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By Poul Anderson Stefano Massaron Giuseppe Caimmi | Comments: ( 528 ) | Date: ( Sep 20, 2019 )

La pattuglia del tempo ha il compito di vigilare sul presente, sul passato e sul futuro Deve combattere i paradossi che mettono in pericolo la continuit e stabilit dei secoli Sono questi i crononauti, uomini per i quali la storia non rigida ma cambia a seconda delle probabilit assegnate a ogni avvenimento.Copertina di Franco Brambilla

  • Title: Lo scudo del tempo
  • Author: Poul Anderson Stefano Massaron Giuseppe Caimmi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Poul Anderson Stefano Massaron Giuseppe Caimmi

Pseudonym A A Craig, Michael Karageorge, Winston P Sanders, P A Kingsley.Poul William Anderson was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century Anderson also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories He received numerous awards for his writing, including seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards.Anderson received a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota in 1948 He married Karen Kruse in 1953 They had one daughter, Astrid, who is married to science fiction author Greg Bear Anderson was the sixth President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, taking office in 1972 He was a member of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers Guild of America, a loose knit group of Heroic Fantasy authors founded in the 1960s, some of whose works were anthologized in Lin Carter s Flashing Swords anthologies He was a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism Robert A Heinlein dedicated his 1985 novel The Cat Who Walks Through Walls to Anderson and eight of the other members of the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy 2 3 Poul Anderson died of cancer on July 31, 2001, after a month in the hospital Several of his novels were published posthumously.Series Time Patrol Psychotechnic League Trygve Yamamura Harvest of Stars King of Ys Last Viking Hoka Future history of the Polesotechnic League Flandry

Comments Lo scudo del tempo

  • Johnny LeBon

    I was just not interested in the eras that he had his time patrol traveling to.

  • James Rickett

    One of Anderson's better efforts. if you like his time travel series, you'll enjoy this one.

  • Michael Nalbone


  • David Whovian

    I found this to be a complex story, and rather dull.I've like everything else I've read by Poul Anderson, but this was a struggle to get through.

  • An Odd1

    fantasticfiction/a/p three novellas plus connecting materials (locusmag/index/t271m) as six strangely titled parts jumping time. Excerpt has dated Sections. amazon/exec/obidos/ISB The Time Patrol travels time to set up outposts for study and protection of history. Strings of dates, times, wars, conquerors. Detail of costume and habits recreate old cultures. Names warp mouths - Chandrakumar, Euthydemus, Antiochus. What if a past event changed enough to alter the present? Based in 1987 New York Ci [...]

  • Gregorio

    Poul Anderson is one of my favorite authors; the Time Patrol one of my favorite sagas, ever since I first read a spanish translation of some of the first stories, I was hooked. That aside, I somehow ignored this book (a novel's worth of stories I hadn't read, building on the events and characters of the first compilation) even existed until very recently.On to the book itself: The stories are pretty fresh, the narrative style is good, although it does go off on expositional tangents ever so ofte [...]

  • Yougo

    An interesting premise, however I didn't love the author's writing style. The story was a bit slow, with several side tangents that were unrelated. Tons of historical information that often bogged down the narrative. I did like how he handled some of the paradoxes of time travel so that they didn't get in the way of the story though. All in all, not compelling enough that I would seek out other books in the series.

  • Werehare

    Lasciato anche prima della metà, a causa della gran confusione che mi ha fatto fare in poche decine di pagine. Il focus nel PoV è fin troppo dettagliato, le allusioni si sprecano e risultano troppo complesse per una lettrice con poca propensione alle trame ritorte come me.

  • Brendan Powell

    Good bookke "The Time Patrol" this was a collection of shorter stories (Novellas perhaps) but they were a fun read. Interesting ideas on paradox exploredI also like how the author gives the actual history of an event, then the "adjusted history" helps connect you to the story.

  • Anthony Faber

    Sequel to "Time Patrol", but it seems to be a collection of stories set in the same millieu. Old school stuff. The dialogue is a bit dated and, as always, he can't help interjecting his politics into things.

  • Thomas

    Good story line but hard to follow. I found it difficult to read whenever Anderson took us into the "Past". Not one of my favorites.

  • colleen

    read 04.05.98

  • Howard


  • Brett

    Science Fiction

  • Elar

    Book is divided into separate stories which all weave together nice wholesome story. Time paradoxes and ancient landscapes are only some of the charms this book offers.

  • bluetyson


  • Larry Head

    As with every Poul Anderson book I read, this one was simply fascinating.

  • Donald Stevens

    He is one of the few modern Sci-Fi authors I have been able to get into. I need to expand my reading habits. Any good suggestions out there?

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read É Lo scudo del tempo : by Poul Anderson Stefano Massaron Giuseppe Caimmi ✓
    171 Poul Anderson Stefano Massaron Giuseppe Caimmi
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