired from my insurance job , I moved to Carlsbad and wrote three books DARK HORSE, MOON DANCE, and CURSED Being married to a dreamer is tough Being married to a dreamer and a writer is damn near impossible Yup, you guessed it, after seven tough years my wife was gone, baby, gone Not to worry I eventually met another girl poor thing , and together we moved up to Seattle Things turned ugly fast I lost my job, my car, my money, the girl, went bankrupt, and yet somehow wrote THE MUMMY CASE in a freezing cold basement in the middle of a rainy winter, unemployed and stealing food usually donuts from local grocery stores Like the prodigal son, I eventually moved back home to southern California, where I got a new job, got my private investigator s license, got a new movie agent, moved to Hollywood and was fortunate enough to have my first novel published in November 2005 by Mundania Press In 2006, I wrote ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING, and in 2007, I moved up to Oregon where I eventually became a vegetarian for moral reasons , and wrote the first draft of my ghost story, THE BODY DEPARTED In 2008, I moved back to southern California to help with my sick father Now in 2009, you guessed it, I m back up in the Pacific Northwest, living on a small island in a small home with my small doggie It s a simple, peaceful lifea life filled with writing, hiking, and Beggin Strips Remember life is too short to work at a job you don t love So follow your dreams, my friends, even if it means living on a faraway island in the back of beyond As you can see, I ve come far from those days of stealing donuts Full circle, if y

Comments American Vampire

  • Montzalee Wittmann

    American VampireVampire for Hire, Book 3By: J. R. RainNarrated by: Dina PearlmanThis is a very emotional bookwow. I love this series, I am so hooked. There is so much in here. PI jobs, family, friends, what it is like to be a vamp, to be a vamp mom, cravings, supernatural friends, finding new powers and how to use them, and so much more. It is so packed with each book. Written so well!The narration is so good, voices from a tiny girl to gruff men done perfectly! Emotions perfectly too.

  • Kara

    “American Vampire” is the third book in the 13 book series “Vampire for Hire”. The series is paranormal, and there is, to date, only mild flirtatious behavior…all hetero. Well, there was one brief orgasm in book two, but everyone was clothed, and after six years Samantha was due… that’s ok.I really enjoyed the first two books (5* each) and immediately began reading book three because of the cliffhanger of book two. Well, perhaps book four will pick up the pace again. Yeah…this wa [...]

  • Kristi

    Enjoyed this latest installment, but there were several annoyances for me. First, come on already and let Sam get some action already! Meaning love-life wise. It seems as though in each book, we get a very small taste of what MIGHT happen, but it fizzles out and nothing comes of it. Additionally, there are many awkward transitions from serious scenes in the book, to the next scene. The most annoying one for me is when "Fang" essentially professes his love for her, and speaks of spending eternity [...]

  • Christine

    I enjoyed the first two in the series, but was meh on this one. FAR too many subplots, the story was all over the place, none of the subplots felt like they were written as well as they could have been, just altogether rushed and unfocused. And the "cliffhanger" at the end didn't leave me wanting for more. The main plot should have been about Fang, but after the beginning he seemed to fade into the background. Disappointing third book in this series. May get the fourth or just let this one go.

  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

    The writing gets increasingly better but again, the length hurts the story. I also didn't like who Fang ended up being and I was disappointed that more time wasn't spent on her family, especially given the circumstances. Also, there is a lot of judgement passed on woman in these books. Sam is always using perjorative terms like "slut" or "whore". I mean, I understand why she might've used those terms toward the homewrecker but to pass judgement on everyone is sort of annoying.The boy-crazy attit [...]

  • Erica Chilson

    I'm using my personal copy for BYOB (Bring your own Book) month for Wicked Reads 4 Stars J.R. Rain seems to utilize the cliffhanger. This isn't a negative for me, because I'm lucky to have found this series when it has 10+ books. Every installment ends with a humdinger of a cliffy, and picks right back up in the start of the next novel. Who is Fang is partially answered from the cliffhanger of the last title, and an emotional extortion storyline is introduced, which becomes the ending cliffy. Sa [...]

  • S.A. Hopkins

    Book 19/ 100Book: American Vampire (Vampire for Hire #3)Author: J.R. RainASIN: B004UHLW1KISBN: 978-1105089237Pages: 306Read as part of Samantha Moon by J.R. Rain (ISBN: 978-193785617-5)Vampires, PIs, sick kids and kidnapped children, oh no!Continuing on from the previous story in the series, we find Sam meeting her online confidant, Fang, and finding he’s a notorious convicted criminal, convicted of drinking a girl’s blood! But Fang is human, a vampire wannabe. A human who wants to become a [...]

  • Marisa

    I have really enjoyed the entire Vampire for Hire series thus far. J.R. Rain has done a really great job depicting a mother who happens to be a vampire. I like how the character goes through the emotional changes of her divorce, the heartache of a cheating spouse and her desire to be a good mommy to her kids. I really really like this series. The only thing I don't like is the short format, and the misleading amount of pages. When my nook says that the book is 600+ pages, but the story cuts shor [...]

  • Lani

    The story really was a 4 but the cliffhanging stuff is getting old! I would be really pissed if I had to wait a year before the next story came out. I realize that these books are really cheap but the story is only 80% of the kindle download. The rest are introductions to other stories. The writer could have combined two of his last stories into one book and charged twice as much and I wouldn't be complaining, but to end the book in the middle of the storyline was just so disappointing. All buil [...]

  • Sue

    Good writing and good story, but how can Sam forgive Fang his background issues and not forgive Kingsley for doing a legitimate job? Definitely do NOT understand that. Don't understand her even considering Fang--he's a freaking psycho stalker for god's sake. With the main plot, there is a horrifying twist that really shocked me to the core. With the personal side plot, well, let's just say it's a very difficult read. Can't quite believe the ass of an ex is suddenly decent to her; that's either g [...]

  • Jenna Lyday

    I'm liking the series about a working mom who just happens to be a vampire. However, I felt like the new love interest in this book wasn't believable. Seriously, Fang sets off all sorts of stalker warning bells for me (and for Sam), but somehow he's still in the running? There were a lot of loose ends at the end of this book. It's like there was a deadline and the author took half of the book he was working on and shipped it off to give him time to finish the other one. Hopefully I'm wrong and t [...]

  • Mary Ellen

    (I’ll skip my pet peeves this time since they’re in the reviews for the first two books in the series, and nothing has changed here.)I began this book immediately after the second because the second ends, and the third begins on a cliffhanger. I had to know the answer, so I kept reading, and was intrigued by what I found out. It didn’t come as a total surprise as there were a couple of hints, and a couple of possible answers, but it was interesting, and I wanted to explore where it would l [...]

  • Nancy

    Fun, entertaining, interesting, but I really, really dislike having a cliff hanger at the end of each book! Especially at the price of the paperbacks! I think I own one more in this series and then I'm done! disappointed

  • Shadow Dragon

    well written, however it took me a while to get through because the main character seems to be getting new powers very rapidly, making it difficult to foloe at times.

  • Matt Schiariti

    If you've read the first two books (which you probably have if you're reading thisif anybody is indeed reading this!.d if not, you should!) you know that Samantha Moon's life isn't easy. Being a creature of the night and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in regards to your kids and all the other people who don't know your secret hasn't been an easy task for Samantha; mother of two, ex wife, private detective and ex federal agentThe series to this point has always been a good balance of c [...]

  • Pamela

    I was hoping this book would be longer, and fill in gaps. There are so many sub plots that nothing gets settled. Does she like the defense lawyer , or the stalker, or the cop, or Elvis. She seems attracted to a lot of men. Though she wants to just be friends. I was not thrilled with children being in danger. I am really not thrilled with the decision she is being forced to make. Her skills are way past normal, now not only is she a flying bat, but a deep sea diving bat. She sees ghosts, and has [...]

  • Felicia Wood

    Feeling super ambivalent about this one. Part of me feels like its the best one yet, and the other part is offended and annoyed. If the author uses the word hemoglobin to describe blood one more time, I may pull out my hair. She's not drinking "the oxygen carrying capacity if blood"hemoglobin! As a nurse, its so hard to read; packed red blood cells, plasma, or simply blood would suffice. No need to try and sound smart and then get it all wrong. Also I found it to be a bit racist at times and awf [...]

  • Marsha

    "American Vampire" is another great read from J.R.Rain. In this installment Samantha or Sam is working at home when she receives a telephone call from an unidentified number. When she finally answers, there is a small little girl on the other end of the line who indicates that her mother had been "kilt." She was alone, scared being abused by her captors. Of course, Sam springs into action enlisting the aid her ever growing list of friends. Meanwhile, Sam finally meets Fang and discovers that he [...]

  • Bookmom

    PI Vampire, Samantha Moon, has been online chatting with a guy going by the name of Fang for years now. He knows everything about her as she’s poured out her heart and soul and she believes she loves him. This book starts off with meeting him for the first time, only to discover she has already met him a number of times and now doesn’t know what to think.Two cases are worked on. One involves a missing child who somehow phones Sam for help. The other is a missing item taken from a small museu [...]

  • Kami Dodson-Perry

    ****Spolier Alert****The 3rd installment of the Vampire For Hire series was again another good book.Samantha is really embracing her vampire bat. She is also becoming more aware of her psychic abilities & what they can tell her. She discovers that she can see ghosts & we also get to see her talking about aura which the author touched on briefly before.Now that Samantha has taken back her kids & her house from her mean ex-husband Danny she thinks life will be great. Yeah right. Sam ge [...]

  • Christine

    I've been trying to figure out why I'm just not connecting with this series when so many people, including a lot of my GR friends, seem to love it. All I can come up with is: the main character. While listening to this one, the phrase 'nonsensically melodramatic' came to mind. One minute the MC is being all introspective and emotional, pondering the meaning of her life as a vampire. She'll wax poetic about some little thing, but then turn around and comment on the obvious as if it's a great reve [...]

  • Missyb

    third in the series. She finally meets Fang, but to me it was sort of a bust. The story line is there but sort of boring or weird, but since he's sort of a stalker I guess that could be part of the reason. Who it is was a surprise, and maybe more comes from it in a later book. Her case in this book is so sad. A little girl has called her & needs her help. What a ending to the case. I liked the new people that she worked with on this case. It was a surprise about Hanner, but she's barely in a [...]

  • Jœhnny BB

    It's simply not a whole book, it's half of one.The book has 3-4 parallel plots (Sam's work, her family and Fang), of which 2 are basically used to lengthen the rest while not moving anywhere themselves. That just leaves the reader unsatisfied and annoyed.Although I can see that it's part of a series and questions are supposed to be left unanswered, this was a bit too much for my liking. The ending seems rushed to make the next book in the series possible and some (admittedly minor) questions tha [...]

  • Denise

    I keep thinking this series, 'Vampire for Hire' couldn't get better, but I keep getting proved wrong. The storyline is what keeps me glued to the pages and can't, or don't want to, put down. Samantha keeps surprising me with her abilities. I love her wit, her humor and her strength, both physically and emotionally. The characters are great. I can't wait to read the next book. And due to knowing this series leaves off with cliffhangers, I knew to get the next book ahead of time. A must read serie [...]

  • Chris

    Still finding the series entertaining although it feels like there is a certain lack of editing. In certain circumstances or exchanges, the same sentences or conversations seem to be used every single time (with Sam's ex-partner for instance), with dialogue that is flat or recycled feeling. I'm still interested in the story but feel it waning a little. After 6+ years of being a vampire, you would think the main character has accepted certain parts of her character, also it seems strange she is j [...]

  • Crystin

    I really enjoyed the first 2 ebooks but this one felt rushed. I thought that some of the multiple plot lines were hastily tied together and that there should have been a few more pages allotted for closure. Additionally, I absolutely hate when I feel like I'm in the middle of a book and then I get to the next page and it goes to be continued. All the loose ends don't need to be tied up but to feel like you are in the middle of a scene and just left there is irritating.

  • Hard12luv

    Vampire mom with a sick little one and a case with locating a little girl. How she got the wrong number call to help a little lost girl no one knows. But she is hell bent to find her and bring her to saftey. Does she really meet the King? Asking for help from the other PI she knows, she can't believe her eyes.

  • Wicked

    I really liked it but it seems like the 1/2 of a book. It's not that everything needs to be wrapped up in a neat little bow, it is after all a series, but the ending was extremely abrupt. While I don't mind that series do continue and things need to be open for there to be a continuing story, I really prefer to be at least temporarily satisfied and I wanted more before I even set it down.

  • Christine

    I did not think this series could get any worse and then the King came to McDonald's.

  • Tara

    Nothing steller.I didn't like the fact that her little boy was sick. Or the fact that her online love was a creepy stalker who was a murderer to boot. It was simply a filler book.

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  • Ò American Vampire || ¶ PDF Download by Ë J.R. Rain
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