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By Wally Lamb | Comments: ( 667 ) | Date: ( Oct 24, 2019 )

A memorable debut, reminiscent of the works of Anne Tyler In an ambitious, often stirring and hilarious book New York Times Book Review , readers follow Delores Price from four to 40, as she barrels through life, veering from despair to moments of transcendent joy reinventing herself with the wisecracking courage of a true survivor.

  • Title: She's Come Undone
  • Author: Wally Lamb
  • ISBN: 9780671759216
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Wally Lamb

Wally Lamb is the author of She s Come Undone, The Hour I First Believed, and I Know This Much Is True Two were featured as selections of Oprah s Book Club Lamb is the recipient of the Connecticut Center for the Book s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Connecticut Bar Association s Distinguished Public Service Award, the Connecticut Governor s Art Award, the Barnes Noble Writers for Writers Award, the 1999 New England Book Award for Fiction, and the Missouri Review William Peden Fiction Prize.He was the director of the Writing Center at the Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, Connecticut from 1989 1998, and an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Connecticut s English Department He holds a B.A in Education and an M.A in English from the University of Connecticut and an M.F.A in Writing from Vermont College Lamb has served as a volunteer facilitator for a writing workshop at the York Correctional Institute, a maximum security prison for women, in Niantic, Connecticut since 1999 He has edited two collections of autobiographical essays entitled Couldn t Keep It to Myself Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters 2003 and I ll Fly Away 2007 Lamb currently lives in Mansfield, Connecticut with his wife, Christine Lamb, and their three sons, Jared, Justin and Teddy.

Comments She's Come Undone

  • Laura

    I really, truly, honest-to-god am not exaggerating when I say this is one of the worst books I ever read while I was an adult. Lamb hasn't written an actual story so much as he's bound together a series of advice columns and chat show episodes dressed up in vague narrative form. The girl's father leaves! Then she gets raped! Then she gains weight! Then her roommate is mean to her! Then she hooks up with a bad boyfriend! Then some more bad things happen to her after that! And more still after tha [...]

  • Colin

    Yes. I hated this book. I read it about ten years ago, and it pissed me off. To this day I refer to it as "that goddamn whale book." What repelled me then is that the main character, a fat girl, bonds with a real fucking whale and it's supposed to be Deep and Meaningful. "Yes, Mr. Whale. I am a fat girl. I, too, am a whale. We understand one another." Please. Try harder, Wally. Also, the fat girl hates herself so has a creepily awkward lesbian hookup with a janitor and subsequently kills said ja [...]

  • Kathleen

    This book sucked. A) What the hell does a MAN know about writing about a fat girl's life? NOTHING. Thus making whole book wrong. B) Obviously didn't research anything about the main character, places her in situations she would NOT be in at the weight prescribed. What did he actually ASK WOMEN what they weigh? Guess what moron, they LIE. A 200lb woman can still fit in a car, loser. I could go on forever. The only reason I even read this book was because I forgot a book on an airplane and was off [...]

  • Sammy

    I have to wonder if any of Lamb's children were teenage girls while he was writing this novel. If not, then I'm sure his wife had her brain picked apart to help him write this novel. Why? Lamb so captures the teenage girl spirit in this book (or at least the spirit of a crushed and ruined teenage girl) that it's hard to believe this wasn't written by a woman.Delores's story is moving and has something we can all relate to, especially those of us who have ever gone through a trauma or depression. [...]

  • Melissa McAllister

    This is one of my all time favorite books. I just recently reread the book and fell in love all over again. It had been some time since I read the book and felt I should refresh my memory since I recommend it to so many. She’s Come Undone is the story of a troubled teenage girl growing into a woman, her struggles and the ways in which she decides to cope with them. She puts on a tough exterior but inside is as soft as the marshmallows she finds comfort in.Dolores is plagued with heartache, hur [...]

  • Liz

    Let me put it this way: if this book were wine, it wouldn't even be Boone's Farm. 'Nuff said.

  • Rachel

    I'm amazed by how many people hated this book. I had mixed feelings about it. Yes, the characters and situations were godawful, and at times it was more than a little contrived. A lot of people on this forum said it was hard to believe that so many horrible things could happen to one person - that I don't think is true. I have known people who have had that many horrible things happen to them. But some of the situations were pretty far-fetched. But I remember finding this book utterly fascinatin [...]

  • Tyler

    I really didn't like this book. It was recommended to me as an example of a man that could write with a womens voice. Nope. I didn't buy it. I also didn't buy his understanding of growing up as a fat girl. So Poo on you Mr. Lamb. Here is a review by someone named Colin who I don't know but I completely agree with:"Yes. I hated this book. I read it about ten years ago, and it pissed me off. To this day I refer to it as "that goddamn whale book." What repelled me then is that the main character, a [...]

  • Paul Bryant

    You can skip this one. If you get the talking book version on cds, you can skip it across the surface of the nearest large body of water you can find, until it sinks. As it sinks you might hear a voice sounding like Oprah saying " this is the beautiful, unconventional and ultimately life glug affirming glug story of a woman glug glug who endures glug glerg every tribulation glag glag which Wally Lamb could think glug of having studied daytime gluuuurgggg soaps for a yearggrapeggglf-harmgntal hos [...]

  • Claire Greene

    I hate this book. Let me just get that out of the way first!I also have to admit to having personal knowledge of the author - which in no way colors my opinion of this book. Mr. Lamb was a writing teacher at my high school in CT and actually helped me quite a bit in writing my college application essays. I got in to every school I applied for - even my reach school - and I am positive that the essay I wrote was the biggest tipping point. My essay was really good and it was wholly because of Mr. [...]

  • JO D

    Wally Lamb is one of my favorite writers. This particular book is written in a woman’s prospective. Her name is Dolores. It starts out when she was a child; explain in details the experiences she has with her parents. Then it goes on to reveal situations about her father, her mother’s mental health issues and how the main character deals with these issues. She deals with them by eating so excessively that she gains 260lbs as a young adult. She is a bitter and smart mouthed teen who doesn’t [...]

  • David

    She’s Come Undone (Wally Lamb)A week after finishing this book, I still have conflicting opinions. It’s hard to synthesize them into a coherent review, so I’m just going to summarize what I liked and disliked.On the plus side:Easy to read: The story is told as a first-person narrative by the main protagonist, Dolores. Though her actions can be exasperating to the point where you want to shake some sense into her, she is always engaging, keeping a sense of (sometimes gallows) humor as she r [...]

  • Travis

    I don't understand how Wally Lamb was confused for a good author. Is that too harsh? Okay, then I don't understand how Oprah could have hated us enough to unleash this painfully uninteresting, largely unlikeable character onto the mass-market shelves of greater America.Is that still too harsh? Okay, then how about this: I read this when it was published back in '98, and still I feel compelled to write about how much I disliked it ten years later (and on my first day as a member).

  • Patrick

    Update: I found an old review I wrote about this book for an online book club I used to be in. I clearly hated it. Here it is, more or less in its entirety.To be blunt, I didn't like it. It's hard to know where to begin when explaining my dislike for 'She's Come Undone.' Wally Lamb, to be sure, wrote very.evably. I felt like it was a girl writing. However, the fact of the matter is that I'm a man, and I have no idea how a woman thinks. Therefore, I'm clearly not the best judge of this.My first p [...]

  • Danae

    I want to start out by saying that I read *I know this much is true* by Wally Lamb and would rate it in my top 5 favorite books of all time, so this review shouldn't deter anyone from reading his work.I read some of the other reviews before writing this and I was surprised at how many women were shocked that a man could write such a convincing woman's perspective.I know MANY insightful, perceptive men who understand women, so I don't find it a stretch that a man can write with a woman's voice. T [...]

  • suehyla

    Although well-written, this is one of those books that I finished in a few short days because I refused to put the book down until something good happened to the main characterYeah. Good luck with that one.

  • Kathryn

    She's Come Undone is just so fantastic. I have read this book twice, which is something I never do. The first time I read it was in high school. The second time while I was in my undergrad studies. There is something so real and touching about the way Lamb wrote the way a woman feels and thinks, which made me forget it was a man who wrote the novel. The two times I have read this, I took away something different each time. Dolores is the type of woman who has some of my fears as a woman: weight, [...]

  • Molly Woods

    It's like the author went to a women's shelter and picked up a pamphlet on everything bad that can happen to women. Then he went home and wrote a book in which all of those things happen to the main character or one of her family members or friends. This is the worst book I have ever read, and I read The Castle of Otranto for an English class in college.

  • Sofia

    If there was a way to give this book 10 stars, I would. The main character in this book, Dolores Price, has become one of my top five favorite protagonists. I finished the book a few hours ago, and am still absorbing it. Quite honestly, I am semi-baffled by the negative reviews of this novel. I say "semi" because I noticed a pattern of the negative reviews. Women complaining that a "man" was writing about the experience of a young girl, or one very angry reviewer "hating" this book because what [...]

  • Julianna I

    I hated this book. I don't know how I managed to finish it. I have read some of the reviews where the readers were impressed with how well the male author relayed a story of a struggling woman. Are you kidding me? I found it insulting that this guy thinks that is how a woman would behave. Let me tell you something, I have gone through some hard times in my life, never did I find myself personifying a whale while sitting next to it watching it die. In my opinion, the story was about her descent i [...]

  • Lauren Collier

    I'm going to be honest, I was quite young when I read thisybe 15but it was one of those stories that simply sticks in your brain. I hated it. With everything in me about this was uplifitng whatsoever and it ends with her bonding with a whale. oooh, amazing. Every turn of the page displayed yet something even more depressing until you were ready to screame was depressed and obsessive and fat and slightly lesbionic and trapped herself with a man whom she created really in her mind. I wanted to fee [...]

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    “I think the secret is to just settle for the shape of your life takesInstead of you know, always waiting and wishing for what might make you happy.” Damn, but this is one of those hard books to rate, think about, and review. It's a cauldron of chaos, a literary train wreck written into the character's life. We're with Dolores from a young age, and we go through the agonies of aging and tragedy with her. So. Much. Tragedy!It's a book I couldn't take in all at once - instead I had to ingest s [...]

  • Carol

    This dark coming-of-age story was just an ok read for me. It felt long, a bit overdone and had very few happy moments along the way.It all begins in the late 1950's with Delores, a lying, foul-mouthed young girl who enters her teens friendless and grossly overweight. Her lack of proper parental guidance and naivety leads to her troubled existence resulting in a disturbed young woman who struggles and searches for sex, love and acceptance in all the wrong places.I loved Lamb's I Know This Much Is [...]

  • Chloe

    Dear Bob, please deliver me from anymore sanctimonious books about the struggles of forging an independent identity and moving on from traumatic events. They were really good and really touching the first, ummmm, 20-30 times I read them, but at this point it just feels like I'm reading retreads of the same old tired story. I've seen this movie. They gave Angelina the Oscar for it even though Winona deserved it more. But that is neither here nor there. Is the book well-written? Yes, it most defin [...]

  • rachelle

    I hate this book so much it can change my opinion of you if you say you like it.Bad things happen to girl, girl does SERIOUSLY RANDOM CRAP. Like, "Now that we've had sex, Random Lesbian, I would like to kill your fish."Girls, especially the big, giant, fat ones, cannot control themselves or command their destiny. But they really dig whales! (Goldfish beware!)Oh my God, I hate it.

  • B the BookAddict

    Loaned via Inter-Library service. I have felt much more empathy with Dolores on this second read fifteen years after I first read this. Was Dolores's personality formed by being overweight or was she that type of person regardless? Sadly, she realises that as one movie character from another film says "High school is never over." In college and her working life, she finds that cliques and how you look always affect you; thus she finds herself an outsider. I think that Lamb does a reasonably good [...]

  • Bill

    Upon finishing this book I felt compelled to sit perfectly still, in the warm glow of the words of the story, to think about the life of Delores Price. What a fantastic story indeed. I quickly became emotionally entangled with Delores from the very beginning – I rooted for her, I yelled at her, I advised her, I wept for her, I pushed her, I implored her, I cheered for her and I crashed with her under the weight of disappointment, injustice and delusion time after time after time.The writing is [...]

  • Dem

    2.5 StarsShe's come undone by Wally Lamb was October Book Club read and was really looking forward to this one as have been hearing great things about Wally Lamb.This is one of those books you either love or hate and I am pretty much on the side of the haters due to the fact that I found the book quite depressing. Half way through the story I was thinking please let something positive happen in this book or just something uplifting. I found the plot just too unbelievable and a bit contrived. The [...]

  • Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    When I read this book, I felt like the author took his (surprisingly the author is a man for such a female story) hand, clawed through my ribcage and tore my heart out. This is one of the few books that makes me cry. I may feel sorrow when I read an angsty book, but normally I don't cry. Well this one turned on the waterworks for me.Dolores had a crappy life. Her father who she loved walks out on Dolores and her mother. Mom has to work for the first time in her life and Dolores becomes a latchke [...]

  • Allie Riley

    2.5 stars, really. For the most part this book is unutterably depressing, a little nugget of misery. Few of the characters are likeable and those who are feature only incidentally (Larry and Ruth, Roberta, Mr Pucci). Only sheer stubbornness kept me reading and it was a mercy that began to improve towards the end. I would hesitate to recommend this book and am decidedly unsure about exploring more by this author (who writes very well), especially since his note at the end of the novel talks of hi [...]

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